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Ultimate PC Spy

  1. 1. ULTIMATE PC SPY (Buy / Rent)Open 24/7/365!Surveillance and Security EquipmentDemonstration Videos (Watch & Listen):(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9e3xB1Ak7k)We have a life-time warranty / guarantee on allproducts. (Includes parts and labor).(http://www.dpl-surveillance-equipment.com/80991899330.html)Perfect for parents that want to keep an eye ontheir kids internet activities and employers whowant to monitor their business computer activity.The Ultimate PC Spy is a computer logging devicethats a giant leap forward in technology.What makes this device different is that it doesnthave to be left plugged into a PC. You plug it into aUSB port and within 15 seconds you can install a
  2. 2. small piece of software that will log keys ,remember websites visited and take screen shotsat regular intervals.Theres no hardware to detect and when you wantto retrieve the information gathered, you just plugthe Ultimate PC Spy into the PC again andeverything will be uploaded onto it, so you cantake it away and examine it later.- Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Vista SP1Specifications:- 1 GB memory - enough to transfer about8-10,000 screenshots and a virtually unlimited textlog – more than ten years worth of typing.- Monitors real-time activity- Locally stored data is strongly encrypted with aunique key for each device- Data is stored locally so the Ultimate PC Spy isused only to move temporary data before moving
  3. 3. it to another PC to view.----------------------------------------We provide the most affordable and easiest all-in-one solution to find out if your significant other hasbeen cheating, using state of the art GPS trackingequipment , PC surveillance software and digitalaudio recorders.Heres a list of the product categories you canchoose from:Access Control SystemsAccessoriesAnti-Terrorist ProductsBackground SearchesBody-Worn Hidden CamerasCamerasDetection DevicesDigital Video RecordersDVR Based Hidden CamerasListening DevicesPersonal ProtectionTracking DevicesTransmitters/Receivers
  4. 4. Wired CamerasWired Hidden CamerasWireless CamerasWireless Hidden CamerasNo expensive equipment to buyEasy to setup and useNo contracts or monthly feesSimply use and returnWhy spend over $500.00 to buy surveillanceequipment that you end up using only once. Justpurchase one of our surveillance equipment rentalpackages to get the evidence to confirm yoursuspicions, then return the equipment. Its thateasy, visit us to find out more.These items Rent From $65.00 to (Approx.) $95.00Per Week.(http://www.dpl-surveillance-equipment.com/used_items.html)These are SOME of the Items That We Have (used)and for Rent:
  5. 5. (1) SnakeHead Color Camera :(1) AIR PURIFIER HIDDEN CAMERA w/BUILT-INDVR :(1) WIRELESS CAMERA FINDER :(1) ALARM CLOCK HIDDEN CAMERA w/ BUILT-INDVR :(1) SONY CUBE CLOCK RADIO W/INFRA-REDHIDDEN CAMERA w/ BUILT-IN DVR :(1) IPOD DOCKING STATION HIDDEN CAMERA w/BUILT-IN DVR :(1) RF (Bug) Detectors :(1) GPRS Real-Time Trackers :Youll need to act quickly. These items go fast!(http://www.dpl-surveillance-equipment.com/used_items.html)
  6. 6. DPL-Surveillance-Equipment.com LLC is a worldleader and pioneer of online video demonstrationin the Surveillance and Security Industry and also,pioneer of renting a full range of equipment toConsumers, Government, Law Enforcement,Private Investigators, small and large companiesworldwide. We have one of the largest varieties ofstate-of-the-art (one-of-a-kind) surveillance andcounter-surveillance equipment includingBiometric Identification Systems, Anti-terrorist-related equipment, Personal Protection and BugDetection Products.Buy, rent or lease the same state-of-the-artsurveillance and security equipment Detectives,PIs, the CIA and FBI use. Take back control!* Please feel free to use this link iPodderX tosubscribe to our Podcasts.Monty Henry, Owner(888) 344-3742 Toll Free Voice(818) 298-3292 Voice
  7. 7. (775) 249-9320 FaxMonty@DPL-Surveillance-Equipment.comTwitterDPLSURVEMSNDPLSURVEMonty@DPL-Surveillance-Equipment.comAOL Instant MessengerDPLSURVE32SkypeMontyl32Yahoo Instant MessengerMontyl32Alternate Email Addressmontyl32@yahoo.com18345 Kittridge St. Suite#12Reseda, CA 91335
  8. 8. My RSS Feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/Dpl-surveillance-equipmentcom