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MW09_Canadian Healthcare Association


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Cheryl Teeter
Director, Learning and Conferences
Canadian Healthcare Association

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MW09_Canadian Healthcare Association

  1. 1. The Canadian Healthcare Association (CHA) is the federation of provincial and territorial hospital and health organizations across Canada. Through its members, CHA represents a broad continuum of services, including acute care, home and community care, long term care, public health, mental health, palliative care, addiction services, children, youth, and family services, and housing services. These services are provided through regional health authorities, hospitals, and other facilities and agencies that serve all Canadians and are governed by trustees who act in the public interest. Who are we?
  2. 2. Our Mission CHA is a leader in developing, and advocating for, health policy solutions that meet the needs of Canadians.
  3. 3. CHA Learning is dedicated to providing education opportunities to Canadian health service professionals, regardless of their geographic locations. CHA Learning
  4. 4. Each year hundreds of students expand their knowledge base and improve their career possibilities with CHA Learning’s distance education programs.
  5. 5. To help students succeed, CHA Learning is committed to:  Providing timely student support using phone, email and online communication tools  Recruiting and selecting qualified Education Consultants (EC)  Assigning EC’s to meet student needs  Reviewing program content on a yearly basis  Including the most up-to-date information available  Working closely with its Advisory Committees to maintain the quality of the programs  Maintaining appropriate partnerships with professional healthcare organizations CHA Learning’s Commitment to Students
  6. 6. Programs Modern Management Health Services Management Long Term Care Management Risk Management & Safety in Health Services Continuous Quality Improvement for Health Services Cultural Competence and Cultural Safety in Health Services NEW Food Service & Nutrition Management Health Information Management Short Courses Nutrition & Diet Therapy Refresher Course Medical Terminology Short Course UPDATED HIM Practice Test NEW Programs Offered
  7. 7. The Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition (PLAR) review allows an assessor to determine whether prior learning gained through previous recognized courses, work, and life experiences can meet the content or requirements of a program. This option is available only to the applicants of the Health Information Management program and the Food Service and Nutrition Management program. Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition (PLAR)