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DQLABS online Sketch Development Course for NATA


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A presentation on DQLABS Sketch Development Course

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DQLABS online Sketch Development Course for NATA

  1. 1. online sketch development course for NATA
  2. 2. Can sketching be taught online ?
  3. 3. What dqlabs students’ parent say? “ Honestly, I was surprised with the support she got from you. The seriousness and commitment you have shown was exemplary. Feedback and input given was very apt and useful for her improvement. Your online coaching helped more than regular class room coaching.” -Mr . B.Mani, Sr. GM, Hyundai Motors India Limited, New Delhi.
  4. 4. casestudy - 1 Illustrates how online sketch development course helps the student improve sketching skills in a short duration of time and consequently how the NATA scores can be raised.
  5. 5. Ashwini Mani , New Delhi. – MAY 2007 D/O Mr . B.Mani, Sr. GM, Hyundai Motors India Limited, New Delhi. Course START date : 23 rd MAY 2007 Course END date : 7 TH JUNE 2007
  6. 6. Ashwini had been attending a regular classroom coaching at Delhi for about a month before joining the DQLABS online sketch development course
  7. 7. Sketching skills at the BEGINING of online course: <ul><li>This sketch was an attempt of Mock test 1 of DQLABS on 23 rd MAY 2007 </li></ul><ul><li>The sketch shows lack of Perspective, scale & proportion, and devoid of 3d effect. </li></ul><ul><li>The sketch however shows some attention to detail. </li></ul>Theme Sketch of Paan shop
  8. 8. <ul><li>This drawing was an attempt of Mock test 1 of DQLABS </li></ul><ul><li>The sketch shows lack of Scale & Proportion, Freehand skill and Comprehension of Instructions. </li></ul><ul><li>The sketch however shows the ability of coloring a given pattern </li></ul>Freehand Drawing skills at the BEGINING of online course: Theme Sketch of Paan shop Given figure As attempted
  9. 9. <ul><li>Sketch as on 25 th MAY 2007 with Guidance. </li></ul><ul><li>Within 2 days her sketching Skills were brought to an acceptable level. But she was yet to create same level of Sketch without guidance. </li></ul><ul><li>Now she has a basic understanding of what is expected of Her </li></ul>Sketching skills at the DURING the online course: Theme Sketch of Paan shop
  10. 10. Just after 2 days of joining the course , On 26 th May Ashwini gave her First NATA attempt and scored 80 marks out of 200. She had to give the test as she had already booked the NATA date. 11 days yet to go for completion of the sketch development course.
  11. 11. <ul><li>The sketch shows a well drawn freehand drawing that is well proportionate on the central axis and with good freehand lines </li></ul><ul><li>The coloring is also neat and is attractive. </li></ul>Freehand Drawing Freehand drawing skills at the END of the online course:
  12. 12. <ul><li>Sketch as on 7 th JUNE 2007 drawn without Guidance. </li></ul><ul><li>She has gained the ability to visualize and sketch correctly a requested theme. </li></ul>Theme Sketch of Grand Parents House Sketching skills at the END of the online course:
  13. 13. On 8 th JUNE 2007 Ashwini gave her 2 nd NATA attempt and scored 115 out of 200
  14. 14. Ashwini Mani , RVCE Bangalore. – JAN 2008 Ashwini has secured a seat at RVCE Bangalore and is successfully completing her first year of architecture. … . thanks for the support you gave during the NATA test ,............ and i am enjoying the architecture course........ if  i would require any support i will contact you ..
  15. 15. casestudy - 2 Illustrates the effectiveness of DQLABS online sketch development course unique Feedback Methodology
  16. 16. Amit Sharma , Faridabad. – 2007 -2008
  17. 17. Amit is a sincere hard working student from Faridabad. He has a strong desire to pursue architecture. His main draw back is his inability to sketch. He has never done sketching before and thus has difficulty making sketches.
  18. 18. Question sketch As Attempted by Amit <ul><li>The sketch shows lack of Scale & Proportion, Perspective, and in ability to Comprehend a given image. </li></ul>
  19. 19. Attempt-1 feedback Attempt-2 feedback Attempt-3 feedback A ROBUST Teaching Methodology through Feedback <ul><li>Through our illustrated Feedback Amit is able to understand his mistakes and improve his sketches in every attempt. </li></ul>
  20. 20. Attempt-1 feedback
  21. 21. Attempt-2 feedback
  22. 22. Attempt-3 feedback
  23. 23. Through our illustrated Feedback students are able to easily grasp the fundamental sketching concepts and implement the instructions thus improving their sketching effectively
  24. 24. How Online Sketch Development Coaching Works?
  25. 25. Student enrolls to the course. Student is assigned with an Architect , who mentors the student closely Scan the sketch Email it Receive Illustrated Feedback by Email Implement Student will Perfect his sketching skills under expert guidance. process
  26. 26. Architect designs and assigns special tasks to hone students sketching skills DQlabs uses innovative teaching methodologies to impart the fundamental understanding of sketching concepts and thus improves the sketching ability in a short duration of time. Special tasks include Aesthetic sensitivity assignments Object drawing Photography Field drawing Image boards Custom designed assignments
  27. 27. Illustrated Feedback examples
  28. 28. Illustrated Feedback example-1
  29. 29. Feedback example-2
  30. 30. DQ Labs Students Sample works
  31. 31. DQLabs Students works
  32. 32. DQLabs Students works
  33. 33. DQLabs Students works
  34. 34. Regular Classroom Coaching VS DQLABS Online Coaching
  35. 35. Comparison of regular classroom to online classroom for sketch development YES NO Track performance 1:2 1:30 Teacher :Students Ratio YES NO Cost effective YES NO Tech savvy YES NO Convenience YES NO Benchmarking with best works YES YES Focusing on fundamentals YES NO Highly result oriented YES NO Individual custom designed assignments YES NO Personal attention Online classroom Regular classroom
  36. 36. Advantages of DQLABS Online Sketch Development Course
  37. 37. Personal attention 1:2 teacher:student ratio facilitates personal attention to each and every student who enrolls for the course Individual Custom designed assignments Architects design special assignments based on students performance to improve specific skills that they lack Highly result oriented Unique Illustrated Feedback Methodology aids the student grasp and implement instructions easily Advantage - 1
  38. 38. Focusing on Fundamentals Perspective, Proportion and Scale, 3d effects are the concepts given prime importance, Benchmarking with Best Works Benchmark your sketches with the best done by students all over India and not just the best of your class. Track performance Your sketches are posted on for your tracking and benchmarking Advantage - 2
  39. 39. Convenience No daily commuting, No staying in hostel. Just be at home , learn and have fun. Tech Savvy use the latest technologies and be tech savvy Cost Effective No travel costs, no lodging and boarding miscellaneous expenses. Just tuition fees. Advantage - 3
  40. 40. Prerequisites for joining DQLABS Online Sketch Development Course
  41. 41. Enthusiasm to learn We require student do several tasks to change/improve his perception, visualization and observation. He needs to be eager to implement these instructions. I will do it attitude Sketching comes with practice and interest.It needs tremendous practice. Your attitude determines whether or not you master it. Readiness to work hard We might want you to do some sketches again and again till we see the required improvement. You should be eager to continue your efforts.
  42. 42. What to expect from DQLABS Online Sketch Development Course
  43. 43. Expect to improve your sketching skills by 70% and a score between 100-140* in NATA Do not expect to become a master in sketching. This course is not designed for it With our highly RESULT oriented FOCUSSED teaching approach
  44. 44. Presentation by nata. dqlabs .in