Room 11 Term 2 Round up


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Room 11 Term 2 Round up

  1. 1. Room 11 • Sometimes we are sensible sometimes we are NOT!
  2. 2. Our Space Our Place • New Zealand is our country and we love to live here.
  3. 3. My House • We wrote about our houses. Here are some of the things we wrote. We also made a book about our favourite places at home.
  4. 4. We put the writing into cut -out houses and then stuck them on a background.
  5. 5. Our School • Our school is Raumati Beach School. It is a great place to come to. We learn heaps and make lots of friends. We made a book about our favourite places at school. You can look at it in our classroom.
  6. 6. We have busy days in Room 11
  7. 7. First thing in the morning we do handwriting.
  8. 8. Mathematics • We work hard in maths but sometimes we need more than two hands!
  9. 9. Silent reading time is very peaceful.
  10. 10. Shared Reading • We enjoy sharing books together. Sometimes the teacher reads and sometimes we listen to a CD.
  11. 11. Library • Every week we go to the library to read books and choose ones to read at home or in the classroom.
  12. 12. At morning tea and lunchtime we play outside.
  13. 13. • We get to do special, exciting things as well as all our school work. We made corn dolls; we have a school cross country; we had a visit from Pineapple Pete and a fun run; we learned soccer skills from Jake and Joe; we can play a variety of sports at school; we have singing and Kapahaka in the hall and we have a Team B assembly every fortnight.
  14. 14. Kapahaka in the Hall
  15. 15. Throwing and catching practice.
  16. 16. Soccer practice with Jake and Joe
  17. 17. The School Cross Country
  18. 18. Making Corn Dolls with Mrs McGregor
  19. 19. Some of our art work on the legend of Hinepoupou
  20. 20. Kiwiana • We did some art work that shows some famous kiwi icons i.e. things that are special to New Zealand.
  21. 21. More Kiwiana
  22. 22. Home Time • At three o’clock we say goodbye to our teacher and friends and go home. School is very quiet when we have gone.