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Spyphone/Cellphone : RF Signal Detector (Professional) (Buy/Rent)


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Spyphone/Cellphone : RF Signal Detector (Professional) (Buy/Rent)

  1. 1. SPYPHONE / CELLPHONE / RF SIGNALDETECTOR (PROFESSIONAL) (Buy /Rent)Open 24/7/365! (888) 344-3742 or (818) 298-3292 (DPLSURVE)Surveillance and Security EquipmentDemonstration Videos (Watch & Listen): Reader (Widget) for New Surveillance Product/ServiceAnnouncements: this new RSS Reader / Widget to automatically receive new productand service announcements. Preview the same state-of-the-art surveillanceand security equipment Detectives, PIs, the CIA and FBI use.We have a life-time warranty / guaranteeon all products. (Includes parts and labor).SPYPHONE / CELLPHONE / RF SIGNALDETECTOR (PROFESSIONAL) (Buy /Rent)
  2. 2. This item rents for $75.00 per Week. unit excels at detecting spy phones, gpstrackers, cellular phone, bluetooth, WLAN,Wi-Fi, and digital spread spectrum wirelessproducts. It features a detecting frequencyrange from 50 MHz to 6.0 GHz and comeswith a analog/digital detection switch.This unit excels at detecting gps trackers,cellular phone, bluetooth, WLAN, Wi-Fi, anddigital spread spectrum wireless products.Protect privacy and confidential informationwith our high frequency Cellphone / RFDetector. This device features a detectingfrequency up to 6 GHz and comes with ananalog/digital detection switch.
  3. 3. Specially designed for easy and simple usewith no complex installation or professionalknowledge required.Specifications:• Digital/Analog Switch for Signal Strength• 3 LED Indicators to Determine SignalStrength• Signal Strength Audible Alarm• Vibration Warning Mode• Silent Alarm Monitoring Using Earphones• Senstivity Tuner• 3V DC Power (uses 2 AAA Batteries,Included)• 50 MHz to 6.0 GHzCellular Phone Detection Range:• Analog signals from approximately 20 feet
  4. 4. • Digital signals from approximately 40 feetWireless Camera Detection Range:• 5.8 GHz from approximately 2 feet• 2.4 GHz from approximately 5 feetIncludes:• Earpeice• Pocket ClipSIZE:3 1/2 Inches x 2 1/4 Inches x 1 InchesNew Product
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  7. 7. Consumers,Government, LawEnforcement, PrivateInvestigators, smalland large companiesworldwide. We haveone of the largestvarieties of state-of-the-art (one-of-a-kind)surveillance andcounter-surveillanceequipment includingBiometric
  8. 8. IdentificationSystems, Anti-terrorist-relatedequipment, PersonalProtection and BugDetection Products.Buy, rent or lease thesame state-of-the-artsurveillance and
  9. 9. security equipmentDetectives, PIs, theCIA and FBI use.Take back control!* Please feel free touse this link:
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  12. 12. Alternate Email Addressmontyl32@yahoo.com Inquiries Only!International OrdersFOB Los AngelesDelivery: Within 5 days in receipt of T/Twire transferPayment: T/T wire transfer (SeeWebsite)Purchase Orders:Accepted upon creditapproval.Fax References w/Orders to: (1775)249-9320My RSS Feed: