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During the summer in Corsica the island's four airports - Bastia in the north, Calvi, in the north-west, Ajaccio on the west coast, and Figari in the south - are served by charter flights from the UK. Here are some pictures from holidays in Calvi. The town of Calvi takes its name from the Calvus – ‘bald’ rock that would come to form the foundations of the Citadel.The town of Calvi enjoys a rich cultural life in the form of the festivals that take place throughout the year.Calvi beach is particularly suited to children and the gently shelving waters of the bay are clear and warm, and there are plenty of intimate coves heading out towards the peninsular if you want somewhere quieter. The food in Calvi is fabulous, but the wine, all locally produced, is even better.A walk around the grounds of the citadel is free, and essential to enjoy the magnificent views over the town and bay with the mountains of the Balagne dominating the horizon beyond.

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Holidays in corsica

  1. 1. Travel in Corsica: PicturesofCalvi<br />Thefirstplace to visitwith a rented bike or scooter in CalviCorsica is thepresqu’îleoftheGirolata, animpressivepromontoryboasting a lighthouseandsensationalbeacheshiddenbehindboulders. Itsroads are unbelievablybumpyandonlygetworse as you go, so it is best to park earlyandhikearoundthepeninsula. On yourway back, a right at the stop sign leads to a chapelwith a must-seeviewoftheentirebayofCalvi.<br />
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  4. 4. A walk through the streets of CalviCorsica<br />
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  9. 9. CalvishopsCorsica<br />It is a interesting thing, but always when we talk about Corsica I have to ask my self: Is it Corsica in France or in Italy? Yeah Island of Corsica is In France but it is closer to the Italy then France. How to? Geographically lies in Mediteranean sea exactly between Tyrrhenian and Ligurian seas. The island has around 8600 sq kilommetresand around 260.000 inhabitants.<br />
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  13. 13. CalvifortressCorsica<br />The protected bay of Calvi was visited with fondness even by the Etruscans, the Venetians and the Greek. The first harbor was built by the Romans. The name Calvi appears several times in history books. This is where Admiral Nelson, the later winner of the Trafalgar battle lost his eye when on the invitation of Paoli, the English troops tried to conquer Corsica from the French <br />
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  22. 22. Holidays in CalviCorsica<br />The light; and Calvi’s great sabre of sand, five miles in length, with its inspiring view of the citadel. Apart from in the high season, you have the beach practically to yourself. What's the first thing you do on arrival? I go the newsagent at the top of boulevard Wilson and buy two newspapers, an English one and the local, Corse Matin. I read them at a table outside the café next door, the Rex. It’s a local joint with a real feel of traditional Corsica. <br />
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