Benefits of Emotional Intelligence


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Benefits of Emotional Intelligence

  1. 1. For audio, it is recommended you dial in A copy of the slides + recording will be available post webinar AUDIO: 1-877-668-4493 Access Code: 668 447 619 Event password: 1234 WebEx Support: 1-866-863-3910The Benefits of Emotional Intelligence May 31, 2012 Presented by: Marcia Hughes, President Collaborative Growth
  2. 2. You Will Learn1) What emotional intelligence (EI) is and how it applies to your business2) Where, why and when to incorporate EI into your workforce development strategies3) Practical tips on building EI and assessments to support your success.4) A list of resources to support your success with in building emotional and social intelligence for your leaders and teams.
  3. 3. What is Emotional Intelligence?A set of emotional and social skills that influence the waywe perceive and express ourselves, develop and maintainsocial relationships, cope with challenges, and useemotional information in an effective and meaningful way.Critical for Individuals and Teams
  4. 4. EQI Relates ToSelf:Recognizing your own emotionsManaging those emotions internallyExpressing them to othersOther:Recognizing emotions of othersResponding effectively to the emotions of others
  5. 5. EQI is a Must-Have Leadership Skill• Key to 27% to 46% of workplace success (BarOn, MHS)• 85-95% of the difference between a “good leader” and an “excellent leader” is due to emotional intelligence (Daniel Goleman)• Emotional Intelligence counts for more than IQ and a lack of it is highly correlated with failure in top positions. (Claudio Fernandez-Araoz of Egon Zehnder International)
  6. 6. EQ-i Subscale Scores 100 105 110 80 85 90 95 Self- Reg a E mo tio na rd lSelf- Awa rene ss Ass e rtive n es s Indep ende nce Self- Ac tu aliza tion E mp athy Socia l Re s po ns Inter ib ility pe rso nal RSuccessful Leaders elatio ns hip s Str es s To leran ce EQ-i Subscales Imp u lse C ontro l Re al ity Te sting Flex ib ility Prob le m SUnsuccessful Leaders olvin g Optim isim Successful vs. Unsuccessful Leaders Ha pp ine ss Successful vs. Unsuccessful Leaders
  7. 7. Where• Employee development to enhance productivity• Skills enhancement for promotions• Change management• Hiring• Conflict Resolution
  8. 8. When• Be Proactive• Be Responsive• Be Strategic
  9. 9. Practical Tips• Assessments give you solid data – don’t guess, that’s what makes it “soft” skills• Focus on specific practical applications of EI – demonstrating empathy, effective assertiveness, realistic optimism• Take advantage of developed strategies for growing skills• Build EI development into your plan for measurable success
  10. 10. EQ-i2.0 Model
  11. 11. TESI
  12. 12. Focus on Specific Skills such as:Empathy which is demonstrated by understanding the emotions people are communicating and responding to them. This is key to building trust, engagement and passion.
  13. 13. Resources• Team Development with TESI:;• Individual Development with EQi 2.0:;• Emotional Intelligence in Action, Hughes and Terrell• The Emotionally Intelligent Team, Hughes and Terrell• EQ Edge, Stein and Book
  14. 14. Contact Information Marcia HughesPresident, Collaborative Growth 303-271-0021 Jay Rosales Drake International 416-216-1070
  15. 15. Congratulations!• By attending today’s webinar, you have automatically been entered to win a copy of The Emotionally Intelligent Team, which has been co-authored by Marcia• If interested in receiving copies for your team, or for more information, please contact Marcia
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