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the solutions baby

Published in: Lifestyle
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  1. 1. The Solution… Dianne Poindexter
  2. 2. Human Education Perception is everything, I want to revive human perspectives of self-wealth. What we eat, listen to, view and come to understand affects us forever. I want to tackle perspectives in Music and Film. When you don’t understand the value of yourself you will never understand the value of your output. Children in brown communities idealize what they see on t.v. and live by how the community ‘gets by’. My main step is to teach children the value of investing in everything they do and listen to; creating afterschool programs and building up our generations to come with the knowledge they truly need in order to support themselves and their family.
  3. 3. Change the Economy Teaching humans how to invest before they spend. Create an afterschool program to teach children financial education in a fun an interactive way Have a Hooked-on- Finance system that parents can buy to inspire financial literacy at home
  4. 4. Green Grass Gang
  5. 5. Who to Call? • Jitu Brown-J4J • Sandee Kastrul- i.c.stars • Pastor Corey Brooks- Project Hood • Lupe Fiasco-musician
  6. 6. From Genre to Genealogy