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Benefits of prayer


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The Muslim prayer has a wide spiritual and social effects on the individuals and the society

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Benefits of prayer

  1. 1. 1- That Allah the Exaltedwipes away sins by thefive prayers.2- That the five prayers arean expiation for what occursbetween them, if major sinsare avoided.
  2. 2. 3- That sins burn anddestroy a person and thusit is necessary toextinguish that with theprayers.
  3. 3. 3- That the Muslimreachesthe level of the truthfulandthe martyrs on account ofhis prayers, charity and
  4. 4. 5- The superiority ofprayer(1) over other actions.6- That Allah the Exaltedbestoweda favour upon that companionby entering him into Paradisebefore his brother who diedas a martyr because he
  5. 5. 7- That the prayer is lightwhich illuminates the pathof the servant in this worldand the hereafter.8- That an abundance ofprostrations and prayers isthe way to accompany theMessenger (sas) in Paradise.
  6. 6. 9- That a two rakah prayeris more loved by the deadperson thanthe world and what is in it.10- That emptying the heartforAllah in the prayer puts aperson in the same conditionas the day whenhis mother gave birth to him.
  7. 7. 11- That should a person enterthe Fire - refuge is soughtfrom that - the angels willremove him from it and willrecognise him by the marks ofprostration12- That the prayer participatesin undoing the knots whichShaytaan places at the top ofones head.
  8. 8. 13- That the night prayer isthe most excellent prayerafter the obligatoryprayers.14- That the one who prays atnight obtains a reward whichmost of mankind do not.
  9. 9. 15- Gratitude is shown toAllah with the (obligatory)prayer and night prayer.16- That the prayer mostloved by Allah is the prayerof Daawood (as) which is topray for a third of the nightand to sleep for two thirdsof the night.(3)
  10. 10. 17- That has Allah hasbestoweda favour upon His servant bythe hour during the night inwhich the supplication isanswered. It is befitting forthe Muslim that he aspiresfor it and seeks to find it sothat he is given the good ofthis world and the Hereafter.
  11. 11. 18- That the night prayer is anevidence for righteousnessand taqwaa and it expiatesthe sins and prevents one from falling into them.19- That Allah Azzawajallcovers thehusband and wife who help eachotherin performing the night prayerwith His mercy. If one of them
  12. 12. 20- That two rakahs ofprayer at night makes aperson amongstthe men who rememberAllah often or the womenwho remember Allah often.
  13. 13. 21- That Allah is amazed by theman who gets up from hissleep, leaving his bedsheet, hiswife and his love for her inorder to perform prayer.Allah laughs at him andinforms the angels about him.
  14. 14. 22- That there is no jealousyor competition except withregardto two men, one of whompraysat night reciting the Quranwhich Allah has bestowed
  15. 15. 23 That whoever recited tenversesin the night (in prayer) willnot be written amongst theheedless, a Qintaar of rewardwill be writtenfor him and Allah the Exaltedwill say to him: "Recite andrise by one degree with everyverse", until he comes to the
  16. 16. 24- That whoever prays atnight with a hundred versesis written amongst thedevout worshippers andwhoever prays with athousand verses is writtenamongst the Muqantareenand whoever prays withtwo-hundred verses iswritten amongst the devout
  17. 17. 25- That the one who walksto the prayer (in themosque) is raised in ranksand has his sins removed,both while he goes to themosque and when he returnsfrom it.
  18. 18. 26- That for every step he takeshe receives ten good deeds.27- That the Muslim is writtenamongst the worshippers fromthetime he leaves the house till hereturns to it.
  19. 19. 28- That the one receiving thegreatest reward for theprayer is the one who walksthe furthest towardsit and and then the one furtherthan him (from the mosque).29- That one step which aservanttakes to the prayer incongregationis counted as an act of charity
  20. 20. 30- That taking many stepstowards the mosque is fromar-Ribaat (guarding thefrontiers).31- That every time a servantleavesfor the mosque in the morningor the evening Allaahprepares for him a
  21. 21. 32- That Allah makes thelightof those who walk throughtthe darkness to the mosquescomplete and perfect on theDay of Judgement.
  22. 22. 33- That the reward for theone who leaves his house in astate of purity for theobligatory prayer is like thereward of the pilgrim in thestate of ihraam.34- That the one who leaves forthe mosque has a guaranteefrom Allahin that he should provide forhim sustenance and suffice him
  23. 23. 35. That the one who walks for theprayer in congregation, afterhaving beautifiedhis wudhoo and travels to visitAllah the Exalted, is bestowed witha great favourin that Allaah honours those of hisservants who visit Him, and Allahshonouring of them is increasingtheir Eemaan, showing benevolenceto them, rewarding them, raising
  24. 24. 36. The obligation to pray incongregation.37. That the Prophet (sas) didnot make a concession for theold blind man by allowing himto leave the congregationalprayer. How then can thosewho are fit and well beallowed a concession?
  25. 25. 38. That whoever abandonsthe congregational prayerhas been threatened withheedlessness and having aseal placed on his heart.39. That staying away from thecongregational prayer is asign of hypocrisy.
  26. 26. 40- The extreme striving of theCompanions (ra) for attendingthe congregational prayerinspite of difficultcircumstances.Note: There are commentsassociated with this question.See the discussion page to addto the conversation.