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GED Online Student Orientation #3


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PowerPoint used to introduce students to the GED online class at Region 16 ABE program.

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GED Online Student Orientation #3

  1. 1. REGION 16WELCOMES YOU TO: GED Orientation for Distance Learning
  2. 2. Afternoon Session: Four-Square Goals… Looking at Problems and SolutionsCourseSites Skills Tutor
  3. 3. Four-Square Introductions: General Information… Hobbies, Interests, or Family Favorites Where do you live? Job? Anything else interesting? If you could meet one Something NO ONE would famous person (dead or ever guess about me… alive) who would it be and why? (Make this appropriate!!!) What 3 questions would you like to ask this person?
  4. 4. Goals… Problems & Solutions:
  5. 5. Online Programs:
  6. 6. CONTACT INFORMATION: Debbie Purvines 806.677.5281 1601 S. Cleveland