Career Portfolio Manitoba - English for Specific Purposes


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Delivered at the University of Winnipeg 20 April, 2012.

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Career Portfolio Manitoba - English for Specific Purposes

  1. 1. ePortfolio Accelerating QualificationRecognition and Employment for Manitoba’s Immigrants English for Specific Purposes April 20, 2012
  2. 2. Challenges for ImmigrantsQualificiations Recognition & Employability
  3. 3. What is ePortfolio?Emerging international practice
  4. 4. Benefits of “e”• Information Management capabilities – Collecting, archiving, making different versions• Integration with Internet skills – Online research: documents, networks – Internet literacy• Easy to share – “one to many”, digital copies, links to specific pages• Collaboration – Easy to add comments, edit, mentor, coach• Measurement – Link to frameworks, rubrics, track learning over time• Easy to illustrate/demonstrate with multimedia• Can integrate with other ICT systems• Builds personal network, grooms digital identity
  5. 5. ePortfolio: product and process• Digital archive• Showcase: celebration & assessment of learning – Education • Acceptance/advanced standing, course requirement, graduation requirement – Workplace • Hiring, HR development, professional development, project team selectionFuturEd 2004
  6. 6. ePortfolio: product and process• Assessment for learning (e.g. CLPA)• Reflection, self-assessment• Transferring skills, making transtions• Coaching, collaborative learning• Learning plans• Knowledge Management
  7. 7. Personal Planning and LearningOnline Locker, Interactive Workbook• Online archive – Personal & downloaded documents, links• Resources for self-directed learning – Webinars, videos, self-assessment surveys• Learning plans and tracking tools – Set goals and track progress to them (Learning Plans) – Keep records of learning activities over time (CPD)• Personal journal – Reflect on goals and alternative futures – Keep ad hoc “notes to self”, prepare agendas, etc.• Ongoing Personal Learning Environment (PLE) – “Continuous Learning Environment”
  8. 8. Employment & related purposesDemonstrate, assess & improve Human Capital• Qualification Recognition – Initial, formative, summative assessment• Academic recognition – PLAR/RPL for courses and programs• Career Development – Gap analysis, exploration of alternatives, building pathways• Employment (Web CV) – Hiring, career advancement, team building tool for employers• Continuing Professional Development (CPD) – Tracking ongoing learning activities and reflection on practice – Recertification
  9. 9. Professional ExampleRoyal College of Surgeons in Ireland
  10. 10. Career Portfolio ManitobaProvincewide solution for adults in transition• Based on Essential Skills – Not a straitjacket - a focus for employability• User friendly – For individuals and employers – Can be “simple and easy” or “rich and deep”• Well supported – Hands-on portfolio building program – Exemplars, step by step video tutorials, ongoing user support• Complementary to other programs – e.g. Collaborative Language Portfolio Assessment (CLPA)• Open source and global: always improving – Flexibility & sustainable continuous improvement
  11. 11. DemonstrationCareer Portfolio Manitoba
  12. 12. Benefits for employment support(Employment & Enhanced Language Learning)• Web 2.0 social media tool – Complementary to job boards• Overseas potential – Start addressing gaps earlier• Capstone project for programs – Show training outcomes & workplace readiness• Ongoing support tool – Self-directed learning, career advancement• Service continuity – Smooth hand-off after Year 1
  13. 13. Benefits for regulatory bodiesSupporting fairness, providing utility• Visibility, transparency – (esp. with exemplar case studies)• Holistic view of applicant – Authentic valorization of experience• Overseas engagement?• Value-added service to candidate – Process & product supports career development – Tool for ongoing PD• Ongoing services for registered members – Showcase, Continuing Professional Development (e.g. CME)
  14. 14. Benefits for employersElectronic recruitment tool• Scaffolded solution for the Manitoba workplace – Works with LinkedIn, job boards & other solutions already used for electronic recruitment – Candidate evaluation can begin overseas• Professional Page = quick, easy dashboard – Links to further detail and downloadable resume• Deeper, richer “Web CV” rewards closer study – More complete picture of the candidate – Authentic demonstrations of skills and knowledge• Job Match Summary simplifies assessment – Rubric aligns with employer’s original job description
  15. 15. Options forEnglish for Specific Purposes• Refer learners to WEM’s Career Portfolio Manitoba program• Advocate for a solution that can directly interoperate with ESP programs
  16. 16. Phyllis Mann Program Coordinator for Essential Skills for Immigrants Workplace Education Manitoba 1000 Waverley Street Tel: 272-5044 Don Presant, President Producer of Career Portfolio Manitoba Tel: 219-5933 don@learningagents.caSee this presentation online at