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3 steps to simplified varicose veins management


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Varicose Veins affect nearly 25% of the world population.
Under-Diagnosed and Under-Treated, they cause untold morbidity.

Recent advances in management make varicose vein management safe,simple and short-stay procedure.

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3 steps to simplified varicose veins management

  1. 1. 3 Steps to Simplified Varicose Veins Management (Minus the Pun & the Fun) Dr.Irineu A.Pereira
  2. 2. Blood Flow in the Legs has always got to be from the foot towards the abdomen. A Reverse flow is always abnormal and occurs in venous reflux disease. Need to stop a “Leaking Tap” for the correct treatment !
  3. 3. Or You’ll need to do this to help the blood to return back to the heart ! You cannot be doing this for long, I am sure !
  4. 4. Varicose Veins is not a Cosmetic Problem It is a disease with Piles and Varicocoele(in males) and Vulval Varicies(in females) as other manifestations of the disease ( so sorry, I am not adding their photos here for company ! )
  5. 5. Varicose Veins : Typical Approach (Pun and Fun intended ! ) 1. Oh ! They just look Ugly : Ignore until they trouble you more ! 2. Trouble a.k.a. Pain & Swelling : Wear Leg compression stockings (ask the relative in the gulf to send one) ! Whether it fits properly or not, doesn't matter as long as it is “imported”
  6. 6. Varicose Veins : Typical Approach (Pun and Fun intended) 3. More Trouble. Non-Healing Leg Ulcer. Dressings daily from Mercurocrome, to Haldi to Aloe Vera…! 4. More trouble…Vein Clot or Bleeding . Time to go to the doctor !
  7. 7. Veins just look Ugly. A cosmetic view ! Just Cosmetic Treatment with Skin Laser/ IPL / Sclerotherapy of Spiders results in need of repeated treatments while the problem continues to progress Bleeding/Clottin g of varicose veins, Ulcers , etc begin to complicate the course. Seek proper evaluation and treatment Varicose Veins : Atypical Approach
  8. 8. 6 Common Presentations of Varicose Veins • Heaviness of the legs by day and Cramps at Night • Swelling of the Legs • Pigmentation • Eczema • Ulcers and non-healing wounds • Bleeding / Clotted Varicose veins
  9. 9. 1. Heaviness in the legs in the Evenings ? 2. Swollon Legs in the evening ; disappearing in the morning only to reappear in the Evening ? 3. Cramps at Night ? Right Time to see the Doctor !
  10. 10. 1.Pigmentation of the legs? 2.Leg Ulcer ? 3.Bleeding Varicose Veins ? You are Late but you have to go to the Doctor . You MUST see him ANYWAY !
  11. 11.
  12. 12. Varicose Veins : Symptoms with or without the Signs Colour Doppler Venous Ultrasound & Vascular Surgical Consultation Intervention necessary if Positive Symptoms +/- Signs of Varicose Veins, and Colour Doppler showing Valvular or Perforator Incomptence Varicose Veins : Recommended Approach
  13. 13. 4 Reasons to Evaluate Varicose Veins
  14. 14. 4 Reasons to Evaluate Varicose Veins • Cosmetic : They don’t look good ! • Bleeding and Clot Formation issues. • Non-Healing Leg Wounds • May be an indicator of some other disease elsewhere in the body. Even Cancer.
  15. 15. Colour Doppler : The Only Test • Colour Doppler Venous Study done in standing and lying down positions is the only test needed in addition to a clinical examination – Assess the severity of the valvular and perforator incompetence and – Rule out Deep Vein Thrombosis.
  16. 16. Treatments • Life Style Advice • Compression Stockings • Foam Sclerotherapy • Endovenous Therapy • Surgery : Conventional or through MIVAS Approach
  17. 17. Endovenous Laser Ablation
  18. 18. Foam Sclerotherapy for Spider Veins
  19. 19.
  20. 20. • Our minimally invasive varicose vein procedures are also minimally invasive to your daily life. • Endovenous Radial Laser 1470nm Ablation, MIVAS and Foan Sclerotherapy – either singly or as an hybrid procedure.
  21. 21.
  22. 22. With us at Good Shepherd Healthcare, the surgical incisions are smaller or are replaced by needle-punctures (percutanous treatments), so that your discomfort and pain – if at all, is minimal.
  23. 23. As a matter of fact, fewer tests, smaller or ‘no’ incisions, and fewer medications ; ensure that you spend less time and money in an associate hospital. Day-Care or Short-Stay Surgery is our forte with our emphasis on endovascular and endoscopic procedures for chest, artery and vein diseases.
  24. 24. Good Shepherd Healthcare Clinics 409, Ambrosia Corporate Park, Opp.Passport Office / Ginger, Behind Panaji Bus Stand, Patto-Plaza,Panaji, Goa.INDIA 91-9823952129