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Was prophet muhammad a terrorist ( part one)


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The invasions that Prophet Muhammad launched were defensive

Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Was prophet muhammad a terrorist ( part one)

  1. 1. Was Prophet Muhammad a Terrorist ( part one) By Magdy Abdalshafy
  2. 2. Anti-Islam groups claim that Prophet Muhammad was a terrorist who led aggressive wars against the other tribes. This is not true and a cursory look in his biography will prove that the opposite.
  3. 3. An Introduction • Prophet Muhammad, along with his adherents suffered so much at the hands of the disbelievers. • They were physically tortured, • they were made to emigrate to a far land to escape the ceaseless torture. • The disbelievers even fought his call among the tribes to make people not to believe.
  4. 4. • So the claim that Prophet Muhammad launched his attacks to loot and kill is false. • It was him and his adherents who were tortured and looted • All his invasions were to defend the borders of his state and to spread his call as much as possible among the Arabs.
  5. 5. • In this presentation you will find that the prophet was never a terrorist as claimed by the anti- Islam groups. • Please note that the total number of the disbelievers soldiers killed in all his invasion was 112 while the total numbers of the Muslims was 132. • Compare this to the total number killed in the bible .
  6. 6. • Date: an 1 A.H., i.e. 623 A.D Al-Bahr Platoon • Purpose: showing that the once weak Muslims were no longer weak. • To compensate the losses the Muslims left behind.
  7. 7. Date : (Shawwa l, 1 A.H., i.e. April 623 A.D.) Purpose: Reconnaissance platoon, no actual fighting took plac Result: No actual fighting took placee.
  8. 8. Date: (In Dhul Qa‘dah 1 A.H., i.e. May 623 A.D) Goal • To prove that the once weak fighters became strong
  9. 9. Date (Safar 2 A.H., i.e. 623 A.D.) • Goal: • Getting back what could compensate the early Muslims who left their possessions in Mecca, • Guaranteeing the borders of the nascent Islamic state • settling peace with nearby tribes
  10. 10. • Date (Rabi‘ Al-Awwal 2 A.H., i.e. 623 A.D) • Goal: To intercede caravan from qurish, who were the bitter enemies, • Moreover it was to cement and increase the Muslims morale and border the Islamic state.