DQS eSolutions introduction and demonstration


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DQS eSolutions introduction and demonstration

  1. 1. eSolutions Platform introductioneAssessment & eLearning demonstration
  2. 2. DQS eSolutions | IntroductionDQS-UL groups platform for online assessments and learning4-Dec-12 2
  3. 3. DQS eSolutions | IntroductioneSolutions – what‘s behind it? eAssessments eLearning4-Dec-12 3
  4. 4. DQS eSolutions | eAssessmentsBenefits for the companies worldwide eAssessments provide a coordinated, structured approach for management system self assessments Use eAssessments for internal audits, as self-declaration of confirmity level, as pre-audit and 1st step towards certification. Generate comprehensive reports eAssessments including a detailed To-Do list as baseline for your continual improvement process.4-Dec-12 4
  5. 5. DQS eSolutions | eAssessment DemoBrowse through our portfolio and find the right assessment solution for your needs
  6. 6. DQS eSolutions | eAssessment DemoOur module descriptions provide information on what to expect from the solutionModule description containinginformation about Customers time commitment Extent of the assessment PDF Confirmation Pricing information Language of the module Payment method information
  7. 7. DQS eSolutions | eAssessment DemoWelcome page view of an assessment module
  8. 8. DQS eSolutions | eAssessment DemoIntroduction to confirmation – a 4-step process Assessment Introduction Report Confirmation Questionnaire(s)
  9. 9. DQS eSolutions | eAssessment DemoStructured questionnaire(s), easy to use and also Including rating instructions
  10. 10. DQS eSolutions | eAssessment DemoFeatures of eAssessment questionnaires Clear rating instructions Easy to use rating scale Explanatory learning points for each requirement* Save & resume later functionality * Not available for all eAssessment solutions. Indicated in the module description.
  11. 11. DQS eSolutions | eAssessment DemoIdeal overview of the system – radar chart evaluation
  12. 12. DQS eSolutions | eAssessment DemoAdditional tabular evaluation featuring colored indicators per section
  13. 13. DQS eSolutions | eAssessment DemoDrill down functionality for top-bottom analysis of your system - resulting in a to-do list/ baseline for your CIP
  14. 14. DQS eSolutions | eAssessment DemoOn top of the report - generate an confirmation depending on the assessment results
  15. 15. DQS eSolutions | Confirmations are traceableValidity of confirmations can be checked using a smartphone using QR code readers
  16. 16. DQS eSolutions | eLearningBenefits for the customerWith eLearning by DQS we provide aself-paced, current and consistentbase of knowledge for our customers.These modules feature advancedinformation on selected eAssessmenttopics and can also serve as a meanfor you to qualify employees in eLearningmanagement systems.4-Dec-12 16
  17. 17. DQS eSolutions | eLearning overviewFeatures of our eLearning modules Self-paced, structured learning environment Knowledge input mixing with interactive testing activities Text-to-speech engine for comfort learning Comprehensive knowledge test(s) PDF Confirmation upon successful participation
  18. 18. Determine your management systems maturity level, use it toprepare for certification or as a mean to support continuousimprovement……with eSolutions by DQS-UL. Visit www.dqs-e.com now!