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Steve Whitley (EdTech Consulting): Overview of the evolution and emerging trends in British EdTech education


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Robotika és algoritmikus gondolkodás fejlesztése a közoktatásban
(Robotics and Development of Algorithmic Thinking in Public Education) - nemzetközi konferencia

Published in: Education
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Steve Whitley (EdTech Consulting): Overview of the evolution and emerging trends in British EdTech education

  1. 1. An overview of the evolution and emerging trends in British EdTech Education Steve Whitley BESA International Ambassador February 2019 BRITISH EDUCATIONAL SUPPLIERS ASSOCIATION
  2. 2. BESA: What we are here to do BESA partners with the entirety of the UK education suppliers industry – from start-ups to multinationals - to help them maximise commercial opportunities for their products and services to drive up standards of education across the globe “ “
  3. 3. BESA: The voice of the UK educational suppliers sector ✓ A non-profit with over 80 years of heritage serving UK education ✓ Representing 400+ companies, from small business start-ups to the UK’s largest education suppliers ✓ Our members have a combined annual revenue of £2.2 billion, which is over 80% of all UK schools’ expenditure in the sector ✓ 90+ start-ups on our EdTech “LaunchPad” programme ✓ EdTech Exchange: the largest network of EdTech founders in Europe ✓ EDUCATE: a pioneering accelerator programme helping innovators in educational technology develop world class products ✓ UK Gov. Department for International Trade Challenge Partner ✓ Partnering with the Department for Education on two key EdTech initiatives: LendED and LearnED
  4. 4. Source: BESA BESA: Represent the entire UK educational suppliers ecosystem EdTech / ICT 51,40% Services 11,90% Furniture 8,50% Equipment 7,30% Distributors 5,60% Teaching Aids 5,40% Publishing 4,20% Consumables 2,50% Engineering 2,50% Consultancy 0,60% EdTech / ICT Publishing Furniture Distributors: Media Launchpad:
  5. 5. UK Education, the numbers….. Early Years 3-4 Primary 4-11 Secondary 11-18 Tertiary (HE or FE) 18+ Compulsory Schooling, Ages 5-18 ✓ There are currently 32,100 schools in the UK: ● 3,000 Nursery ● 21,000 Primary ● 6,500 Secondary ● 1,600 Other ✓ There are currently 10 million pupils at school in the UK - about 16% of the total population ✓ There are 510,000 full-time equivalent teachers in the UK - 70% of them are female ✓ An average school budget is around: ● £1.0m Primary ● £4.6m Secondary - (80% goes to staff costs)
  6. 6. EdTech in the UK: History & Impact ✓ First computer introduced into UK schools in the early 1980’s ✓ Developed into ICT suites – huge organisational issues! ✓ Transitioned into laptops and then to mobile devices (Tablet & Phone) Cloud has introduced ‘one per child’, extended learning opportunities & increased personalised learning ✓ Huge growth in innovative start-up EdTech companies, often founded by teachers who had a great idea for a product! ✓ Government policy: Soft touch, the use of EdTech is strongly encouraged but not mandated. (Schools are inspected regularly by OFSTED) ✓ The EdTech sector works closely with the UK Government, advising on policy. It independently develops and provides both hardware and software solutions ✓ Requirements: Increased funding for infrastructure, Investment in new/additional technology & Teacher training
  7. 7. STEM Education in the UK ✓ STEM is NOT taught as a single lesson, it is delivered though individual subjects: Science, Design & Technology, ICT, Computing, & Mathematics ✓ The use of EdTech is widespread throughout STEM subjects: ✓ In the Sciences: Data Loggers, Sensors & Analysis & Simulation Software ✓ In Design & Technology, ICT & Computing: CAD/CAM (including 3D Printing), Coding, Robotics & Control ✓ In Math, ICT & Computing: Spreadsheets, Computer modelling & Simulation software
  8. 8. Leading companies offering STEM / Coding solutions ✓ Has helped over 1 million UK students experience coding, with over 90% saying it helped them to realise that anyone can learn to code! ✓ Create more learning opportunities in the classroom, help students develop 21st century skills and become lifelong learners ✓ The Purple Mash suite has many STEM apps including the coding apps 2Go, 2Code & Logo
  9. 9. Education Secretary Damian Hinds challenged the tech industry to launch an education revolution for schools, colleges and universities There are five key opportunities for the sector to create a step change in education, improving teaching and slashing workload. These include developing innovative: ✓ Teaching practices to support access, inclusion, and improved learning outcomes for all ✓ Assessment processes, making assessment more effective and efficient ✓ Methods for delivery of teacher training and development by upgrading educator support so they can learn and develop more flexibly ✓ Administration processes to reduce the burden of ‘non-teaching’ tasks ✓ Solutions to lifelong learning to help those who have left the formal education system to get the best from online learning The Right Honourable Damian Hinds MP Secretary of State for Education
  10. 10. Recent initiatives to address the challenges A series of regional events. Learn how education technology can be used to improve outcomes, increase efficiencies and reduce teacher workload in schools
  11. 11. Recent initiatives to address the challenges Connecting you with education technology that will make a difference in your school Search our carefully curated selection of software to find the EdTech that’s right for you. All have been rated and reviewed by fellow teachers and backed by BESA, for complete peace of mind. Search our database of EdTech products All LendED suppliers are full BESA members, giving you peace of mind Be inspired by other like-minded teachers Read reviews, case studies and impact statements Test drive EdTech products Request a no-obligation free trial
  12. 12. How to engage with UK EdTech companies ✓ BESA will actively work with you to locate UK companies that offer the products and services you are looking for ✓ We host inbound missions of teachers, education suppliers and government representatives ✓ We take delegations of UK EdTech companies on trade missions and to education exhibitions all over the world ✓ January is the best time to come to the UK – the Bett Show is the world’s largest EdTech exhibition, and takes place 22-25 January 2020 Steve Whitley BESA International Ambassador 22 – 25 January 2020 Excel - London
  13. 13. Thank you Steve Whitley BESA International Ambassador BRITISH EDUCATIONAL SUPPLIERS ASSOCIATION