Widening the Scope: Communication Programs that Sell


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Research shows associations’ biggest communications challenges are how to combat information overload/communication clutter; clearly communicating member benefits and maintaining No. 1 share of voice in their industry. This presentation, delivered at the California Society of Association Executives 2012 Elevate conference, demonstrates how building a single brand voice that integrates content, promotion and advertising/sponsorships can address all three.

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  • Depending on what level you are within the organization and what your specific role is, will depend on your definition of integration and your interpretation as to whether your organization is actually doing it. (check title breakdown stats related to this question)
  • These are examples, but not a definititive road map. Each association is different
  • Widening the Scope: Communication Programs that Sell

    1. 1. Brought to you by Naylor, LLCand the California ApartmentAssociation, Tri-County Co- Presenters: Dana Plotke Joshua Howard WIDENING THE SCOPE: Communication Programs that Sell
    2. 2. Widening the Scope:Communication Programs that Sell Today’s Objectives• Explore why acquisition and/or retention must be at the foundation for every communication that touches people inside and outside the organization• Determine the most effective uses for the range of communications tools at your disposal• Ideas for implementing a model platform for delivers an integrated strategy
    3. 3. What We Learned About Associationsin 2011 Some Key Takeaways• Now is an excellent time for associations to experiment and get a leg up on their for-profit competitors.• To remain relevant, associations must capitalize and encourage “Brandividuals. “• A bunch of other stuff...
    4. 4. Association Leaders PleasantlySurprised by Membership Retention in2011 What was the most positive surprise for you in 2011? Source: Association Adviser eNews and  Naylor, LLC 2011-12. N=260
    5. 5. Rapid Adoption of Video. Still Tryingto Figure out Social Media.  Strategy/policy in place (28.6%) Still experimenting/learning (23.7%)  Plan to have strategy in next 12 months (24.5%)  Social media not a high priority (23.3%) Source: Association Adviser eNews and Naylor, LLC  2011-12. N=245
    6. 6. Rapid Adoption of Video. Still Trying to Figure out Social Media.Source: Association Adviser eNews and Naylor, LLC 2011-12. N=163
    7. 7. Online Video Usage in U.S.7 174 MILLION PEOPLE In the United States 40.9BILLION VIDEOS Watched December 2011 23.2 hours of online video consumption per month 43% more Americans watch online video content on an average day more than a year ago Comscore – Feb 2012
    8. 8. Communications Staffing and Non-Dues Revenue Expected to Increase As a percentage of your 2012 budget, what is your expectation for non-dues revenue?  Increase over 2011 (40.9%)  About the same as this year (30.6%)  Decrease from 2011 (28.5%)Source: Association Adviser eNewsand Naylor, LLC 2011-12. N=186
    9. 9. Communications Staffing and Non-Dues Revenue Expected to Increase
    10. 10. ELEVATE 2012 PRE SHOW RESULTS• Greatest Obstacle: Lack of Resources• Frequency of Communication: “Much” or “Somewhat” More than 3 Years Ago• To What Extent are Your Communications Integrated?: Majority consider their program Integrated
    11. 11. “Less”is“More”in theFuture ofB2B Comm-unicationsFast Company, June2011, Illustration byLiz Meyer
    12. 12. Operating in Silos With all of the above you have decisions to be made around: Purpose / Content / Audience / Marketing / Advertiser Bundling
    13. 13. Integration: A Strategy that Works Association Exec’s Whose Communications are Integrated say: • Initiatives are above average with significant improvement post- integration • Members are actually reading most of what they receive • Integration allows you to be part of the solution, not the problem
    14. 14. What is Integration? In Other Words  Clear. Each media product has a defined purpose, audience and frequency, with corresponding communication calendar.  Symbiotic. Cross promotion of product and editorial repurposing.  Sponsor and Member Friendly. Advertisers can synchronize messaging (“member touches”) across all media channels.
    15. 15. What Integration Looks Like One media kit to promote all advertising opportunities and build value around integrated opportunities. Good visibility on website reinforces cohesiveness of entire program and increases value to advertisers
    16. 16. What Integration Can Look Like Association Website Communications Micro Site
    17. 17. What Integration Can Look Like Cross-promotion of association communications
    18. 18. What Integration Can Look Like Offering advertisers ability to synchronize presence across all communications
    19. 19. What Integration Can Look Like Integrating Design and Content Between Chapters
    20. 20. What Integration Can Look Like
    21. 21. What Integration Looks LikeFacebook Page Twitter Identity LinkedIn Group
    22. 22. How to Fix or Improve What isBroken First, Understand Where You Are Today • Internal Assessment • Gap Analysis • Refine Your Brand Execution • Measure
    23. 23. Gap Analysis: Case Study Challenge: Do our goals and objectives match to members wants and needs? Solution: Ask the difficult questions. Results: Members were happy, but…. • Over 40% of members didn’t consider them the No.1 source of industry trade information. • Information was not easy to find or specific enough for their needs. • Members interests were over-estimated in some areas and significantly under-estimated in others. • The association had planned to invest the most new resources in channels that members rank lowest in terms of member value.
    24. 24. Tools for Your Tool BoxMedia Evaluation GridContent/PurposeDescription Target Audience Frequency (per year) Budget Revenue Who Produces Cross Promotion ActivityMagazine. FLEETSolutionsserves as an industry resourcefor all fleet professionals.Provides universal topics.Editorial topics include: FleetMgmt selections, fleet graphics, Member & Non-member. Fleetmobile applications, online Managers of corporations,auctions, finding good drivers, organizations, and publicmanaging vehicle registrations, agencies covering a wide range Link in FleetFOCUS newsletteroutsourcing, alternative fuels of manufacturing and service header; cross-promo ad inetc. Also includes digital organizations, governments, FleetFOCUS and Show Guide;magazine and public service entities 6X $ Naylor flyers at showE-newsletter. Provides relevant& timely coverage on the issuesmattering most to the industry. NAFA Members & Affiliates 24X $ Naylor Cross-promo ad in Show GuideUser-Friendly forum designed to Link in FleetFOCUS newsletterbring producers and the fleet header; audience developmentcommunity together. Locator of email blasts; cross-promo ad inproducts for fleet community. FLEETSolutions and 2011 ShowRFP Automator. Mobile App Fleet Managers/Professionals Ongoing $ Naylor Guide; flyers at showNAFA website is the gateway formembers, affiliates and non-members to access online NAFA Members & Potential NAFA. Naylor provides sales Cross-promo ad ininformation about the assoc. Members Ongoing $ support FLEETSolutions and Show GuideWhos Who Guide that stays onthe desks of NAFA membersand affiliates all year long. Infocross-referenced by name andby member name and companyas well as by product/service Cross-promo ad incategory NAFA Members & Affiliates 1X $ Naylor FLEETSolutions and Show Guide Member & Non-member. Fleet Managers of corporations, organizations, and public agencies covering a wide range of manufacturing and serviceTrade Show. Industrys largest organizations, governments, Ad in FLEETSolutions, emailgathering of fleet managers and public service entities 1X $ Naylor & NAFA blasts Member & Non-member.Tradeshow Microsite. Used to Exhibitors & Potential Link included on all exhibitorstore show info, exhbitors, Exhibitors. Attendees & NAFA. Naylor provides sales marketing material and emailschedule, registration info etc. Potential Attendees Ongoing $ support blasts
    25. 25. Tools for Your Tool Box Communications CalendarProductname Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov DecFLEETSolutionsFleetFOCUSOnline Buyer’sGuideNAFA websiteMembershipDirectoryNAFA Institute &ExpositionNAFA Institute &Expo websitesNAFA Institute &Expo Show Guide& Final Program
    26. 26. Tools for Your Tool Box Advertiser Evaluation Grid NAFA Institut e& NAFA Expo Online Institute Advertiser Show Buyer’s NAFA & Expo NAFA Institute Name FLEETSolutions Directory Guide FleetFOCUS Guide website websites & Exposition TOTAL12345678910