Hindu mythology


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Hindu mythology

  1. 1. Week 12 ENG 107 / CC ENG 2Hindu Mythology
  2. 2. Background:• Hindu mythology datesback to as early as7200 BC.• This is the time whenthe first hymns of theRig Veda wascomposed.
  3. 3. Rig Veda• an anthology of 1028 hymns tovarious gods• Began as a celebration ofnatural elements such asAir, Water and Fire• Converted into the worship ofcosmic elements• Formed the triad of the earlyVEDIC gods
  4. 4. VEDICGODS(cosmic trinity)
  5. 5. AGNI (Fire)• Vital spark in theearth, lightning in thesky, and SURYA, the sun• He is the sap in theplants, which is carrieddown to them by the rain.• Has 7 tongues, each ofwhich has a separatename and in being usedfor licking up butteroffered in sacrifices
  6. 6. VAYU (Wind)• He drives his horsesfuriously.• God of the wind, rapidmotion and the Father offleet-footed• Father of Hanuman• Generally associated withIndra• Other names are Pavana,Gandha-Vaha and Satata-ga
  7. 7. SURYA (Center of theSpheres)• Other name isSavitri (brilliance)• Married to Sanjanaand Chhaya• Abode is calledSuryaloka
  8. 8. puranICGODS(hindu trinity OR TRIMURTI)
  9. 9. BRAHMA (CREATOR)• Born of the goldenegg, Hiranyagarbha• Also said to have sprung fromVishnu’s navel, on a lotus• He is the uncreated creator(Svayambhu)• Lord of scholarship• 4 Vedas came from his mouth• From his body, came the 4castes of the Hindus: Brahmans(priests) – mouth, Kshatriyas(soldiers) – arms, Vaishyas(traders) – thigh, Sudras (menialworkers) - feet
  10. 10. VISHNU (PRESERVER)• The Preserver• Vehicle: garuda (bird)• has 4 arms, a blueishcomplexion, and rests on asnake• was incarnated (born as ananimal or human) nine timeswith one more still to come• is the main godof Vaishnavism
  11. 11. SHIVA (DESTROYER)• The Destroyer / Transformer• Vehicle: bull• has matted hair, a third eye, ablue throat and a trident in hishand• often worshipped in thefeatureless lingam form• is the main god of Saivism
  12. 12. FEMALEASPECTS(hindu trinity OR TRIMURTI)
  13. 13. SARASWATI• Goddess of knowledge,music, and the arts• Vehicle: swan• wife of Brahma• sits on a white lotus playing aveena
  14. 14. LAKSHMI• Goddess of wealth andprosperity• Vehicle: owl• wife of Vishnu• usually shown bestowing coinsand flanked by elephants
  15. 15. PARVATI• The Divine Mother• Vehicle: lion• the reincarnation of Shivasfirst wife• has many forms, such as thepopular Durga and Kali (seebelow); often shown togetherwith Saraswati and Lakshmi asthe tridevi (triple goddess)
  17. 17. GANESH• God of the intellectand the remover ofobstacles• Vehicle: mouse• son of Shiva & Parvati• has an elephants head
  18. 18. MURUGAN• God of war• Vehicle: peacock• son of Shiva & Parvati• popular in Tamil areas• also known as Skanda
  19. 19. DURGA• A fiercer form ofParvati• Vehicle: tiger• has ten armsholding manyweapons
  20. 20. KALI• Goddess oftime and death• Vehicle: donkey• usuallyportrayed asdark and violent
  21. 21. RAMA• The 7th avatar(incarnation) ofVishnu• the central figurein the epicstoryRamayana
  22. 22. RAMA• The 7th avatar(incarnation) ofVishnu• the central figurein the epic storyRamayana
  23. 23. KRISHNA• The 8th avatar(incarnation) ofVishnu• usually portrayedas a child and aprankster; oftenshown playing theflute
  24. 24. HANUMAN• an ape-like godknown forassisting Rama
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