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CanCred Factory: A Badging Platform for Canada


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Describes the features and benefits of Open Badge Factory and its companion platform, the Badge Passport. This innovative solution from Finland is coming to Canadian servers in early 2015.

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CanCred Factory: A Badging Platform for Canada

  1. 1. A Badging Platform for Canada March 22, 2016 Don Presant PRESENTATION SUPPORT PAGE:
  2. 2. Built on: Open Badge Factory Cloud-based badge platform
  3. 3. Features and Benefits • Innovative “Software as a Service” from Finland – Centralized cloud service • Manage badges in one place, issue in many (LMS, HRIS, face to face etc.) • Current plug-ins: Moodle, Totara, Mahara, Optima, Canvas (LTI), Blackboard (LTI), BadgeOS (Wordpress), soon: D2L Brightspace • Build your own plug-ins with the Open API – Controlled access for organizations, roles within organizations • Creator, Issuer, Administrator • Organization verification (Premium level) – Detailed reports (how successful are your badges?) – Badge applications (assessment forms) – Milestone badges (“meta-badges”) – Badge sharing (delegated issuers - badge issuing networks) – Continuous improvement cycle – new features on a regular basis
  4. 4. Emergent credentialing ecosystem Open skills exchange – modular, flexible, interoperable Mozilla Backpack Store, Share, Display Open Badges Open Badge Factory Create, Issue, Manage Open Badges Open Badge Passport skills passports “micro-portfolios” badge communities store, share, connect Open API Open API Global Badge Community Issuers, earners, consumers Open API Issuer Groups Earner Passports Open APIs eLearning Platforms ePortfolio Platforms Community Platforms WordPress (CMS) Possible plug-ins to: Open Learning (OER, etc.) ePortfolios Personal Websites Communities of Practice ERP/HRIS Other display alternatives Job portals LMS SAP, Oracle (ERP/HRIS) LinkedIn Facebook Talent Management
  5. 5. FREE FOR BADGE EARNERS Accept Store Display Share SUBSCRIPTIONS FOR BADGE ISSUERS Create Issue Manage Track Flexible eCredentialing in Canada
  6. 6. SUBSCRIPTIONS FOR BADGE ISSUERS Create Issue Manage Track eLearning Platforms ePortfolio Platforms Community Platforms WordPress (CMS) Issue remotely Issue directly Manual, bulk issue Milestone Badges Badge Applications Issuer Networks Claim codes Flexible eCredentialing for Canada Mozilla Backpack Personal Websites Other Badge Platforms Display remotely LinkedIn Facebook ePortfolios Online Communities FREE FOR BADGE EARNERS Accept Store Display Share Display directly Pages VideoFiles Links Text Single Badges Badges
  7. 7. Benefits of centralized management Using Moodle / Totara LMS as an example Feature/Aspect Internal LMS Tool External plug-in System Control Ad hoc badge creation, abandonment at the course level. No global system. Centralized, role-based badge system design, issuing, tracking. Access to badges Hard to copy/access between courses Create once, access system-wide Reports No comprehensive reports Detailed global reports Records management (“badge rot”) Badge records are vulnerable to course deletion, system upgrades Centralized, secure badge records stored outside of LMS Badge Criteria Moodle / Totara statement only Complete editing control Adding Evidence No way to add evidence Option to add evidence Badge applications By assignment completion only Fully customizable assessment form Badge claiming Inside Moodle / Totara only Inside or outside Moodle Milestone badges No Yes – stack small badges into big ones Mahoodle Issue in Moodle only Issue in Moodle and/or Mahara Road Map, future flexibility Modest road map; flexibility is LMS- dependent; Totara / Moodle “fork” Agile road map, highly flexible, LMS- independent
  8. 8. • Coming to Canadian Cloud early 2016 – Privacy-friendly for public institutions • Tiered subscriptions – 2-month free trial (Premium tier) – Free tier • Maximum 2 badges – Basic: $195 / year • Maximum 10 badge library, other limitations – Premium: $995 / year Open Badge Factory Getting Started More info at Getting Started: Open Badge Factory
  9. 9. Twitter: @donpresant ePortfolio: PRESENTATION SUPPORT PAGE: