GED Online Student Orientation #2


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PowerPoint used to introduce students to the GED online class at Region 16 ABE program.

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  • “I can do my work anytime I want to from any place in the world! I’m so glad that these online classes don’t have deadlines! That means I can just submit assignments whenever I feel like it at my own whim. What a great way to take classes!!!”
  • Student: These online classes are perfect for my busy schedule. Since time is tight I can log on one time a week and cram all the work into one sitting. I am sure I’ll get a lot out of that experience. I am sure I will learn more doing it all at once instead of spreading it out like in a regular class.
  • Student: “I can just choose what I want to do and there’s no one around to tell me what to do. I could even have someone else do my work!”
  • Student: My family is planning a two-week vacation. I think I will take this online class because I’ve heard that it doesn’t follow a regular schedule and you can just start and stop whenever you want. This way I can go on vacation and then start the class. And, there is a camping trip with friends. Since this is an online class I can do it between my vacations. What a great opportunity these online classes are, they let us do it anytime we can fit it in!
  • Student: My computer broke last night and I can’t get it fixed until next week. I have some hours I need to work by Sunday night. Well, I’m sure I’ll get an extension because it is not MY fault that the computer broke down. I’ll just call and ask for extra time. I mean, after all, how can she expect me to do assignments on something that is broken? It’s not like I have two computers.
  • Student: I have never used a computer before, but I am sure I can learn while I’m taking this online class. I never learned how to type, but that shouldn’t be a problem as I can hunt and peck pretty well. I’ll figure it out. It can’t be that hard.
  • Student: I have trouble doing my homework without someone pushing me, but I’m sure this won’t interfere with taking an online class. I always get to it, eventually. When I’m done with more important things. I really don’t need to make a schedule to study… I’ll work it in.
  • Student: I don’t want to take an online class because there is little or no contact with the teacher. I mean, it’s not like she’s going to be on the screen talking to me, so how will I know she is there? I need to feel as if someone is really paying attention. I’m sure that can’t happen online.
  • Have students complete the inventory and then copy and paste into a word doc. to use in a message in CourseSites… This will practice sending a message.PRACTICE… signing your name… correct punctuation… etc.
  • GED Online Student Orientation #2

    1. 1. REGION 16 WELCOMES YOU TO: GED Orientation for Distance Learning
    2. 2. Session Two: Learning Styles Inventory Time Management Online Learning Myths CourseSites
    3. 3. Myth #1 – Anytime, Anywhere… Myths of Online Learning… Well Not Exactly…
    4. 4. Myth #2 – Cramming Your Work Into One Log-on Session Myths of Online Learning… Cont. Well Not Exactly…
    5. 5. Myth #3 – Online Courses Are Easy Myths of Online Learning… Cont. Well Not Exactly…
    6. 6. Myth #4– I won’t have to follow any schedule since it’s all online. Myths of Online Learning… Cont. Well Not Exactly…
    7. 7. Myth #5– Broken Computers Are Great Excuses Myths of Online Learning… Cont. Well Not Exactly…
    8. 8. Myth #6 – You Will Be Taught How To Use A Computer Myths of Online Learning… Cont. Well Not Exactly…
    9. 9. Myth #8 – It Is OK To Procrastinate Myths of Online Learning… Cont. Well Not Exactly…
    10. 10. Myth #9 – There Is No Personal Attention From Your Teacher Myths of Online Learning… Cont. Well Not Exactly…
    11. 11. • What kind of learner are you? • Do you know what to do to help yourself learn? Learning Styles Inventory…
    12. 12. LEARNING STYLES INVENTORY… Complete this Learning Style Inventory. Be ready to discuss, so you'll need to record the information. Harper College Distance Learning Orientation Copy and paste your results to a Word document and save it on the desktop in the GED Class folder. You will use this information later.
    13. 13. CourseSites…
    14. 14. • Time Management is one of the biggest problems for online students. Managing Time… for-online-students/
    15. 15. SUCCESSFUL STUDENTS LEARN TO MANAGE: Time Information Workspace
    17. 17. TIME MANAGEMENT Create some type of schedule – electronic or paper Include:  Class times  Work times  Study times  Daily activities  Free time  Be sure to include 10 hours for your online work.
    18. 18. TIME MANAGEMENT “Budget” your time  Do what you hate first.  BLOCK study time and class time.  Review older information  Leave “emergency” time.  Use your “high energy” time for more difficult subjects
    19. 19. SUCCESSFUL STUDENTS LEARN TO MANAGE INFORMATION. Notes Handouts Quizzes and Tests Assignments E-mail or Messages Course Resources
    20. 20. INFORMATION MANAGEMENT Class rules Calendar Notes Websites Phone Numbers Progress Chart
    21. 21. SUCCESSFUL STUDENTS LEARN TO MANAGE THEIR WORKSPACE. Develop a routine. Put school items in a specific place in your home. Create a study space or area Make sure your computer is in working order and necessary programs are installed. Use checklists. Find someplace where you can concentrate.
    22. 22. SUCCESSFUL STUDENTS KNOW: “It doesn’t matter if you did it—if you can’t find it.” “Sitting in a classroom does NOT make you a student!” “I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it.” - Mae West
    23. 23. Don’t make excuses… Just DO IT!
    24. 24. CONTACT INFORMATION: Debbie Purvines 806.677.5281 1601 S. Cleveland