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Excellent insight into the self image and how it affects our success in life

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Upgrade your lifestyle today

  1. 1. Drahcir ParsonFacebook/Drahcir Drac Parson
  2. 2. Disclaimer I am not a psychologist. If you have mental problems please seekhelp from a professional. Many of the things I write about are pieces ofthe puzzle I may have read out of other books or learned in my variousconversations or experiences in life. Whenever I can give specific creditto those authors that I remember I will. If not Ill tell you straight up, “Ionce read somewhere or I once heard....etc.” Peace Drahcir Parson Facebook/Drahcir Drac Parson
  3. 3. ContentsIntroductionChapter 1 - Belief in Your GoalsChapter 2 Your Self ImageChapter 3 Its You vs You(Dont Sabotage Your Own Dreams)Chapter 4 Program your mental computerChapter 5 Engage Your Desired LifestyleBonus Chapter - Life Customizing exercises $3 million lottery win create your day
  4. 4. Upgrade Your Lifestyle Today Drahcir Parson Facebook/Drahcir Drac ParsonIntroduction “From a sperm cell I had to race against billions in order to make it inside my mothers womb to be born. Since I can beat those odds I am already a champion! “ Anonymous I wrote this e-book as a reminder to myself to stay focused. It is my reference whenever I needto refocus from lifes many attention grabbing distractions. From people wanting to conversate abouthow messed up the world is to my own negative self talk. I must not allow those negative voices tohave any influence over my state of mind or decisions at all. This is my short and sweet motivator. The acronym for FOCUS is to Follow One Course Until Successful. For the purpose of thisguide we will mainly be focusing on the self image. You have to create that picture of the best youperforming perfectly at what you want to do and who you want to be in this life. See yourself alreadyas the person you intend to be and believe that person is YOU. You are already a champion. You may have heard this all before but need to hear it in a different way before it resonates withyou to get you to act on it. Im specifically sharing what works for me. In fact I wrote Upgrade yourlifestyle Today to myself. Today is important because the mind only understands the here and rightnow. Try to emotionally experience your vision as if it is your actual day to day reality. (See createyour day in bonus chapter) These are the mental tools Im actually using to achieve the lifestyle I wantto live with amazing results. This is a success program that gives you the control on how you perceiveyourself and the world around you. What you see is what you get. Ive upgraded my mental softwarethat has improved how I operate my life. Now I can kick my feet up and enjoy life without stress. This guide is short and to the point but at the end of the day its incomplete without yourfeedback from the exercises. You have to be a co-writer of your new software because only you canknow how you desire your life to operate on a day to day basis. At the end of each chapter I will show you pieces of the billion dollar program in the form ofan auto suggestion that Ive downloaded onto my self image. An auto suggestion is a concept I learnedfrom reading the book Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill. An auto suggestion is an image,concept, or belief of a chief aim in your life similar to a target destination on a GPS. It doesnt matter how big your goal is. Your subconscious mind does not know the differencebetween a million dollars or a cup of coffee. All your mind knows once you give it a destination is tocreatively navigate toward the destination on the shortest possible route with the least amount ofresistance until it arrives. All you have to do is concentrate on your vision. The more clear the mentalpicture and the more intense the emotional joy of your goal, the faster it transforms itself into aphysical reality in your life.
  5. 5. Upgrade Your Lifestyle Today Drahcir Parson Facebook/Drahcir Drac ParsonChapter 1 - Belief in Your Goals “You can never outperform your self image.” In order to upgrade your lifestyle you must believe that you are the type of person capable ofachieving your goals. You have to envision your self living the exact life you want to live performingperfectly in every aspect. Your mind is like a thermometer. It holds to a set goal or setting. Forexample: Set at 60 degrees, if it goes up to 70 degrees, air kicks in to bring it down. If it drops below,the generator kicks on for heat. How you see yourself is adjusting who you are. Set hire standards foryourself. Your self image and success mechanism (what pushes you) go into action for you much fasterwhen you believe in a goal and show a commitment towards it. Convince yourself that you are the type of person that you need to be in order to achieve yourgoals. Then do what needs to get done. This is the compelling reason it takes to push through thosetimes when you just dont feel like doing anything, but you must. Build your character. You cant just sitaround and do nothing with such a big personal goal to accomplish staring you right in the face. Raiseyour personal standards. Visualize (Place your order with the universe)“The universe we live in is like a catalog that you get to just flip through to order any experience youwould like to have, the people you want to have around you, this product, that service etc.” The Secret The world is like a catalog. Flip through it to find whatever you desire and place your order.Upgrading your lifestyle is all about programming your super mental computer to complete the tasksthat add up to your goal. All you have to do is start using your own imagination to visualize the personyou want to be living the lifestyle you want to live and already having everything in the world youwant. Step into your own movie and see it through the eyes of the main star. You! Or you can do amental rehearsal and see yourself living the lifestyle you want as if your in the audience watching yourown movie on the big screen. Weve all heard the saying, “Life is what you make it.” Well dont let it go over your head like itwent over mine for so many years. As you make the journey, you will change, and your goals maychange too. Maybe even far better than you could have ever imagined. I once read somewhere that the important thing is to be in the game, pursuing a goal, writingyour own life story. Use your imagination to take your goal for a test-drive. Visualize yourself goingafter this goal with all the luxury possessions and people you want around you at places you want to be.How does that feel to you? If you have any doubts as to whether the goal is worth going after than its
  6. 6. Upgrade Your Lifestyle Today Drahcir Parson Facebook/Drahcir Drac Parsonprobably not. Most goals come with a stamp of approval that gives you that gut feeling of, “Yes, this is what Iwant, definitely.” Now ask yourself, “Whats the worst that could happen if I go after this goal with allIve got and dont achieve it?” Am I going to die? NO! Am I going to suffer from a major illness? No!Than its a go! Most of the time, the worst that could happen when you pursue a goal is ten times betterthan the best that could happen if you dont pursue any goals at all. Your life right now is made up of your past beliefs, decisions, and actions. So if you dont likethe direction your life is currently going in just make up your mind to change it. I know this sounds sosimple but look at the words make up your mind. Make up is used to make faces appear moreattractive. Yes even some male movie stars use make up in their films, especially if they need to appearyounger, older or as a monster etc. The point here is that like using make up to manipulate appearances,you can put make up on your current reality by painting a more attractive mental picture in your headof the lifestyle you want to live. Just make up your mind. Take a good look at your current reality to see where your thoughts have gotten you to thispoint. Now overlap that with a virtual reality you would rather be living. Make your visionholographic. That concerns location, personal belongings, and people you want around you. If you arehaving trouble with this just imagine your role models or people whom you admire doing whatever itmay be that you want then remove them and enter yourself .
  7. 7. Upgrade Your Lifestyle Today Drahcir Parson Facebook/Drahcir Drac ParsonChapter 2 Your Self ImageCreate a vision board I have a vision board. Actually its a wall full of images that I tacked up. I either cut them out ofmagazines or printed them out off of Google images and taped them up. The point is to just takewhatever images you want of whatever, whoever, or wherever you want and just claim them as yoursin your own mind. Whichever image that gives you an emotional reaction of, “Oh yeah thats mine.”Motivational speaker Doug Stevenson once said, “Emotion is the fast lane to the brain.” I just standthere glossing over all the images and start getting excited by how Im going to feel when for instancemy family comes over to my mansion for a family affair or I ride up to an event in my brand new RollsRoyce. And my driver lets my stunning date and myself out of the back seats. The list goes on and on down to the pictures of places I want to visit around the world and haveother houses when I feel like living there. I have one image of a packed stadium full of fans and a lit upstage to perform my rap songs about good living. Of course Im the star. This is free besides the fewminutes you take out of your day to invest in your dreams and goals. After you keep feeding andstrengthening the successful image of yourself in your mind for 15 to 25 minutes with this exercise,you will start feeling excited by the thoughts of actually having your desired lifestyle. Start acting as ifyou already have what you desire. Today! The truth is we all have a success mechanism that is controlled by our self image. So the minuteyou start seeing yourself as the type of person who already has (today) and deserves the lifestyle youwant then your mind will begin to feed your brain creative ideas to actually get what you want. All youneed is the confidence to act on those ideas. Universal forces are responding to the thoughts that yousend out. The universe will rearrange itself to make it happen. It says in Think and grow rich that anydesire that you persistently hold in your mind will eventually seek expression through some practicalmeans of attaining the object. You will attract the forces you need to use and the cooperation of otherpeople. You dont need to know how but you will magnetically attract the way. You will get ideas thatyou must have courage to act on immediately. And you will cause others to believe in you because ofthe passion you believe in yourself with. Passion is contagious. Unfortunately your self image also has an automatic failure mechanism that kicks in wheneveryou start to worry, have doubts, or engage in negative conversation or self talk. Habits are difficult tobreak so the above bad habits must be replaced by the new software that you are going to programonto your upgraded self image today.Your Self Image must believe that you can do it in order to activate peak performance in the daily tasks which add up to your goal. PROGRAM: Within three years I will have in my possession $1,000,000,000 (One billiondollars) which will come to me in various amounts from time to time during the interim.
  8. 8. Upgrade Your Lifestyle Today Drahcir Parson Facebook/Drahcir Drac ParsonChapter 3 - Its You vs You(Dont Sabotage Your Own Dreams) “What some call failure is really only feedback” This will be a short chapter because I will not dwell on the negative. I will touch on what it isand how it affects our goals and how we can overcome it then get back to customizing our lifestyles tothe way we want to live. You know the negative self talk. That inner voice that convinces you that,“your ideas are not so great” or that “youre just not good enough to accomplish what youre thinkingabout.” We all create our own destiny whether positive or negative. If you say its hard its hard. If yousay you cant you cant. Growing up I heard many pastors preach from the bible that the power of lifeand death are in the tongue. What you say becomes true for you. Why not choose to see the bright sideof situations in your life? You get to choose so why would you choose the bad side of life? Choose thebest perspective for your life. Whatever you perceive and believe, you will achieve. Make a living doing what you love to do. Let your happiness be your navigation system.Negativity is like a glitch in the matrix. When you start to worry or be fearful let that be a warning thatyou are going in the wrong direction. If youre not following your joy, peace of mind, or ecstasy thanyoure going off track. Catch yourself and re-route your thinking. When everything is going goodnegativity tries to creep its ugly head in so dont allow it to. Ignore it and continue to enjoy yourmoment. Overcome doubt, fear, and rejection by failing your way to success. Learn what not to do fromyour mistakes. Make more mistakes to learn more lessons faster. Push the guardrails of your comfortzone and expand your possibilities as you go out into the world and collect experiences as evidence ofthe life you desire. Forgive yourself and others. You will not succeed if you feel so guilty aboutsomething about yourself that you feel you dont deserve success. You will not succeed if you holdresentment in your heart towards others. Nobody is perfect. Nobody is perfect. Did I say nobody isperfect? Two more quick things before we switch back to where we need to be. #1 Dont engage in negative conversations. Either try to steer it in a more positive direction orcut it short somehow. Complaining is contagious. #2 Stop saying, “It is what it is” because in all reality It is what you say it is. Start saying, “It iswhat I say it is!”
  9. 9. Upgrade Your Lifestyle Today Drahcir Parson Facebook/Drahcir Drac ParsonChapter 4 -Program your mental computer “Goals form the basis of a strategy.” Take a minute to think of all the wealth and luxury you now possess. In many ways you arealready living better than kings and queens of great civilizations throughout history. Lets assume thatyou have a television, a plumbing system with hot and cold running water, and access to the WorldWide Web where almost anything you can imagine and more is literally at your fingertips. How muchgold would that have cost Queen Elizabeth or Alexander the Great? How many warriors would theirarmies have killed to own an airplane to travel? Instead it took months to sail across the seas wheremany crew members lost their lives along the way? Along with working out your body there are mental exercises that you must learn and continueto do in order to maintain the success muscles (self image) youre about to build. At the end of thisguide there are some bonus Life Customizing Exercises for you to do when you find the time todevelop your success muscles (self image).. Start with the end result that you want in mind and then set reasonable goals on the path to thebigger picture. What you can potentially accomplish is unlimited. However, what you actuallyaccomplish is based on the thoughts and actions that you think and make. The method you employ to upgrade your lifestyle is a secret because it can only be discoveredby you. You must also believe that you are already actually the person you desire to be. It may soundweird but I highly suggest that you not judge the process of this method but instead judge the results.There is a constant discussion going on between your brain and your mind. The mind understandsimages. The brain understands questions and answers. They both understand the emotions you getfrom both. So as you come up with answers to the questions ahead, your mind will create pictures.These pictures are like little puzzle pieces that add up to the box cover -bigger picture of the best you.In order to download the success software into your self image you first need to know what successmeans, feels, and looks like to you. So without further delay....What do you really want out of life? You dont have to write this down right now but I dorecommend that you do when you can take some time out to work on yourself. Right now we just wantto get your mind looking in the best direction of where you want your life to go. Success meansdifferent things to different people. Not every body wants more money. Research shows that anythingover $75k a year is excessive and becomes a hassle to manage. (Not a problem I wouldnt like havingLOL!) Some people just want more time to spend with their family so if they can just figure out howto make the same amount of money in less time that would be a major lifestyle upgrade. What would be the ideal situation for you? If you could design the perfect life for yourself whatwould it be? Do you want to be debt free? Have a huge retirement? Pay for your kids college?
  10. 10. Upgrade Your Lifestyle Today Drahcir Parson Facebook/Drahcir Drac ParsonIf you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? Draw out the picture of your goal and utilize all your senses either through your own eyes or ona large mental movie screen starring YOU! Feel it, See it, touch it, smell it, and hear it. Ask yourselfwhy you want these things in your life? If its to be more happy ask yourself what is more happy? Whatdoes happy mean to you? Knowing the why? behind what you desire in life is the shortest and fastestway to get there. Start off with “reasonable goals” that you can obtain within a few short weeks thengraduate to months then years so you can focus on one thing at a time. Accomplishing smaller goalsrecharges and motivates you to accomplish more. Start with just paying rent or mortgage on time.Then either saving up for a down payment or paying off your house, etc.Whats a career goal that fits in with your life goals? More income? Shorter work days/weeks? Manager position or executive of the company? Working athome?What are your resources?What people do you know? What tools do you use/know how to use?What things do you need?---specific tools- internet, a website, a car, a higher paying job, a sponsor?What are your skills and interests?What can you do right now? What will you need to learn? What can you outsource for hire? Now, based on all of the above answers put together a to-do list and prioritize your to do list innumerical order of importance. Number one being most important, number two, three etc. down to theleast important. Dont get distracted away from the items on your to do list. Get each one done. Anddont be tempted to start working on number 4 on your list when you havent completed number 2.Remember its prioritized! Knock down your list step by step. First things first.Note: Get rid of all negative people, places, and things (or information) you dont need or put them tothe side until youre successful.PROGRAM: In return for a billion dollars I will give the most efficient service of which I amcapable, rendering the fullest possible quantity and the best possible quality of service as a salesrepresentative of my own corporations.
  11. 11. Upgrade Your Lifestyle Today Drahcir Parson Facebook/Drahcir Drac ParsonChapter 5 - Engage Your Desired Lifestyle Gather experiences as evidence of your upgraded lifestyle. Test-drive the luxury car, go price the jewelry that compliments your unique style, walk throughthe property for sale that you would love to purchase and act as if you have the funds available now topay for the titles of ownership with a cashiers check etc. You can do most of this virtually online butits better to feel the prestige the salesman treats you with as they try to get you to buy with all the cashthey believe you have. Big self esteem booster! Research your ideas and interests (Google, Youtube, etc.) This is another time when your prioritized to-do list is very important. Millions of marketerswill be screaming for your attention or trying to convince you they have a better way of doing whatyoure attempting. This is acting class and youre rehearsing for the role of the best you. Your place ofrehearsal is out in the real world. So act as if you are already living your upgraded lifestyle today. PROGRAM: I am awaiting a plan by which to accumulate this billion dollars and Iwill follow that plan when it is received.
  12. 12. Upgrade Your Lifestyle Today Drahcir Parson Facebook/Drahcir Drac ParsonBonus Chapter- Life Customizing Exercises These are exercises that Ive done myself and I highly recommend taking thetime out to do them. They are very fun and empowering. Always put the date atthe top right hand corner to measure your progress and ambition at a given time.After a while you may need to update these exercises. You may be surprised at howsmall your biggest goals once were. $3 Million lottery win Suppose if you will that you are at the lottery building collecting on yourwinning $3 million dollar lottery ticket. Before you receive the check you mustagree to one condition. You must spend all the money within one year or whateveryou have left will be canceled. You must make a list of what you buy along with theprice for each transaction with a receipt to prove it. Once you have your list withthe costs adding up to $3 million dollars you have to prioritize each item youbought according to importance. For example: I put as my number one priority -#1- expand my small businesses with$400,000. #2- Invest $1 million in real estateproperty. #3- spend $300,000 on a house...etc. This should let you know whats trulyimportant to you at the time. Create your day Simply write down whatever time you wish to be able to wake up in themorning to start your day. List whatever it is you would love to do throughout theday and night with whomever you want wherever you would like until its time togo back to bed. Make sure you write the time before each different activity.Or like me since money is not an issue you do what you feel like doing at the timeall day until you go to sleep.
  13. 13. Upgrade Your Lifestyle Today Drahcir Parson Facebook/Drahcir Drac ParsonNote: This guide is for you to find out specifically what will be the bestmoves for you to make in order to upgrade your lifestyle. However, if youwant to find out how I make money with these e-books to upgrade mylifestyle, click the e-books below if you are viewing this online:The Complete Guide to Profit on EbooksBigMoney Writing Little BooksReal Fast Book MarketingAffiliate Marketing Without the Bull...t These ebooks will explain step-by-step from creating ebooks tosetting up free accounts with Clickbank and Amazon.com to sell yourebooks and setting up a PayPal account to accept payment for yourmaterial (Free). Or you can sell other authors ebooks and get paidthrough whats known as affiliate marketing. Friend request me on Facebook if you are not already my friendand share this e-book. Email me at drahcirparson@yahoo.com with anyquestions concerning what youre interested in. Ill be glad to answerwith a suggestion in that direction for you. Until then enjoy yourupgraded way of thinking/living. Drahcir Parson Facebook/Drahcir Drac Parson