Private Equity Trends through Q1 2010 -- from PitchBook


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This is a great resource for anyone preparing a presentation or report who is looking for info on the state of the Private Equity industry. Thanks to PitchBook for the info

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Private Equity Trends through Q1 2010 -- from PitchBook

  1. : PE Trends Private Equity Investment Trends – 2Q 2010 John Gabbert – CEO & Founder (206) 623-1986 x224 |
  2. About the PitchBook Platform <ul><ul><li>PitchBook is an independent and impartial research firm dedicated to providing premium data, news and analysis to the private equity industry . As a specialty-focused information resource, PitchBook's core strength is its ability to meticulously collect, organize and analyze hard to find private equity deal data. </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>PitchBook’s mission is to provide its clients with the highest quality private equity information, with an acute focus on deals and companies. PitchBook aims not only to offer market-leading proprietary data, but to also provide the tools that help industry professionals effectively find, share and use information to make better decisions. </li></ul></ul>
  3. Three Aspects of Private Equity Fundraising, Investment & Exits Trends
  4. Private Equity Fundraising
  5. PE Fundraising Tentative in 2010 Number of Funds Closed and Total Capital Raised by Year
  6. Fundraising Moving in Right Direction US Private Equity Fundraising by Quarter
  7. Record Levels of Dry Powder; $400B Capital Overhang for US-Focused Funds Raised by US Investors
  8. Mid-Sized Funds Make Their Mark Percentage of US PE Funds (Count) by Size
  9. Upper-Mid Funds Dig into Mega’s Market Percentage of Capital Raised by Size – US Funds
  10. PE Investment
  11. Deal Flow Continues Positive Gains in 1Q 2010 Quarterly US Private Equity Deal Activity and Capital Invested (Billions)
  12. Small Deals Dominate Volume Percentage of Deal Volume (count) by Deal Size Range
  13. Median Valuation Continues 2009 Trend PE Deal Activity (count) and Median Valuations by Year
  14. Median Amount Rebounding in 2010 PE Deal Activity (count) and Median Deal Amounts by Year
  15. Financial Services Industry Reemerges Percentage of Deal Volume by Industry
  16. Healthcare & Financials See Green Percentage of Capital Invested by Industry
  17. Leverage Returning to PE Market Average Percentage of Equity Used in Deal
  18. Leverage Returning to PE Market Percentage of Club Deals (count) by Deal Size Range
  19. PE Exits
  20. Secondary Deals Return, Strategics Dominant US PE Exit Activity (Exit Type Percentage) 25% 41% 59%
  21. Exits Up, IPOs Reemerge in 4Q Quarterly PE Exits by Corporate Acquisition, IPO and Secondary Sale Percentage of capital invested by industry
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