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Manager Auditing is an important tool for creating a robust Operational Health and Safety program in your workplace. In this webinar, Kathleen will share the steps on creating Manager Auditing, how to implement this program in your workplace and creating benchmarks to track the success of your program.

Manager Auditing can be integrated into your Performance Management System and can also assist your team in knowing if your Health and Safety Management System is working. Learn how to manage your audit components within your company's own internal system.

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Manager Auditing

  1. 1. For audio, it is recommended you dial in A copy of the slides + recording will be available post webinar AUDIO: 1-877-668-4493 Access Code: 667 477 463 Event password: 1234 WebEx Support: 1-866-863-3910 Manager Auditing September 20, 2012Presented by: Kathleen Collins, Health and Safety Manager at Drake International
  2. 2. Agenda• What is an OHS Management Audit?• Components of an OHS audit program• Developing a process for your Management Audit
  3. 3. OHS Management AuditsAt a glance OHS Management Audits:• Evaluate your OHS System• Focus on senior management/management• Enable OHS System sustainability and continual growth• Blend data for performance reviews
  4. 4. OHS Management AuditsManagement Audits also:• Identify strengths and weakness• Identify areas of risk your business• Identifies areas opportunity to change 4
  5. 5. Components of an OHS Management Audit System General Structure should include the following: Standard Audit Forms Purpose Methodology Scope Scoring Procedures Risk Identifiers Training Opportunity Evaluation Control
  6. 6. Components of an OHS Management AuditManagement Commitment Standard• Demonstrates support of internal responsibility system• Employers’ commitment of the occupational health and safety system and legislation• All parties support resources conduct the audit• Supports an integration of management systems• Demonstrates management actions in actively promoting Health and safety systems
  7. 7. Components of an OHS Management AuditHealth & Safety Policy• Commitment to continual improvement• Commitment of all workplace parties• General Statement of roles and responsibilities• Protecting the workers Health & Safety in the workplace.• Signed by the employer
  8. 8. Components of an OHS Management SystemLegal Requirements Standards• Applicable legislative requirement standards• Demonstrate how the requirements are incorporated into the standards• Consistently met requirements
  9. 9. Components of OHS Management SystemHealth & Safety Objectives• Responsibilities of workplace parties and other legal requirements• Responsibilities are defined and implemented and there is accountability• Responsibilities for other people in the workplace and hazards are communicated
  10. 10. Components of OHS Management AuditJoint Health & Safety Committee& Safety Representative• Application of JHSC or Safety Representative• Standard that applies• Members are able to carry out duties• Employer responses to solutions for corrections
  11. 11. Components of an OHS Management AuditHazard Recognition Standards• Identify, assess, prioritize and control hazards• Report hazards• First Aid• Injury and illness reporting• Incident investigation• Workplace inspections• Job/Task analysis
  12. 12. Components of an OHS Management AuditingAssessment Review Standards• Review of hazard factors: People, equipment, material, environment, and process• Review of fatalities, injuries and illnesses• Review of hazard reports, inspections, investigation, and monitoring, and measuring results, and recommendations.• Hygiene assessments
  13. 13. Components of an OHS Management AuditingAssessment Review Standards Continued• Job task analysis• Ergonomic assessments• Work force input• Review of standards and guidelines• Hazards weighted and measured
  14. 14. Components of an OHS Management AuditPreventive Measures & Hazards Controls• Preventative Measures and Hazard Controls• Implement Controls• Legal Requirements
  15. 15. Components of an OSH Management AuditContractor Safety Standards• Process governing the procurement of clients, equipment and materials• OHS Purchasing specifications• Risk Management Assessments• Safety pre-checks and reviews• Participation in orientation activities• Identification, assessment, elimination or control of hazards• Compliance• Certificates of Insurance
  16. 16. Components of an OHS Management AuditAccessibility, Disability, & Return to Work Program• Programs are established• RTW Self assessment• Accessibility plans• Physical demands analysis• Case management• Performance tracking
  17. 17. Components of an OHS AuditEmergency Management Standard• Identification of potential emergencies• Procedures and response plan• Emergency drills• Responsibility to oversee the emergency management system
  18. 18. Components of an OHS Management SystemDocumentation and Record Standard• Creating, modifying, approving and controlling documents• Documents and format appropriateness• Reviewed by a competent person• Records are retained• Records retention and expiry
  19. 19. Components of OHS Management AuditCommunication System Standard• Information is provided in a language format understood in the workplace• Internal and external information exchange• Feedback• Methods of communication• Worker involvement• JHSC and safety representative• Documentation of communication
  20. 20. Component of an OHS Management AuditCompetency and Training Standard• Identifies competencies, skills, licenses and qualifications by all workplace parties• Identifies training needs for OHS• Competency required by all job positions• “Refreshers”• Evaluations and records
  21. 21. Components of an OSH Management AuditSystem Evaluation Standard• Evaluator qualifications, evaluation scope, frequency, methodology and reporting process.• Elements are implemented• Identifies success and opportunities for continual improvement• Preventative and corrective action responses
  22. 22. Components of an OHS Management AuditSenior Management Review Standard:• Reviewed annually• Meets objectives• Measures and evaluates management outputs from the health and safety system• Corrective action plan to address non-conformities and opportunities• Recognize achievements
  23. 23. Developing a Process• Developing a Process may be difficult depending upon the size and culture of your organization• Process will evolve• Standard must evolve with the process• Adhere to the set standard
  24. 24. HEALTH AND SAFETY Q & AFor additional questions please email:Kathleen: 24
  25. 25. Upcoming WebinarsRegister at http://drake-webinars.comOctober 4, 12pm EDTDeveloping a Social Media StrategyOctober 18, 12pm EDTEffective Training and Onboarding 25
  26. 26. SPECIAL OFFER 30 minutecomplimentary Health and Safety Consultation To Redeem Your Offer Please contact Kathleen: 416-216-1088 26
  27. 27. Thank You for AttendingFor Questions please contact Kathleen Collins 416-216-1088 27