05_Mature Workers program at Algonquin by Denyce Diakun


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05_Mature Workers program at Algonquin by Denyce Diakun

  1. 1. Experienced Workers Denyce Diakun, M.Ed
  2. 2. Recognition of Prior Learning Algonquin has a commitment to embracing an increasingly diverse student population and reducing barriers to college education A key pillar in this foundation is recognizing learner’s prior experiential learning Algonquin assigned personnel to champion the RPL PROCESS
  3. 3. What we know RPL motivates people to return to formal education and training RPL improves learner confidence, self esteem and motivation to learn
  4. 4. What we know The levels of participation in RPL are not as great as one would have anticipated People seeking higher levels of qualifications participate in RPL as opposed to people who have faced barriers in their formal education
  5. 5. Providing service for: newcomers just arriving those out of work for the first time in a long time young adults out of work those in mid-life malaise  those wishing to re-enter the workforce
  6. 6. Intake and Referral System Established an enhanced, client-centric intake referral process Provide single point of contact and follow-up for candidates Gather information prior to enrolment Provide support in identifying goals and utilizing existing College services to enable the client to achieve them Maintain liaison with client to build longer term relationship and retention support
  7. 7. The Approach: Self Understanding; interests, abilities, work values, and personality characteristics Empowerment; to overcome any personal sense of powerlessness Understanding the environment (Who needs people like you?) Aristotle said “Where your talents and the world’s needs meet – there lies your vocation.”
  8. 8. The Approach; Understand the role of RPL in their career development Develop benchmarks that allow the candidate to succeed Assessment processes are valid for what is being assessed and fair for who is being assessed
  9. 9. Assessment Process Assessment processes are valid for what is being assessed and fair for who is being assessed Encouraged to recognize their strengths and capitalize on transferable skills
  10. 10. Future Direction Get unstuck Realize untapped potential Increase the chances of getting a new position that aligns with strengths and values Provide tools for managing and developing oneself Provide a fresh approach essential for navigating the rest of one’s life
  11. 11. Essential Skills for Today’s Economy Career development is the responsibility of the individual Need to develop and manage oneself on a continual basis Learning is continual and formal
  12. 12. Future Directions "Knowledge workers are likely to outlive their employing organization. Their average working life is likely to be fifty years.” Drucker