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Architectural outdoor photography basics and its techniques


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Architectural outdoor photography basics and its techniques

Published in: Education
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Architectural outdoor photography basics and its techniques

  1. 1. 6th Research summery Architectural outdoor photography basics and its techniques Architectural outdoor photography basics and its techniques Architectural outdoor photography Process requires imaging objects huge size requirements, especially when photographed, so as to achieve transport Secretary to the dimensions of the shape and documentation of the whole, but if this body block architecture created by artist architecture, the imaging architecture creativity stems from creativity, hence the research problem in how to legalize imaging architect outer to achieve its objectives, career highlight to the aesthetics of form and creates shadows, while maintaining the contents of proportions and harmony in sizes, and requires special equipment in terms of the type of camera used and the equipment and techniques used. The discussion dealt with architecture and photography by reviewing perspective and confirmation in the form of cameras used in photography and architectural explain cameras large sized Blower (view camera) to demonstrate its possibilities and modalities of dealing with them and they differ from areas other imaging, then explain cameras small and medium-sized used in imaging architectural and camera single lens reflex Single lens reflex cameras and review of the most important advantages of ease of use and speed in taking pictures as it enables the photographer to see threads very clearly and other possibilities Then go search for cameras and more correct digital Digital cameras and backs)) is considered camera midsize a combination of camera and large camera small and are a good choice in the field of imaging architect. And types are being machined medium-sized as well as Monorail such as: camera Lennhoff. After that reviewed the research lenses used field imaging and architectural modes of selection of lenses, as was explained lens focal length short Wide-angle lenses and lens Displacement Shift Lenses, and depending on the importance of this type of lenses reviewed research lens displacement and their impact on image architecture. After reviewing the tools were explained architectural modes of imaging techniques, and position of the camera and its importance and adjust method Scheimpflug adjustments which are based on tilt or swing imaging machine parts. The limited use where they are not only to control the depth of field on only one level of image clarity and this limits the use of photography architectural terms is often the building to be filmed three-dimensional but very useful in cases of capturing images of the corners is a list of whether angle acute or obtuse and building on scheimpflug theory must intersect both the film and the lens and the subject to be photographed in a common imaginary line in order to increase the depth of field, as well as inclination must be equal in the first camera as at the end. In the end, search results were displayed and recommendations is the most important 1. Cameras preferably used in outer architectural photography is large cameras with Blower because of their ability to control the perspective by moving both the level of the lens and the surface level sensor. 2. Cameras medium-sized or small which is used for external architectural photography must provide offset lens that allows the photographer the ability to control perspective. Considered technique developed by (Scheimpflug) is ideal for architectural photography available external ability to control perspective and in-depth field photograph. Recommendations 1. Photographer should be familiar fully conversant with and acquired skills to use large cameras, apply Scheimpflug technique when shooting external architecture. 1
  2. 2. 2. When you use the camera medium-sized or small must photographer practitioner of architectural photography to be equipped with a number of lenses offset various possible focal lengths. 3. Colleges of Applied Arts and educational institutions that teach photography to put outer architectural photography within the decisions of its educational programs. 4. The Egyptian State Information Service, and institutions working in the field of tourism to bother filming historic buildings wonderful characteristic of Egypt, highlighted at its best, which thus achieve attractive tourist great, be reverberate economic return great puts Egypt in the position that you should be in it . 2