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Homeopathy Introduced to Ministry of Public Health Afghansitan


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This presentation was presented by Dr. Abdul Nasir Qayyumi - Medical Director for CTTC-Medical Department. This presentation was presented in MoPH to support the proposal of a Directorate to be established to control all activities related to the Homeopathic Medical System in Afghanistan. Presented at 3:00pm,on Sunday, 23rd Dec 2012.

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Homeopathy Introduced to Ministry of Public Health Afghansitan

  1. 1. Dr. Abdul Nasir “Qayyumi” DHMS CTTC-Medical Department- Director6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 1
  2. 2.  Introduction Principals Pharmacology Research into this Medical System This Medical System Today Reasons to Adopt Our Vision for Afghanistan MoPH Support6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 2
  3. 3. History and Inception6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 3
  4. 4.  Hippocrates- 450–380 BCE"Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease” Paracelsus 1493-1541“What makes a man ill also cures him”6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 4
  5. 5.  18th century Hahnemann- (1755–1843). Medical practitioner (MD) Laid out its principles New Curative Properties of Drugs Coined Heroic Medicine as Allopathic In other words – Failure caused – New approach Samuel Hahnemann Monument at Scott Circle, Washington, D.C.6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 5
  6. 6. Declared as Nationally Significant Monuments6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 6
  7. 7.  5 years continues confirmation New Principles for Ascertaining the Curative Powers of Drugs (Article 1796 -Haufington Post) First appeared in print in 1807 Similar - hómoios – Greek Suffering - páthos - Greek Combined together6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 7
  8. 8. Oxford DictionaryHomeopathyA system of complementary medicine in which ailments are treated by minute dosesof natural substances that in larger amounts would produce symptoms of theailment.AllopathyThe treatment of disease by conventional means, i.e. with drugs having effectsopposite to the symptoms.HerbalismThe study or practice of the medicinal and therapeutic use of plants, now especially asa form of alternative medicine.Homeopathy is misinterpreted with Herb-o-logy but In fact, they are the opposite ofeach other. ** WHO TM/CAM Strategy 6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 8
  9. 9. ‘No individual has done more good to the medical profession than Samuel Hahnemann’ —Sir William Ostler- The Father of Modern Medicine 4 Books translations from English – German 2 Valuable books translations from French – German 4 Chemical Books6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 9
  10. 10.  Organon Of Medicine  Lesser Writings Articles during his period of an  Whole Fundamentals allopathic physician  Philosophical Backgrounds Chemistry works and translations Methodology Directions for curing old sores & Special Instructions indolent ulcers Homeopathic Medicine Pharmacy Mode of preparation of soluble Drug Proving mercury Pharmaceutical Lexicon  Chronic Diseases  Materia Medica Pura Miasma Theory Drug proving Introduced to three miasma Symptomatology Psora, Sycosis, Syphilis Actions on human body and organs Cause of chronic illness Collected and composed Treatment of this condition Information collected about the Selecting Anti-psoric, Anti- action of medicines, proved sycotic, Anti-syphilitic medicines on human body6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 10
  11. 11. Therapeutic System with comprehensive laws6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 11
  12. 12. Therapy Medicine System6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 12
  13. 13.  Cells are broken, allowing enzymes Lachrymatory factor synthase Activates sensory neurons, creating a stinging sensation and irritates them Lachrymal Glands produce tears: flue and coryza symptoms Allium Cepa in Homeopathic Pharmacopeias Suggested for the similar symptoms seen in patients in Materia Medica To bring back the health to its normal condition6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 13
  14. 14. Organon §105-145 Healthy Human beings High doses of Crude drugs/substances Pathogenic (disease-producing) power of medicine Eliciting reactive and reversible symptomsWhy not Animals 1. Animals do not give subjective or mental symptoms 2. Effects of the same drug on animals and on human beings are different 3. We do not get the modalities and finer symptoms in animal proving6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 14
  15. 15.  Way to change Substances into Homeopathic Medicine 1. Decimal Scale 1:10 -> 2. Centesimal Scale 1:100 3. 50 Millisimal Scale 1:500006/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 15
  16. 16. Sing and Symptoms Cure from the Imbalances in Network of Biological System Life Style and Environment Genome Root6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 16
  17. 17.  Medicine  Preventive 1  Curative  Palliative  Endemic and Epidemics Control Veterinary Medicine 2 Agro-Homeopathy 3 1. Prophylaxes 2. Veterinary 3. Agro-Homeopathy6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 17
  18. 18. 6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 18
  19. 19. Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Animal Kingdom Centesimal scale 1:100 Mineral Kingdom Nosodes Decimal Mother scale Plant Kingdom Tincture 1:10 Impondribillia Sarcodes Fifty Millessimal scale Tautopathic 1:500006/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 19
  20. 20.  Succussion: Organon § 270  Liquids are diluted (with water or ethanol)  Ten-100 hard strikes against an elastic body ("succussion") Trituration: Materia Medica Pura under Arsenicum Med  Trituration is for the the solid substances  One grain of subs – 33 parts of vehicle  6 mins granding 4 mins mixing for one hour  One part in a million  Dissolved in 100 drops of diluted Ethanol = parts  1:99 two succussions  Decillionth (30th) potency6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 20
  21. 21.  7,000 remedies from various sources Never rejected/banned Medicine are as non-hazardous6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 21
  22. 22. --Solid vehicles -- Liquid vehicles -- Semi-solid vehicles Ethanol  Sugar of milk  Vehicles as bases for external Distilled water  Ethanol applications- Glycerin  Distilled water  Distilled water Solvent ether  Alcohol Sugar of milk  Glycerin  Olive oil6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 22
  23. 23. Mother Tincture Actual Extract Rarely used as Remedy Trituration form in Decimal scale 1:10 Medicine:Vehicle Potentized form in Centesimal scale 1:100 Medicine:Vechicle LM/50 ML Scale 1:50000 Medicine:Vehicle6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 23
  24. 24. 6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 25
  25. 25. 6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 26
  26. 26.  ODC TD Alternate Complementary Anti-dot Miasmatic Constitutional6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 27
  27. 27.  Flat tablets Pillules Capsules Lactose Only Tablets, or Trituration Tablets Granules Powders Liquid Remedies Mother Tinctures Creams and Ointments Injections or Ampoules6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 28
  28. 28.  Reliable and is often much more effective The worldwide influenza epidemic of 1918 killed 22 million people worldwide and 500,000 in the U.S. The death rate was 30% or higher treated conventionally, while homeopaths cured 98% During the Cholera and Typhus epidemics in Europe from the 1860′s to early 1900′s, homeopathy had survival rates 50% or greater than those treated by conventional medicine. In an epidemic of Typhus in Leipzig (1813), 180 cases of Typhus, losing only two patients. Mortality rates were over 30%. Cholera epidemic of 1849 in Cincinnati, with survival rates between 40 -52%, by homeopathy had a 97% survival rate.6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 29
  29. 29.  1957 polio epidemic in Buenos Aires, the homeopathic remedy Lathyrus was given to thousands of people. Not one case of polio was reported in these individuals. 1974 epidemic of meningicoccal meningitis in Brazil, 18,640 children were given a homeopathic remedy for prevention. Only 4 cases of meningitis occurred in these children. In the smallpox epidemic of 1902 in Iowa, the homeopathic remedy Variolinum was given preventively to 2,806 patients of 15 doctors. The protection rate was 97%. Leprosy tested in Cuba 2007 stunning report of success6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 30
  30. 30.  Homeopathic Institutions and Allopathic vitro researchers Clear indications of success in treatment Efficacy Cell Based biological - Clinical researches6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 31
  31. 31.  Respiratory-tract infections 21 (19%) Pollinosis and asthma 16 (15%) Gynaecology and obstetrics 14 (13%) Surgery and anaesthetics 12 (11%) Gastroenterology 12 (11%) Musculoskeletal disorders 11 (10%) Neurology 10 (9%) Other 14 (13%)6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 32
  32. 32. Potentized Histamine Research  The specific purpose of the research book is to test the “paradoxical” theory that homeopathic medicine has definite therapeutic effects, on the basis of scientific evidence.  Results in favor of homeopathic remedies, both in terms of clinical activity and costs.In-Vitro Results  Multi-centre study  Statistically significant inhibition for the histamine containing solutions  High dilutions of histamine did indeed have biological effects6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 33
  33. 33. The authors conclusion shows that successive dilutions and succussions can permanently alter the physico-chemical properties of the water solvent. The authors are unable to explain the phenomena.Elia V, Niccoli M. New physico-chemical properties of extremely diluted aqueous solutions. Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, Vol. 75 (2004) 815–836.6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 34
  34. 34. In a study of homeopathically potentised remedies the incidence of haematomas (blood filled ‘bruises’)was reduced by 30 % in turkeys during transportation. The study was randomised, placebo controlled and double blinded.Filliat C. Particularité de l´utilisation de l´homéopathie en production avicole. Annals of the “Entretiens Internationaux de Monaco 2002”, 5-6 October 2002.6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 35
  35. 35.  89 trials of homeopathic medicine versus placebo 95% confidence intervals 2.05-2.93 In favor of Homeopathic Medical SystemLinde K, Clausius N, Ramirez G, et al. Are the clinical effects of homoeopathy placebo effects? A meta-analysis of placebo- controlled trials. Lancet 1997;350:834-43.6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 36
  36. 36.  Of the 105 trials 81 trials indicated positive results High quality ratings for randomization, blinding, sample size, and other methodological criteria Most studies showed results in favor of homeopathyKleijnen J, Knipschild P, Ter Riet G. Clinical trials of homoeopathy. British Medical Journal. 1991b;302:316-23.6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 37
  37. 37.  Respiratory tract complaints 30 practitioners in four countries 500 consecutive patients with at least one of three complaints ▪ Upper respiratory tract complaints including allergies; ▪ Lower respiratory tract complaints including allergies; ▪ Ear complaints. 281 received homeopathy and 175 conventional treatment Primary outcome criterion = Response to treatment defined as cured or major improvement after 14 days of treatment6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 38
  38. 38. RESULTS 82.6% in the homeopathy group 67.3% in the group receiving conventional medicineAuthors concluded homeopathy appeared to be as effective as conventional treatmentRiley D, Fischer M, Singh B, Haidvogl M, Heger M. Homeopathy and conventional medicine: an outcomes study comparing effectiveness in a primary care setting. J Altern Complement Med 2001; 7: 149–159.6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 39
  39. 39.  In a randomized controlled double-blind clinical trial (1992-94) 19 women suffering from PMS Treated individually 30 % improvement (P=0.048) 37.5 % of patients received placebo improved Sick-days reduced from 0.75 - 0 in Homeo group Use of conventional drugs was also reduced in the homeopathy-group.Yakir M, Kreitler S, Brzezinski A, Vithoulkas G, Oberbaum M, Bentwich Z. Effects of homeopathic treatment in women with premenstrual syndrome: a pilot study. Br Homeopath J. 2001 Jul ;90(3): 148- 53.6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 40
  40. 40.  Sick-days reduced from 0.75 to 0 in Homeo group Use of conventional drugs was also reduced in the homeopathy-group.Yakir M, Kreitler S, Brzezinski A, Vithoulkas G, Oberbaum M, Bentwich Z. Effects of homeopathic treatment in women with premenstrual syndrome: a pilot study. Br Homeopath J. 2001 Jul ;90(3): 148- 53. A randomised controlled trial of homeopathic treatment for PMS confirms that homeopathy is helpful in PMS.Jones A. Homeopathic treatment for premenstrual symptoms. J Fam Plann Reprod Health Care. 2003 Jan;29(1):6-7.6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 41
  41. 41.  Reduction in Hot Flushes after Undergone Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiation Treatment for Breast Cancer Significant Improvement in Children Significant Smaller Areas Of Ecchymosis (Bruising) After Operation Menopausal Clinically Significant Improvement Fever, Asthma And Perennial Rhinitis Research Individualized Homeopathic Treatment (LM potency) in tender point pain Emission of Light Even in Dilutions beyond Avogadro’s Number6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 42
  42. 42. Different Countries
  43. 43. “Homeopathy... cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment and it is beyond alt doubt safer and more economical and the most complete medical science.” -- Mahatma Ghandi“Yellow bag of Royals…….. 60 Homeopathic Medicine” ---Media --‘Homeopathy did not merely seek to cure a disease but treated a disease as a sign of the whole human organism. Homeopathy would play an important part in the public health of the country along with other systems.’ – S. Radhakrishnan (Ex–President of India)6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 44
  44. 44.  More then 200,000 board certified homeopathic physicians PHC one CAM and one conventional doctors and spending Homeopathic with 260 million 10% population, depend solely on homeopathy Nearly 180 homeopathic medical colleges, 7500 government clinics, and 307 hospitals offering homeopathy treatment. National Medical System; second most popular system Industry size is est to 391 million £, likely to be 4,600 Corers 20,000 Cancer patients cured 2 were heart patients Central Council for Homeopathy 6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 45
  45. 45. 6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 46
  46. 46.  NHS Spends £4 million a year on homeopathy Hospitals in the UK in Bristol, Glasgow, and London 18 Colleges private colleges In the UK, the Faculty of Homeopathy regulates medical professionals who practice homeopathy 248,000 registered practitioners of medicine in the U.K. 42% of British physicians refer patients to homeopaths Royal family - three generations 100 years the oldest, the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital. 6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 47
  47. 47. The Royal Homeopathic Hospital6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 48
  48. 48.  1854 Abraham Lincoln first Homeopathic College  Over 21 Colleges offering Homeopathic Degree  3.9 million U.S. adults use Homeopathic Medicine  900,000 children have used homeopathy last year  Separate certification post-graduate certification to MDs and DOs  Homeopathic certifying agency (CCH)  Mainstream medical license (MD, DO) are given homeopathic training6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 49
  49. 49.  The Birth Place of Homeopathic Medical System First Hospital 1832 Part of their curriculum Certified "professional homeopaths" Pass examinations that grant "certification“ 20% of Physicians prescribe homeopathic remedies 6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 50
  50. 50.  In France, 18,000 physicians prescribe homeopathic remedies. Seven medical schools offering post grad degrees in homeopathy 23,000 pharmacies carry homeopathic remedies. Equivalent ways to conventional doctors with a system of qualification and oversight 70% professionals that prescribe remedies are MDs European Committee for Homeopathy6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 51
  51. 51.  Recognized Medical System Officially More then 1000 Homeopathic Doctors IHA (Iranian Homeopathic Association) Minutus Institute of Allopathic Doctors Training to the Medical Professionals6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 52
  52. 52.  Officially Recognized Medical System 140,000 Homeopathic Doctors 140 Homeopathic Colleges A number of Medicine Manufacturing Companies Degree approved by HEC as MSc Allowed to Practice freely National Council for Homeopathy6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 53
  53. 53.  Effectiveness, Safety and Cost-effectiveness  Swiss Federal Office for Public Health  Changes in the cells of living organism  URTI /Allegric Reactions overall positive  Randomized Control Trails  Placebo-CT  In favor of Homeopathic Medical System  Medicines are declared as free of Toxic Effects Swiss Gov has decided to Integrate Homeopathic Medical System into health Care System 6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 54
  54. 54. Major Education DegreesSubjects Studied
  55. 55.  Dr.C.F.S Hahnemann was an Allopathic doctor Homeopathic Principles and Medicine Curriculum equipped & Adopted Degrees More subjects6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 56
  56. 56.  BHMS and DHMS Post-Graduation in Health Sciences DHMS Grads Homeopathic Doctors and Practice Equal Educational and Job Opportunities as Conventional Doctors International Certification to Practice (CCH USA) International Level College Accreditation (ACCH in USA)6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 57
  57. 57. 2nd 2nd1st 1st Equivalent to M.Sc/MBBS Anatomy Surgery including Homoeopathic Pharmacy Physiology Homoeo Therapeutics Anatomy & Physiology2nd Materia Medica Obs/Gyn Years B.H.M.S Materia Medica Pathology, Community Medicine Organon of Medicine ½ Bacteriology and Medicine (Int Med)1st Bachelors Parasitology Homoeopathic Principles of Homoeopathy Forensic Medicine and Repertory Psychology Toxicology Pathology, Bacteriology and Parasitology 5th 4th Years Forensic Medicine and Equivalent to B.Sc Toxicology Preventive, Social Medicine and Family Welfare 3rd4th Physics Chemistry Hygiene Pathology Surgery including Homoeopathic Therapeutics 2nd3rd Biology Psychology 1st Years Obs/Gyn and Infant Hygiene D.H.M.S Materia Medica Obs/Gynaecology Community Medicine Philosophy Case Taking &2nd Diploma Anatomy Repertory Medicine including Homoeopathic Therapeutics Pharmacy Minor Surgery1st Physiology Forensic Medicine Homoeopathic Repertory 6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 58
  58. 58.  Having Hospitals and Clinics all over the world License is being issued to the doctors after DHMS to practice Opportunity for Specialization (Ultrasound, Peads, Gyne/Obs and so…) Doctors appointed in Government and Private Hospitals Separate Councils, Directorates, Department and Faculties6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 59
  59. 59. 1. Effective in Acute and Chronic Cases2. Patient Centered/Holistic Approach3. A complete System of Medicine4. 53-63% cost-effective-WHO5. Suitable for Every one6. Non toxic with no chemical side effects7. No drug dependency8. Improves physical and emotional health9. The most recent Medical System introduced6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 60
  60. 60.  Double the size of Professionals  More to the poorest  Cost-effective and affordable  Lessen the burden  No worries on the findings  A new therapeutics added  MoHE accepted the degrees  MoPH supports in practice6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 61
  61. 61.  Regulation of Homeopathic Medicine in Afghanistan Faculty for Homeopathic Medical System in Kabul Medical University under MoHE Integrating Homeopathic Medical System into Afghanistan Health Care System Directorate of Homeopathic Medical System in MoPH Support Establish Homeopathic Hospitals in Afghanistan for nation’s good 6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 62
  62. 62.  Separate Directorate for Homeopathic Medical System in MoPH License DHMS and BHMS doctors as Homeopathic Medicine Doctors Establish Hospital rules and regulations Establish Homeopathic Units in Already Existing Govt Hospitals Issue permits for the Homeopathic Medicine to be imported6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 63
  63. 63.  In great need Lack of Expertise and Time Consuming CTTC-Medical Department Support All activities till the support from MoPH Bureaucratic Support Space Allocation by MoPH Memorandum of Understanding6/5/2012 HIMS Cooperative 64
  64. 64. Presented to you on behalf of HIMS Cooperative Thank You Very Much Afghanistan Homeopathic Artin Arts Group AMERICAN MEDICAL COLLEGE Bjain Pharmamaciuticals .IncChampion Technical Training CenterCTTC-Main Office Medical Association AHMA-Main Cythia Artin OF HOMEOPATHY Corporate Office1921/10, Dr.Jayne+93 (0) 775-757-037 abdul.nasir@cttc- Office, +93 (0) 775-757-037 1951 W. Camelback, Suite 300. Chuna Mandi, Paharganj The Complementary New York USA New Delhi – 110055, (INDIA)Skype: drabnasir/dr.qayyumi Adress:Shahr-e- Naw, Haji Yaqoob Mobile 845 480 6134 Phoenix, AZ 85015 Tel: +91-11- 4567 1000 Medical Association 602-347-7950; 602-864-2949(fax) Fax: +91-11- 4567 1010Square, Street #3, House #43, Behind Skype: drabnasir/dr.qayyumi Skype cynthiaartinFinest Super Market Across From Adress: Shahr-e- Naw, Haji Email: info@bjain.comGerman Club, Kabul, Afghanistan Yaqoob Square, Kabul, Afg Website: The-CMA.Org.UK