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Cpmb capla2011 v1.5a_pd_fver


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Cpmb capla2011 v1.5a_pd_fver

  1. 1. Career Portfolio Manitoba Community-based ePortfolio for Adult Employability CAPLA November 2011Don Presant
  2. 2. Learning AgentsAccelerated learning systems E-learning resources & services Learning community support Consulting
  3. 3. What is ePortfolio?
  4. 4. ePortfolio: product and process• Digital archive• Showcase: celebration & assessment of learning – Education • Acceptance/advanced standing, course requirement, graduation requirement – Workplace • Hiring, HR development, professional development, project team selectionFuturEd 2004
  5. 5. ePortfolio: product and process• Assessment for learning (e.g. CLPA)• Reflection, self-assessment• Transferring skills, making transitions• Coaching, collaborative learning• Learning plans• Knowledge Management
  6. 6. Personal Planning and LearningOnline Locker, Interactive Workbook• Online archive – Personal & downloaded documents – Links to useful websites• Resources for self-directed learning – Webinars, videos, self-assessment surveys• Learning plans and tracking tools – Set goals and track progress to them (Learning Plans) – Keep records of learning activities over time (CPD)• Personal journal – Reflect on goals and alternative futures – Keep ad hoc “notes to self”, prepare agendas, etc.• Ongoing Personal Learning Environment (PLE)
  7. 7. Employment & related purposesDemonstrate, assess & improve Human Capital• Qualification Recognition – Initial, formative, summative assessment• Academic recognition – PLAR/RPL for courses and programs )• Career Development – Gap analysis, exploration of alternatives, building pathways• Employment (Web CV) – Hiring, career advancement, team building tool for employers• Continuing Professional Development (CPD) – Tracking ongoing learning activities and reflection on practice – Recertification
  8. 8. ePortfolio & industry-based PLARSmall “r” recognition• A workforce development strategy based on: – Recognizing learning regardless of where it was acquired – Actively seeking evidence of learning in individuals to enhance their opportunities• Specific applications: – Recruitment – Process/role/workstation qualification, team building – Training needs identification – Internal promotion – Regulatory and certification compliance – Performance management – Talent management, succession planning
  9. 9. RPL around the worldUK: QCF, WBL, PDP, CPD...
  10. 10. Professional ExampleRoyal College of Surgeons in Ireland
  11. 11. Regional solutionsInspiration for Manitoba
  12. 12. Career Portfolio ManitobaCurrent stakeholders: WEM & WPLAR• Nonprofit partnerships of Government, Business and Labour• WEM: workplace education in Essential Skills• WPLAR: workplace Recognition of Prior Learning
  13. 13. Canada’s Essential SkillsContextualized by workplace occupation…1. Reading2. Document use3. Writing4. Numeracy5. Digital technology6. Oral communication7. Thinking skills – Problem Solving, Decision Making, Critical Thinking, Job Task Planning and Organizing, Significant Use of Memory, Finding Information8. Working with others9. Continuous learning
  14. 14. The Essential Skills PortfolioOrigins and character• First immigrants, now “general” – Career changers (younger, older..)• Reflection on life-wide learning of Essential Skills for employability• Build confidence, improve “skills dialogue” – Make resumes & cover letters clearer, more credible – Preparation tool for interviews• More than ES: attitudes, specialized skills• Product: ring binder, from electronic templates• 18 hours class time + c. 18 hours of homework
  15. 15. The “e” factorAdvantages and opportunities• Information Management – Collecting, archiving, making different versions• Measurability – Frameworks, rubrics, summative tracking• Interoperability – Communication with other ICT systems via APIs, open standards• Sharing – “One to many”, digital copies, links to specific pages• Multimedia – Video, audio, digital images, online presentations…and scanned docs• Internet skills – Online research: documents, networks, Internet literacy• Collaboration – Easy to add comments, edit, mentor, coach• Personal Learning Environment – Integrated learning environment, professional network, digital identity
  16. 16. Essential Skills ePortfolioProgram overview• Beyond the paper portfolio• Leverage the “e” factor• Embed authentic ICT skills – Useful software, accessible hardware – Digital identity literacy• Short and modular – 6 x 3 hours• Provide support, ongoing learning opportunities – Email, telephone support – Refresher clinics, master classes
  17. 17. Vision for Career Portfolio ManitobaCareer development for life• For all Manitobans• Learner owned• Lifelong• Lifewide: home, community, school, work...• Based on (not restricted to) Essential Skills• Built through partnerships of stakeholders, with WEM and WPLAR as “anchor owners”• Globally aware, locally relevant
  18. 18. ImplementationOnline tour (
  19. 19. Choosing the platform The “Mahoodle” ecosystem INSTRUCTOR LED Archiving Presenting USER DRIVEN Mahara tools Blog, forum, views Collect, Select, Reflect…Human capital Networks Artefacts, commentary, dialoguedevelopment Peers, mentorsEmployability Other Web 2.0 toolsSkills transferKSA asset buildingLifelong learning
  20. 20. Benefits for adults in transition“Career companion”• Self-assessment, personal reflection• “Digital evidence bank” to support professional goals and consideration of alternative goals• Personal space for learning and building knowledge• Develop communication skills• Build business network, personal “brand”
  21. 21. Benefits for unengaged employersElectronic recruitment tool• Scaffolded solution for the Manitoba workplace – Works with LinkedIn, job boards & other solutions already used for electronic recruitment – Candidate evaluation can begin overseas• Professional Page = quick, easy dashboard – Links to further detail and downloadable resume• Deeper, richer “Web CV” rewards closer study – More complete picture of the candidate – Authentic demonstrations of skills and knowledge• Job Match Summary simplifies assessment – Rubric aligns with employer’s original job description
  22. 22. Benefits for engaged employersRecruitment and beyond• eSourcing/eRecruitment tools – Résumé Importing/Exporting/Searching – Assessments & Applicant Screening – Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)• Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS/HRIS)• Onboarding (orientation) tools• Talent Development• Performance Management• Workforce Adjustment
  23. 23. Open source alternative to...Electronic human capital management
  24. 24. Benefits for regulatory bodiesSupporting fairness, providing utility• Visibility, transparency – (esp. with exemplar case studies)• Holistic view of applicant – Authentic valorization of experience• Overseas engagement?• Value-added service to candidate – Process & product supports career development – Tool for ongoing PD• Ongoing services for registered members – Showcase, Continuing Professional Development
  25. 25. Open BadgesEssential Skills and...
  26. 26. Mahara as a “thin hub”Dynamic interoperability via web services, etc. Online HE Online Mentoring Learning Credential Services systems Verification Employer HR Government Management Information Systems Portals Professional Thin Localized Bodies Mahara Labour Market (CPD) Hub Information Web 2.0 Job Boards, YouTube Recruitment LinkedIn Sites Twitter… Larger Online Personal Networks TBA Communities
  27. 27. Career Portfolio ManitobaProvincewide solution for adults in transition• Based on Essential Skills – Not a straitjacket - a focus for employability – Plenty of space for individual attributes, positive attitudes, speciality skills and knowledge• User friendly – For individuals and employers – Can be “simple and easy” or “rich and deep”• Well supported – Hands-on portfolio building program – Exemplars, step by step video tutorials, ongoing user support• Open source and global: getting better...and better... – Flexibility & sustainable continuous improvement
  28. 28. Don Twitter: donpresant Skype: dpresant