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God’s signs inside_yourself


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This is a call for those who deny the existence of God, who suspect His existence and those who do not thank him for his gifts.
This is call for those who forget the blessings of their Creator!
It is time to believe in Him and to thank Him.
God says in Quran what means:
And on the earth are signs for the certain [in faith] And in yourselves. Then will you not see?(51:21-22)

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God’s signs inside_yourself

  1. 1. This is a call for those who deny theexistence of God, who suspect His existenceand those who do not thank him for hisgifts.This is call for those who forget theblessings of their Creator!It is time to believe in Him and to thankHim.God says in Quran what means:And on the earth are signs for the certain[in faith] And in yourselves. Then will younot see?(51:21-22)
  2. 2. www.knowmuhammad.orgThere is a profusion of evidence to theexistence of God everywhere. In the HolyQur’an God says:Soon will We show them our Signs in the(furthest) regions (of the earth), and intheir own souls, until it becomesmanifest to them that this is the Truth. Isit not enough that thy Lord doth witnessall things? (41:53)Also, God says:(19) On the earth are signs for those of assured Faith, (20) Asalso in your own selves: Will ye not then see? (51:21)
  3. 3. www.knowmuhammad.orgDNAThe DNA of a single cell containsthe design of 206 bones, 600muscles, a network of 10,000auditory muscles, a network of2 million optic nerves, 100 billionnerve cells, and 100 trillion cellsin the body.
  4. 4. www.knowmuhammad.orgBrain CellA brain cell is in constantinteraction with othersnumbering up to 10,000. Thiscommunication network is farmore complex than all theswitchboards in the world
  5. 5. www.knowmuhammad.orgNucleus CellThe nucleus of each of thetrillions of cells making upthe human body includes adata bank big enough to filla 900-volume encyclopedia.
  6. 6. www.knowmuhammad.orgEyeThe human eye works bysome 40 different partsfunctioning together.The retinal membrane atthe back of the eye is madeup of 11 different layers.
  7. 7. www.knowmuhammad.orgRed CellEach red cell can carry 300million hemoglobinmolecules.When we inhale, oxygenfloods into about 300 milliontiny chambers in our lungs.
  8. 8. www.knowmuhammad.orgBloodIf water were only slightlymore viscous, it would beimpossible for blood to betransported through thebodys capillary system.Water makes up about 70%of the human body.
  9. 9. www.knowmuhammad.orgMother’s MilkImmune system elements that ababy needs such as antibodiesor defense cells, are given to thebaby ready-made in themother’s milk.There are 5 litres of blood in thebody of a human weighing 60kilograms.
  10. 10. www.knowmuhammad.orgCapillariesDue to their incredibleflexibility, red cells, with adiameter of about 7.5micrometers, can squeezethrough capillaries which arenormally four tofive micrometers in diameter.A single brain can processwork equivalent to that of 4.5million transistors in a modernmicroprocessor.
  11. 11. www.knowmuhammad.orgHuman KidneyThe human kidneys filterabout 140 litres of bloodevery day through onemillion small filtering units.The lifespan of a red bloodcell is about 120 days.
  12. 12. www.knowmuhammad.orgNasal BonesThe nasal bones areespecially structured sothat the air inhaled cango to the lungs only aftercirculating several times inthe nose and thus warmingup.
  13. 13. www.knowmuhammad.orgThigh BoneThe thighbone can bear aweight weighing a ton whenperpendicular.When an athlete pole-vaultsand lands on the ground,every square centimetre of hispelvis is exposed to a pressureof 1,400 kilograms.Even for a faint smile, 17muscles have to work togetherat the same time.
  14. 14. www.knowmuhammad.orgLiverA liver cell is specializedenough to perform morethan 500 operations at atime.
  15. 15. www.knowmuhammad.orgHeartThe heart connects the 100trillion cells in the human bodyone by one.The heart beats approximately100,000 times a day.A normal human body has about5 billion capillaries whose totallength, if stretched out, is about950 kilometers.
  16. 16. www.knowmuhammad.orgHuman BodyThe human body hasresistance to approximately600 rads of radiation,whereas the tolerance ofscorpions rises as high as 40-150 thousand rads.