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H Comm Presentation


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Healthsprint Networks with IBM offers comprehensive one stop shop for managing Hospital IT infrastructure and solutions for SME Healthcare Market.

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H Comm Presentation

  1. 1. HealthSprint Platform Presentation hComm: Integrated Healthcare Communication & Management Platform This document is confidential and is intended solely for the use and information of the client to whom it is addressed. Contact: HealthSprint Networks Pvt. Ltd. HealthSprint: Connecting Healthcare Ecosystem
  2. 2. Healthsprint and its Goals Healthsprint is the pioneer in enabling efficiency in the healthcare ecosystem by providing innovative Internet enabled services and technology solutions to the healthcare industry. Healthsprint has vast experience and expertise in providing web-based services for Healthcare industry since 2006 with Happy customers around major cities in India. The key objectives: Enabling efficiencies among Providers and Patients by providing solutions that streamline the information exchange processes. Bridging the digital divide between providers and their patients. Enabling more effective processes to deliver better value proposition in terms of customer satisfaction and money HealthSprint: Connecting Healthcare Ecosystem
  3. 3. Vision & Mission Vision We aim to connect healthcare ecosystem and its key players using web based technologies to enable valuable use scenarios, which bring value to our customers, investors, and to the community we live in. Mission Enabling a web based information exchange platform, which enables reliable, speedy and transparent Healthcare information workflow. HealthSprint: Connecting Healthcare Ecosystem
  4. 4. Company Background HealthSprint Networks is a Healthcare IT services company, founded in May 2006 by 3 promoters who possess desired & complementary skills from healthcare, technology and marketing domains. HealthSprint has formulated clear business programs in healthcare : Web enabled In-Patient Insurance Claims Management Network In- HS-PMS– Web based Pharmacy Management system HS-PMS– Web enabled Life Insurance Pre policy Medical data exchange platform Smart Card enabled solutions B2C scheduling platform • HealthSprint has a growing customer base of 150 Providers, such as Wockhardt, Apollo, Manipal, Fortis, etc.. and Payers, such as Wockhardt, Manipal, TTK, MediAssist, DHS, Genins India, etc. MediAssist, • HealthSprint has a employee strength of 75+, who come from Healthcare, Technical and Business arena. HealthSprint: Connecting Healthcare Ecosystem
  5. 5. Healthcare Communication Platform Connecting Healthcare Services like Hospitals, Diagnostics and TPA Streamlined Patient Health Data Single Point Secure Access Anytime Anywhere. Giving your customers the message that you have the IT edge to deliver and manage improved care. HealthSprint: Connecting Healthcare Ecosystem
  6. 6. hComm: Web based HMS Laboratory Appointment Manager MIS PreAuth/Claims Patient Billing Management,TPA Pharmacy Doctor/Nurse Workbench OT Management Contact: HealthSprint: Connecting Healthcare Ecosystem
  7. 7. FAST OPD REGISTRATION PROCESS HealthSprint: Connecting Healthcare Ecosystem
  8. 8. TOTAL IN-PATIENT MANAGEMENT HealthSprint: Connecting Healthcare Ecosystem
  9. 9. Key Features Key modules: • Patient Administration. - New Registration - Inpatient/Outpatient Management • Patient EMR Mechanism for sharing healthcare data to relevant people and entities for improved care. For example-Payer Provider Network (PPN) • Appointment Management - Real time Appointment Management - CRM features like SMS alerts. HealthSprint: Connecting Healthcare Ecosystem
  10. 10. Patient registration…and Patient Multi View HealthSprint: Connecting Healthcare Ecosystem
  11. 11. Real-time Appointment Scheduling HealthSprint: Connecting Healthcare Ecosystem
  12. 12. Key Features Key modules: • Laboratory Information System - Biochemistry Inbox, Compose, Administration. - Microbiology Inbox, Compose, Administration. - Pathology Inbox, Compose, Administration. • Blood Bank - Inbox( Processed and Unprocessed Requests) - Compose New Request - Administration HealthSprint: Connecting Healthcare Ecosystem
  13. 13. Laboratory and Blood Bank work flow. HealthSprint: Connecting Healthcare Ecosystem
  14. 14. Key Features Key modules: • Pharmacy - Patient Orders - Customer Orders - Pharmacy Refund - Pharmacy Workflow • Patient Billing - Consultation Bill - Pharmacy Bill - Lab Bill - OT Bill - Services Bill - COMPLETE BILL HealthSprint: Connecting Healthcare Ecosystem
  15. 15. hComm : Pharmacy Order HealthSprint: Connecting Healthcare Ecosystem
  16. 16. hComm : Patient Billing HealthSprint: Connecting Healthcare Ecosystem
  17. 17. Key Features Key modules: • MIS- Management Information System - Billing Scorecard - Consultant Scorecard - Hospital Scorecard - Customer Satisfaction • Customer Feedback - Feedback Inbox - Compose New Feedback HealthSprint: Connecting Healthcare Ecosystem
  18. 18. hComm : MIS HealthSprint: Connecting Healthcare Ecosystem
  19. 19. Customer Feedback/Compose Feedback HealthSprint: Connecting Healthcare Ecosystem
  20. 20. Key Features Key modules: • Ward Management - In hospital Service Resource Management. - Create New Ward • Employee Management ( Complete HR Module) - Manage recruitments/employee information - employee payroll management. - Complete employee management system. • Doctor/Nurse Workbench - In Hospital Human Resource Management HealthSprint: Connecting Healthcare Ecosystem
  21. 21. hComm : Wards/Employee/ Doctor nurse work bench management HealthSprint: Connecting Healthcare Ecosystem
  22. 22. One click – Complete TPA solution HealthSprint: Connecting Healthcare Ecosystem
  23. 23. e-Claim validation work flow Healthsprint HS Claim Provider Validator HS HS Authorised For submission Need for more Validates Information The Claims i Sprint: Connecting Healthcare Ecosystem
  24. 24. iSprint Improvement over Current paper Based Process Current Paper Based iSprint Process Process Pre-Auth turnaround 4-48 hrs 30 min -2 hrs time From the time of submission by Provider Claims Submission and 30 - 45 days 10 days validation - TAT from Date of discharge Payment Realization 2-3 months 30 days time Payment Reconciliation Time Consuming At a Click of a mouse This information is based on iSprint network operations in India. iSprint – Connecting the Healthcare Ecosystem
  25. 25. Value Proposition: Doctor/Staff One Point secure access to Patient data. Effective management of patient appointments, treatments/procedures and other services. Integrated Workflow, unlike other fragmented applications. Online MIS Reports with to-the-point Information. Improved staff productivity. Built-in SMS Dash Board triggers. HealthSprint: Connecting Healthcare Ecosystem
  26. 26. Value Proposition: Patient Real-time visibility into a centrally managed inventory Hospital care/visit information Need not worry about individual healthcare data unlike other paper based record processes. One-Point Streamlined Personal Health Record. Access to bona fide/reliable information like Claims/Payments/Billing at all points of contact. HealthSprint: Connecting Healthcare Ecosystem
  27. 27. Value Proposition: Hospital Management Process driven patient administration and related healthcare data. Pay-Per Use Based SaaS model means No Upfront Investment for Management. Pay as you go/Utilize services. Reduced hassle of Paper Record Maintenance. Single point access to your hospital service delivery, cash flow and patient data anywhere anytime. HealthSprint: Connecting Healthcare Ecosystem
  28. 28. Smart business package HealthSprint: Connecting Healthcare Ecosystem
  29. 29. Smart Cube Solution Content HEALTHSPRI NETWORKS hComm (HMS) i-sprint hconnect APPLICATIONS Application Integrator – Ensuring everything works together One Point of Contact Tivoli Storage Management Continuity & Back Up Remote Data Protection Service Delivers access to critical information Proventia (Network Security) Security Unified Threat Management Protects data quality Websphere, DB2, Apache, One Zend PHP, Java, Application Containers Integrated Domino Utility Server Solution Linux or IBM i OS Server & Choice of x86 or Power System Storage 29
  30. 30. IBM Smart Business IBM Smart Business is a new way for small and mid-sized organizations to acquire and use all of the applications they need to run a smarter business. Smart Market Smart Cube Smart Desk Global Application Marketplace Seamless integration of on- Low IT Skills Required, SMB Community with ability to premise integrated systems and Single Source for Support manage smart cube thru appliances with cloud services. personalized insights Learn/Shop Deploy Use/Manage DB2 Blue Central Search Always Connected E-mail Self Managed Remote Managed Services Browse Cart Add to More Details Services: Software as a Service Category | Vendor | Rating | Price | Accounts Payable Date*track of what you have paid and * * * | Version Keep * what you need to pay and easlity balance your all of your... | more
  31. 31. Partial List of Customers More than 150 Healthcare providers and 8 TPAs and Insurance companies using the platform in India CARE HOSPITAL St.John's Medical College Healthsprint networks – Connecting the Healthcare Ecosystem
  32. 32. HealthSprint Networks Pvt Ltd # 21, 100 ft Ring rd , Koramangala Bangalore - 560047 Thank You iSprint – Connecting the Healthcare Ecosystem