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Using games in the classroom with Minecraft Examples : dragnoz


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• What is Gamification
• Why the use of games in the classroom
• Can a curriculum be taught using Games?
• Which games to use

• Minecraft use examples

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Using games in the classroom with Minecraft Examples : dragnoz

  1. 1. How Gamification is adding the fun factor to learning • What is Gamificatio • Why the use of games in the classroom • Can a curriculum be taught using Games? • Bringing gaming into the real world • What the future holds for gamification of education
  2. 2. Who Am I? • Production and Games Designer for Wonder Quest • Games based learning consultant • Public Speaker • Online Educator • YouTube Personality • Educational Games designer. • a Father
  3. 3. What is Gamification?
  4. 4. Gamification is the concept of applying game mechanics and game design techniques to engage and motivate people to achieve their goals Classic Definition
  5. 5. …. BUT this is not what we will be talking about… We are going to be looking at actual computer games used in classrooms and distant learning.
  6. 6. Why use games as a teaching tool inside and outside the classroom?
  7. 7. The obvious….
  8. 8. The not so obvious….
  9. 9. We teach kids in our world. In a world we as adults have spent a lifetime to understand. It’s an environment we seem to control. Where we seem to make the rules. We use language and concepts that is foreign and often makes no sense to a young mind. Children just inhabit a different world from us. Our World.
  10. 10. But games…. Now there is a world they understand. They know the rules. They understand the concepts. They have control over their environment.
  11. 11. Games use a language that kids understand… … in a world that makes sense to them. Embracing that world gives you access to unprecedented teaching opportunities” Key Take Away!
  12. 12. Homework: When you get home, go and play a game or two with your kid. Any game will do. Ask them about the rules. The storyline and what they think are learning from it.
  13. 13. Can a curriculum be taught using games?
  14. 14. In a formal educational environment games can be used to enhance the learning experience. It should be combined with offline activities such as drawing up plans on paper, researching subjects, group work and many other activities.
  15. 15. Keyword is: Enhance, not replace or substitute.
  16. 16. In distant or self guided learning custom games can be used to reach an audience which you as an educator don’t normally have access to.
  17. 17. But which games should I consider?
  18. 18. Kerbal space program
  19. 19. Scratch
  20. 20. Sim City / Skylines
  21. 21. Little Big Planet
  22. 22. Disney Infinity
  23. 23. Minecraft MinecraftEDU
  24. 24. Use Cases: Minecraft
  25. 25. Wonder Quest
  26. 26. Media watchdog group Common Sense Media is bestowing its seal of approval on more than two dozen TV programs for kids, tweens, teens and families. Among the 25 programs given the Common Sense Seal for TV are six Netflix TV series, one series each from Amazon and YouTube, and many from traditional broadcast and cable networks. Winners include Dragons: Race to the Edge and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (both on Netflix), Marvel's Agent Carter (ABC), Thomas & Friends: The Adventure Begins TV special (PBS), Wishenpoof! (Amazon Prime), Disney TV movie Descendants, and Wonder Quest (YouTube). Best TV programs for kids, teens and families include Amazon, Netflix shows
  27. 27. Royal Foundation / Zoological Society of London
  28. 28. Tate Art Gallery
  29. 29. Guardian Newspaper
  30. 30. Questions?