Weatherproof electrical box hidden camera with built in wi fi (802.11g) (buy or rent)


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Weatherproof electrical box hidden camera with built in wi fi (802.11g) (buy or rent)

  1. 1. Weatherproof Electrical BoxHidden Camera with Built-inWiFi (802.11g) (Buy or Rent)Now open 24/7/365Surveillance and Security Equipment DemonstrationVideos (Watch & Listen): have a life-time warranty / guarantee on allproducts. (Includes parts and labor).This package rents for $95.00 per week.Our new Weatherproof Electrical Box HiddenCamera with Built-in WiFi (802.11g) wireless IP andoptional DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is completely
  2. 2. self contained, totally secure, and easy to use.Access live images from the Internet! Transmitdigitally encrypted, secure worry free video up to500ft. to a laptop or wireless router. The hiddencolor low light - high resolution camera is totallyinvisible.All you do is touch the Arm button on the convenientwireless remote control. The unit will beep once toverify the command and quality color videorecording will begin the instant motion is detectedand will continue until 15 seconds after motionceases. When you are ready to review your videoimages, simply press the disarm command on theremote control and remove the postage stamp sizeSD (Secure Digital) card from its hiddencompartment.
  3. 3. To playback images, an included SD card readerconnects to the USB port of your computer or laptop.Install the card, click on the SD icon and a completelist of images, including time and date stamp willappear on your screen. Click on any image and thevideo stream will play from that point on. You caneven speed up, slow down, or ZOOM IN duringplayback. You can save the card or download yourimages to CD, hard drive, Zip, or any other media ofyour choice. SD cards can be quickly erased andreused again and again.User options can be easily changed via the SD cardreader and your computer. Images can be recordedas fast as 10 frames per second (fps) or as slow as1 frame per minute. Record duration after detectedmotion is also user programmable. The included64Mb SD card will record 12,000 images.
  4. 4. Larger (optional) cards (128Mb, 256Mb, 512Mb, and1Gb) will increase image capacity accordingly.Filter Masking: 5 Different Sensitivity Levels! Choosewhere you want motion detection and where youdont!You may also install the software and view theimages on your PDA or Pocket PC! Great for privateinvestigators and detectives needing to show videoproof to their clients without taking and installing thesoftware on your clients computer.Includes:* Weatherproof Electrical Box Hidden Camera withBuilt-in DVR (Digital Video Recorder)* SD card reader with USB cable and software,
  5. 5. * 16Mb SD card* Complete easy to understand instruction book andcamera software.* Everything you need to plug unit in an start usinginstantly.We also have:* Air Purifier Hidden Camera w/built-in Digital VideoRecorder* Alarm Clock Radio Hidden Camera w/built-inDigital Video Recorder* Boom Box Hidden Camera w/built-in Digital VideoRecorder* Executive Clock Hidden Camera w/built-in DigitalVideo Recorder* Mantel Clock Hidden Camera w/built-in Digital
  6. 6. Video Recorder* Motion Detector Hidden Camera w/built-in DigitalVideo Recorder* Touch Hidden Camera w/built-in Digital VideoRecorder* Wall Clock Hidden Camera w/built-in Digital VideoRecorderSpecs.:Day and Night Capability: Add: $50.00480 Lines of ResolutionOptional: 520 Lines of Resolution. Add: $75.00 RetailOptional: Battery Pack (Lasts 2 days) $ is a world
  7. 7. leader in providingsurveillance and securityproducts and services toGovernment, LawEnforcement, PrivateInvestigators, small andlarge companies worldwide.We have one of the largestvarieties of state-of-the-artsurveillance and counter-
  8. 8. surveillance equipmentincluding BiometricIdentification Systems, Anti-terrorist-related equipment,Personal Protection(recommended for ourfemale customers) and BugDetection Products.Buy, rent or lease the same
  9. 9. state-of-the-art surveillanceand security equipmentDetectives, PIs, the CIA andFBI use. Take back control!* Please feel free to use thislink: and iPodderX
  10. 10. to subscribe to our Podcasts.Phone: (1888) 344-3742 Toll Free (USA)Local: (818) 344-3742Monty@DPL-Surveillance-Equipment.comTwitterDPLSURVEMSNMonty@DPL-Surveillance-Equipment.comAOL Instant MessengerDPLSURVE32SkypeMontyl32Yahoo Instant MessengerMontyl32Alternate Email
  11. 11. Inquiries Only!International OrdersFOB Los AngelesDelivery: Within 5 days in receipt of T/T wiretransferPayment: T/T wire transfer (See Website)Purchase Orders:Accepted upon credit approval.Fax References w/Orders to: (1775) 249-9320My RSS Feed: