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Navicor Corporate Brochure


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Navicor Corporate Brochure

  1. 1. Transforming products into brands and patients into survivors.
  2. 2. Navicor came about when inspiration on a personal level ignited a mission to make a difference on a professional one. We are what happens when a group of skilled advertisers come together to let our passion drive our profession. In January 2005, we set out to apply our advertising expertise exclusively to the specialty markets of immunology and oncology. Because, frankly, we feel it’s needed here most. Most of us have been touched by these diseases. Some of us have lost a loved one to them. And all of us are committed to affecting change in the treatment of them. You’re searching for Historically, specialty products often had to compromise therapeutic expertise something different. for creative innovation. But at Navicor, science and art are perfectly balanced to distill the highly scientific information of immunology and oncology into thoughtful communication that persuades and motivates. Specialty products So were we. need an agency with an exclusive focus on the specialty markets in which they operate. Because that’s the only way we can connect these life-changing therapies with the patients who need them most. At Navicor, we transform patients into survivors by transforming specialty products into brands.
  3. 3. We don’t just say we’re different. We do things differently. Navicor is uniquely capable not only because of our exclusive focus on oncology and immunology, but also because of our ability to apply our extensive and collective expertise to these specialty markets. We not only know the elements necessary for brand success, but we also know how they must be adapted for these sensitive therapeutic arenas. And underneath all of our know-how is a core set of beliefs that guide our work on your brand each day. We believe we can change things. Each one of us is inspired by the patients whose lives we help touch. They are what we stand for, the essence A difference you of our existence as a company, and the very reason we have each chosen to work here. We are motivated to make a significant impact on the lives of can believe in. patients living with cancer and autoimmune diseases by setting and achieving high expectations, thinking originally, behaving differently, and ceaselessly pursuing positive transformation. To change lives, we change the way agencies work. At Navicor, everyone is an idea person, including our clients. We operate in an intimate structure free from traditional agency barriers. We do not relegate creative and strategy to certain departments, but rather believe they are skills shared by everyone. We are not defined according to our talents, but rather united by our passion to put them to good use.
  4. 4. We believe in the power of partnership. While we know how to achieve brand success through our exclusive process, we also know how important your brand is to you and value your perspective on it. So we invite you to help us build it into something even more amazing. Our practice of Ideation Generation uncovers fresh outlooks and welcomes creative thinking from everyone. Whether you think analytically or emotionally, your input is equally We believe in the important, and your involvement in the branding process gives you a power of partnership. significant advantage over companies who think more traditionally. As your partner, we employ a branding philosophy that incorporates your views and voice every step of the way. We have worked with big and small pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies of every size, and even the smallest emerging businesses. We know how to scale our approach as well as our solutions to help you achieve your vision for brand success.
  5. 5. We believe intellectual rigor is imperative. At any given time, the oncology and immunology marketplaces are populated by more than 600 compounds in clinical development. Creative communication and strategy must go beyond current indications and demonstrate foresight correlating to emerging data. So when our creative people aren’t writing or designing, they’re taking classes about the diseases your brand treats, clinical trials and outcomes, and pipeline therapies. And when our account folks aren’t talking to you, they’re studying competitive creative and participating in brainstorming exercises to help your We believe intellectual brand tell a compelling story with complicated data. After all, in order to rigor is imperative. successfully brand specialty products, we must all be specialists. Collectively, we have more than 30 years of marketing and medical experience with oncology and immunology products, launching, repositioning, and reinvigorating brands. Together, we have written hundreds of sales aids and created communication collateral that has touched millions of patients. We are poised and prepared to apply our specialty experience to your brand and to hit the ground running, armed with expertise and insight gained from a variety of disciplines.
  6. 6. The network of experience at Navicor is at once both broad and focused. The people who work on your brand know the challenges you face and have, in most cases, faced them before. From different backgrounds, we have come together to apply our depth and breadth of experience to these specialty markets, and we have brought proven successes from a wide variety of disciplines. Marketing Our marketers are steeped in US and global experience, Our people make all including product launches and franchise brands the difference. Medical Our medical staff is experienced in oncology/hematology/immunology clinical and basic research along with genetics counseling Creative Our award-winning creative team members each have more than a decade of specialty communication experience Sales Our account representatives offer medical liaison, sales, and sales training experience in specialty products
  7. 7. Navicor is made up of professionals with up to 30 years of marketing, advertising, and medical experience promoting oncology and immunology brands. Oncology Immunology • Breast cancer • Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) • Prostate cancer • Chronic hepatitis B (CHB) • Head and neck cancer • Multiple sclerosis Our experience • Colorectal cancer • Hepatitis C • Pancreatic cancer • Psoriasis • Non-small cell lung cancer • Lupus nephritis is focused • Ovarian cancer • Organ transplantation • Bladder cancer • Asthma • Melanoma • Vaccines • Esophageal cancer • Coagulation • Multiple myeloma • Myelodysplastic syndrome • Myeloprolific disorders • Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma
  8. 8. When specialty products meet intellectual passion, amazing things happen – products become brands and, ultimately, patients become survivors. If you share our intellectual passion, we want to partner with you to change lives. Call us today. Garnett Dezember, President Your vision. Our mission. The Navicor Group 480 Olde Worthington Road, Suite 200 A transforming partnership. Columbus, Ohio 43082 Phone 614.543.6011 Fax 614.839.7330 © Navicor Group. All rights reserved.