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Why Python In Entertainment Industry?


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An introductory slides to Digimax RD colleagues about why we should migrate from MEL to Python as a RD/TD in animation studios.

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Why Python In Entertainment Industry?

  1. 1. And how about Python vs MEL? Shuen-Huei Guan Digimax Inc. 2009/05
  2. 2. “Programmers spoke some special language, and that's why they are so unique and cool.“ “I program, so I am.“ - Drake Guan
  3. 3. “The programmers you'll be able to hire to work on a Java project won't be as smart as the ones you could get to work on a project written in Python. And the quality of your hackers probably matters more than the language you choose.“ - Paul Graham, Hackers and Painters
  4. 4. Copyright by David Gould
  5. 5. Copyright by Autodesk Maya
  6. 6. Glocol Pool by blprnt van @ flickr