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Fixed prosthodontics lesson 7


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Fixed prosthodontics lesson 7

  1. 1. INTRODUCTI ON & TERMINOLO Bridge GY (FPD) Part I: Indications General , contraindications, advantage consideratio s & disadvantages ns
  2. 2. FPD •Indications Generally, the FPD is indicated- when there is lost or missing tooth or teeth,- fractured, colored, mal formed tooth or teeth,- caries. And more specifically, FPD is indicated:- for patient with good oral hygiene- if the abutments teeth are periodontally sound,- if the retainers and abutments are well designed,- if the edentulous span is short and straight.
  3. 3. FPD • Contraindications FPD is contraindicated :- when the root surface of the tooth to be replaced is greater than that of the abutment tooth.- when there is no enough support (long span bridge).- when previous prosthetics show unfavorable reaction of the mucous membrane.- when abutments teeth need more tooth destruction.- patients below 18 years old.- aged mouth (e.g. lack of resilience of periodontal membrane).- sever malocclusion
  4. 4. FPD • Advantages In comparison with the RPD, the FPD:1. more stable during function.2. less traumatic to the soft tissues.3. more accepted by the patient.4. not exposed to fracture and repaire.
  5. 5. FPD • Disadvantages1. More expensive.2. Needs more tooth destruction.3. Time consuming.
  6. 6. In which cases, the FPD is indicated? In comparison with the RPD, what are theadvantages and disadvantages of FPD?