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Standard Walk Through Concealed Weapons Detector (Buy or Rent!)


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Standard Walk Through Concealed Weapons Detector (Buy or Rent!)

  1. 1. STANDARD WALK-THROUGH CONCEALEDWEAPONS DETECTOR (Buy or Rent!)Now open 24/7/365Surveillance and Security Equipment DemonstrationVideos (Watch & Listen): have a life-time warranty / guarantee on allproducts. (Includes parts and labor).Rent this item for $350.00 Per Day.Affordable and Reliable Concealed WeaponsDetector ( to Meet your SecurityRequirements.DPL-WCWD150 Application
  2. 2. Schools, Courthouses, Financial Institutions,Municipal Buildings, Sporting Events, Concerts,Nightclubs, Door Systems, Special Events:Conferences, V.I.P. Protection, ConventionsDPL-WCWD150 Technical SpecificationsCertification & Conformity:- Complies with Federal Aviation AdministrationThree-gun test, NILECJ 0601.00 levels 1-5 andcurrently applicable EU directives, Internationalstandards on electrical safety and EMC- None of our products will erase, alter, or damagemagnetic storage media including credit cards,computer floppy disks, tapes, or Ics. The effectsfrom the operation of the electronics and the lowintensity magnetic fields of our walk-through
  3. 3. concealed weapons detectors are harmless topeople with pacemakers, pregnant women, theoperator, and general pedestrian traffic.Specifications:Ambient Operating Temperature:From -10 °C to +55 °C, (From 14 °F to +131 °F).Humidity:0 to 95%, no condensation.Sensitivity:
  4. 4. 100 sensitivity steps in each program for precisiondetection of target objects.Calibration:Automatic or manual calibration, initial and periodiccalibration is not necessary.Protection:IP 20 (EN 60529) ratedPower Supply:
  5. 5. 90 - 264 VAC, 45-65 Hertz or 24-35 VDC, currentdraw is less than 1 Amp, consumption is 35 Watts.Alarm Indications:Adjustable volume and tone for audible alarmindication. Visual alarm indication using red LEDsand a horizontal bar graph that indicates the relativeobject size.Volume and Tone:10 volume levels and 3 operator selectable tonesavailable to distinguish alarms from adjacent units.Frequencies:
  6. 6. 10 operating frequencies for multiple unit operation.Throughput Rate:Capable of a minimum of 50 persons per minute, notlimited by the Digital Signal Processing.Interference Rejection:The DPL-WCWD150 has superior immunity toexternal electrical interference, such as x-raymachines, computer or CCTV monitors.Programs
  7. 7. 21 detection programs designed to meetInternational Security Standards and to detectspecific metals.Self-Diagnostics:The DPL-WCWD150 has superior immunity toexternal electrical interferenceContinuously Active:At no time it is possible to toss, pass or slide aweapon through a DPL concealed weapons detectorwithout detection.
  8. 8. Construction:Constructed of heavy duty laminate with stainlesssteel trim and a steel crosspiece for an extreamlydurable and mar resistant finish.Warranty:Two yearsWeights:Total Shipping Weight:
  9. 9. 55.1 kg (121.5 lbs)Total Shipping Volume:0.36 m 3 (12.8 cu ft)Net Weight:45.7 kg (100.9 lbs)Coils:Shipping Weight:35.6 kg (78.5 lbs)
  10. 10. Shipping Volume0.25 m 3 (8.9 cu ft)Cross Bars + Electronics:Shipping Weight19.5 kg (43 lbs)Shipping Volume0.11 m 3 (3.8 cu ft)
  11. 11. DPL-WCWD150 OptionsTraffic CountersAn intelligent traffic counter that increases the count in onedirection and decreases the count in the oppositedirection. The desired direction can be selected and thenumber of passengers, alarms and alarm percentage canbe displayed .ADA Crosspiece32 inch (810 mm) crosspieces are available to meet ADAcompliance for wheel chair accessability. Optionalcrosspiece sizes are available at no additional cost whenspecified at the time of order.
  12. 12. is a worldleader in providingsurveillance and securityproducts and services toGovernment, LawEnforcement, PrivateInvestigators, small andlarge companies worldwide.We have one of the largest
  13. 13. varieties of state-of-the-artsurveillance and counter-surveillance equipmentincluding BiometricIdentification Systems, Anti-terrorist-related equipment,Personal Protection(recommended for ourfemale customers) and BugDetection Products.
  14. 14. Buy, rent or lease the samestate-of-the-art surveillanceand security equipmentDetectives, PIs, the CIA andFBI use. Take back control!* Please feel free to use thislink:
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