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Class i-ii-edited


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Published in: Education
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Class i-ii-edited

  1. 1. QUIZ CLASS I & II
  2. 2. Choose the correct answer.
  3. 3. Q.1 Name the vitamin found in citrus fruits? (a) Vitamin C (b) Vitamin B (c) Vitamin A
  4. 4. Q.2 Which fruit, if taken daily, keeps the doctor away? (a) apple (b) banana (c) orange
  5. 5. Q.3 Which fruit is said to be the King of fruits? (a) orange (b) pear(c) mango
  6. 6. Q.4 As there is a king of fruits , which is said to be the queen of fruits? (a) Pear (b) grapes (c) pineapple
  7. 7. Q.5 Name the world’s most popular fruit ? (a) Banana (b) pineapple (c) tomato
  8. 8. Q.6 Kiwi is native to which of the following country? (a) China (b) U.K (c) Australia
  9. 9. Q.7 What season does a mango cultivate best in? (a) Winter (b) summer (c) autumn
  10. 10. Identify the fruit
  11. 11. To which country the following fruits belong?
  12. 12. Thank You