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Content strategy + UX design != complexity


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Slides for the presentation I gave at international Soap! 2018 content conference. It highlights how strategic approach to product content positively affects KPIs. What can content people bring to the table to support speed (development, work, collaboration, users, support), consistency, clarity, and in effect quality. This all translates to money - saved or earned.

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Content strategy + UX design != complexity

  1. 1. +Content strategy UX design Wojciech Aleksander | Soap! 2018 != complexity
  2. 2. Wojciech Aleksander Why bother?
  3. 3. Wojciech Aleksander $$$ speed quality consistency clarity
  4. 4. Wojciech Aleksander Everybody writes
  5. 5. Wojciech Aleksander
  6. 6. Wojciech Aleksander HALP! Anybody?
  7. 7. Wojciech Aleksander Onboard yourself
  8. 8. Wojciech Aleksander Image sources: Misc Magazine, and UXPin
  9. 9. Wojciech Aleksander Find the right words
  10. 10. Wojciech Aleksander
  11. 11. Wojciech Aleksander Just write
  12. 12. Wojciech Aleksander UI text
  13. 13. Wojciech Aleksander Audit quality
  14. 14. Wojciech Aleksander Go to hell the UX writer
  15. 15. Wojciech Aleksander Keep on writing
  16. 16. Wojciech Aleksander Voice and tone quality, consistency, clarity Source: Shopify’s Polaris design system
  17. 17. Wojciech Aleksander Style guide speed, consistency, quality Salesforce Lightning and Shopify Polaris design systems
  18. 18. Wojciech Aleksander Product dictionary speed, consistency, quality
  19. 19. Wojciech Aleksander Houston, we have a pattern
  20. 20. Wojciech Aleksander Keep going
  21. 21. Wojciech Aleksander Content models speed, consistency, quality
  22. 22. Wojciech Aleksander Pattern library speed, consistency, qualityOperation successful, confirmation for users Scheme: Noun + passive verb. Changes saved List added Contact deleted Operation failed, information for users Failed to... Failed to delete contacts System didn’t get required data Failed to fetch... Failed to fetch Formsite settings Fromatting No full stop at the end No articles (a, the) Never use successful or success in growlers confirming successful operation.
  23. 23. Wojciech Aleksander Process speed, quality, $$$
  24. 24. Wojciech Aleksander Corporate culture speed, quality, $$$ Image source: Pexel
  25. 25. Wojciech Aleksander Nirvana, Content perfect
  26. 26. Wojciech Aleksander Keep going J
  27. 27. Thank you! @inherentq uContentowani /in/waleksander Thank you Unsplash uploaders for the photos I used as backgrounds: Birte Liu, Danis Lou, Joushua Ness, and Ricardo Viana. The hitchhiker photo taken from: