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Enhancing Your Benefits Package


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Enhancing Your Benefits Package

  1. 1. Enhancing Your Benefits PackageJune 19, 2013Presented by: Ejay Russell, Client Relationship ManagerDrake InternationalFor audio, it is recommended you dial inA copy of the slides + recording will be available post webinarAUDIO: 1-877-668-4493Access Code: 668 242 771Event Password: 1234WebEx Support: 1-866-863-3910
  2. 2. Trends & Benefits2EmployeeLoyaltyOver 33%of yourstaff
  3. 3. Trends & BenefitsIdentifying Opportunity to Engage Employees in theBenefits Discussion3
  4. 4. Trends & Benefits4
  5. 5. Voluntary BenefitsWHY?“82% of employees with voluntary benefits report beingsatisfied vs. 52% without voluntary”*“Voluntary is no longer a quaint sideline; it has become oneof the largest and fastest growing segments of the benefitsbusiness.”***Anthem BCBS and Taylor Nelson Sofres, “Employees Give High Priority To Voluntary Benefits,” Oct 10, 2010**Gil Lowerre, Eastbridge Consulting January 2011 Ed. – Benefits Selling Magazine
  6. 6. WHY Legal?The Bottom Line…Employees and their families face a broad array of legal issuesdaily but rarely seek out help due to COST, confusion & hassleof dealing with the legal system**The Legal Needs of American Families, 2012 research study, Decision Analyst, Inc.
  7. 7. Unique AdvantagesReduce absenteeismEmployees with legal problems usually:• Have an absenteeism rate five times higher than average• Use their medical benefits four times more than average• Use sick leave twice as often as the average employee• Experience a substantial reduction in their productivity*LSK Associates Study
  8. 8. Unique AdvantagesIncrease ProductivityIn a recent study, 91% of respondents said they would seekthe help of a lawyer for even the most trivial issue if theirservices were easier to access and more affordable*ACCESS will lead to less distractions at work and POSITIVEeffects on your employee’s performance*The Legal Needs of American Families, 2012 research study, Decision Analyst, Inc.
  9. 9. Unique AdvantagesHelp reduce your employee’s stressStressed out employees cost the Canadian industry more than$30 billion annually in lost hours due to absenteeism, reducedproductivity and workers’ compensation benefits**Financial Literacy Partners, LLC, 2005 - Employee Financial Stress is Costing Your Company a Bundle – And How You Can Stop It Now
  10. 10. Unique AdvantagesKeep a progressive company imageShow that you care about your employeesHelp your employees achieve better work/life balance (ties inwith your WELLNESS program)Help improve employer/employee relationsAttract & retain employees in this very competitive market
  11. 11. The Industry Leader• LegalShield is a 40+ year old company• Provides legal services to 1.4 million families covering3.5 million lives across North America• More than 34,000 companies offer the LegalShield planto their employees as a voluntary benefit
  12. 12. • LegalShield gives your employees the ability to talk to alawyer on any matter without worrying about high hourlycosts• For one flat monthly fee, LegalShield members canaccess legal advice no matter how traumatic or trivial theissueWorry Less…Live More
  13. 13. • Automobile accident• Execution of a contract• Bought or refinanced home• Divorce• Speeding ticket or traffic violation• Prepared a will• Marriage• Leased an apartment or home• Set up a trust• Became executor of parents’ estate• Was subpoenaed• Vehicle damaged while parked on street• Sold faulty merchandise• Identity theft• Inherited property• Filed bankruptcy• Tax audit• Injured someone accidentally• Leased a vehicle• Challenged a will• Creditor taking legal action• Adoption of a child• Property was damaged while in storage• Dog bit someone• A tenant sued youOver 2 million requests annually
  14. 14. Ready To Serve• Unlimited legal advice• 24/7 emergency access• Letters written on your behalf• Calls made on your behalf• Contract & Document review• Will Preparation & POAs
  15. 15. Identity Theft Shield• LegalShield has partnered with Kroll AdvisorySolutions• Expedited Credit Disclosures and IdentityRestoration Services• Combined with our legal plan createscomplete coverage for employees and theirfamilies
  16. 16. • On-site enrollment process• Designated service representatives• No claim forms• No deductibles• No cancellation forms• Once a month billing• Electronic enrollment and paperless billing optionsEasy to Implement
  17. 17. • Family Coverage• Portable• Rate stable• No long term contract• Low participation requirements• AFFORDABLE PEACE OF MINDExceptional Value
  18. 18. Questions18Q & Awith Ejay Russell,Drake InternationalEnhancing YourBenefits Package
  19. 19. Our Next Complimentary WebinarRegister at http://drake-webinars.comJune 26, 12pm EDTHazards in the Workplace: Manual MaterialsPresented by: Kathleen Collins, Health & SafetyManager, Drake International19
  20. 20. Free Offer• We’re offering a free consultation that will highlight howwe can customize this service for your organization. Asimple call can help your organization:Increase employee retentionAttract higher quality candidatesImprove job satisfactionContact Ejay to take advantage of this exclusive offer!erussell@na.drakeintl.com416.216.106920
  21. 21. Drake Mobile21
  22. 22. Thank You for AttendingFor questions, please contact Ejay Russellerussell@na.drakeintl.com416.216.106922