Topmost cartoon characters


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Topmost cartoon characters

  1. 1. :- Amit Joshi
  2. 2. Superman• Real Name: Clark Kent – Kal-El• Location: Metropolis, U.S.• First Appearance: Action Comics #1 (1938)• Created By: Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster• Publisher: DC Comics• Team Affiliations: Justice League of America(JLA)
  3. 3. Batman• Real Name: Bruce Wayne• Location: Gotham City• First Appearance: Detective Comics #27 (1939)• Created By: Bob Kane• Publisher: DC Comics• Team Affiliations: Justice League of America (JLA)
  4. 4. Spider Man • Real Name: Peter Parker • Location: New York City • First Appearance: Amazing Fantasy #15 (1962) • Created By: Stan Lee and Steve Ditko • Publisher: Marvel Comics • Team Affiliations: New Avengers
  5. 5. Power Puff Girls• he bright color scheme, the pointy appendages and the big eyes come courtesy of creator Craig McCracken.
  6. 6. Tom and Jerry• This cat and mouse team were the inspiration for The Simpsons Itchy and Scratchy (without the gore). Tom and Jerry chase each other, torment each other and generally try to defeat the other. Though Tom has the upper hand more than, say, Sylvester, he still has yet to make a meal of Jerry.
  7. 7. Winnie the PoohWhen you hear the name "Winniethe Pooh," you may think "babynursery." But more accurately, youshould think "cha-ching!" This littlebear who started as a doodle in abeloved childrens book has been athriving franchise for Disney sincethey bought rights to him and hiswoodland friends in the 60s
  8. 8. Tweety Bird and SylvesterAnother duo Chuck Jones created, Tweety Birdand Sylvester keep each other on their toes, withSylvester losing out on a yummy bird meal everytime. Tweetys baby voice and Sylvestersslobber talk keep us laughing.
  9. 9. Pink Panther• Pink Panther is a character who inspires a tune in your head as soon as you see him, this one in a jazzy saxophone.The Pink Panther was a series of animated shorts, designed to appear at the opening and closing credits of live-action films starring Inspector Clouseau. His popularity allowed him to become his own cartoon, still airing on Boomerang.• From a creative staff that helped define the stylized "cool" of 60s and 70s animation, The Inspector was produced by David DePatie and features direction by Fritz Freleng (Return to the Planet of the Apes), Gerry Chiniquy (Transformers), Robert McKimson (Looney Tunes) and George Singer (The Bullwinkle Show), with scripts by John W. Dunn (Daffy Ducks Quackbusters) and others.
  10. 10. Mr. Magoo• Blind, adventurous and oblivious are not a safe mix for an old dude, but Mr. Magoo makes it work. Time after again he misses the bullet, so to speak, and we laugh all the way.
  11. 11. Scooby-Doo and Shaggy • Scooby-Doo and Shaggy are inseparable, in their antics and on this list. Theyre funny on two levels. The first is that, seen through the eyes of a child, theyre just silly cowards who somehow always save the day and remain best friends. But watch Scooby- Doo as an adult, and youll wonder if the van driving, spacey talk and continual snacking are lifestyle symptoms of the same folks who inspired Pineapple Express.
  12. 12. Daffy Duck• Daffy Duck is to Bugs Bunny as Wile E. Coyote is to the Road Runner. Does Daffy envy Bugs? Is jealousy at the heart of his bitter attitude toward Bugs? Regardless, his tantrums and schemes make for great cartoons.
  13. 13. SpongeBob SquarePants• Though several channels exist that provide entertainment made for the Y-rating crowd, one cartoon has endured for almost a decade, becoming more famous than its Nickelodeon fellows: SpongeBob SquarePants. Pineapples, snails and fast food were never so funny.
  14. 14. Popeye• No one has ever done so much for spinach as Popeye. His bulging forearms, squinty eyes and staccato chuckle are recognized by many generations.
  15. 15. • Mickey Mouse represents Disney in all its forms. He started life in black and white Steamboat Willie. Mickey Mouse isnt just a cartoon character; hes an icon.
  16. 16. Bart• The next favorite character from The Simpsons is Bart. We all knew a kid like Bart, and sometimes wished we were like him.
  17. 17. Buggs Bunny• "Whats up, doc?" Bugs Bunny is, perhaps, the most recognizable and famous cartoon character. Looney Tunes were first created as lead-ins to feature films. It was only later the cartoons became a Saturday morning staple.
  18. 18. Thanks!