Life is Good PowerPoint


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A review and overview of the book "Life is Good" by: Trixie Koontz

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Life is Good PowerPoint

  1. 1. Who is Trixie?
  2. 2. Pros Powerful message Optimistic Great for dog lovers Extravagant visuals Interactive book
  3. 3. Very interesting way to write a book In voice of a dog Examples: “Chase ball! Chase Butterfly! Chase cat! Go to vet for treatment of nose scratches! Chase Frisbee! Chase mom! Chase dad! Chase cat! Vet again!” (Koontz 28) “Writing is hard. Must give up important ball chasing, important napping, important sniffing to write. Work hard. So many words. Hate stupid semicolons. Hate; hate; hate. Chew up pencil in frustration” (Koontz 10). P e r s p e e c t i v
  4. 4. Lots of Pictures
  5. 5. Cons Can seem childish and over the top to some Gets off topic Can be hard to read
  6. 6. Reviewers’ Thoughts on the Book “An uplifting, feel god (but not corny) book. Makes you smile, provides a great gift (better order 2, you won’t want to give yours away) – and helps an animal charity. How can you lose?” (W.R. Pursche, Amazon Review).
  7. 7. Our Thoughts on the Book Not for everyone Cheesy Excessive
  8. 8. Questions?