ERHC Energy Inc. Presentation at 19th Western Africa Oil, Gas & Energy Conference 2013


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This is the presentation delivered by ERHC Energy Inc. President and CEO Peter Ntephe at the 19th Western Africa Oil, Gas & Energy Conference 2013, held in Windhoek on April 23, 2013.

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  • ERHC is an American public company based in Houston. We’ve been in existence for 27 years, the last 15 of which have been dedicated to African oil exploration
  • Our initial focus was the deep water JDZ between Nigeria and Sao Tome & Principe off the Coast of West Africa. In August 2009 to January 2010, in conjunction with Addax and Sinopec, we drilled 6 wells in 3 blocks in the JDZ but found only non-commercial quantities of biogenic methane gas. We’ve forged on since, securing two more blocks in Sao Tome and Principe’s Exclusive Economic Zone. We’ve also secured 3 blocks in Chad in Central Africa and a further block in in Northwestern Kenya which lies on the intersection of the East and Central African rift systems.
  • We like to describe ERHC as an American company with an African face. I can assure that is no reference to my face but to ERHC’s deep connections in Africa and intrinsic knowledge of African exploration plays
  • Our exploration in Central Africa focuses on the great African rift systems that intersect there.
  • ERHC Energy Inc. Presentation at 19th Western Africa Oil, Gas & Energy Conference 2013

    1. 1. Central and WesternAfrica Exploration19th Western Africa Oil/Gas& Energy Conference 2013
    2. 2. Introducing ERHC Energy Inc.• Valuable E&P assets in Sub-Saharan Africa• Incorporated in Colorado and based inTexas, USA• Publicly traded on the U.S. Over the CounterBulletin Board (OTCBB) – ERHE.OB• Market cap: ±$50 million – April 2013
    3. 3. Brief History• Through 2009–Primary focus on deepwater JDZ assets–Unexpected results from drilling in the JDZ• 2010 – Awarded two Blocks in Sao Tome &Principe EEZ• 2011 – Awarded three Blocks in Republic ofChad• 2012 – Awarded Kenya Block 11A
    4. 4. Uniqueness of ERHC• Home field advantage–Management and board connected with theregion–Significant investment by African businessinterests• Proven ability of securing quality assets• Proven record of attracting technically andfinancially capable strategic partners
    5. 5. Exploration Strategy:African Rift Play
    6. 6. African Rift PlayRecent discoveriesinclude Tullow’s#1 Ngamia inKenya and OPIC’s#1 Benoy in Chad.The African RiftPlay is one of thehottest trends inglobal oilexploration.
    7. 7. African Rift PlayThe trend consists ofnumerous basins andan associatedcomplex fault system
    8. 8. Republic of Chad
    9. 9. NigerCNPC largest playerCurrent Production: ~17,000 bbl/dUnconfirmed EUR: 1.0 BlnbblContinue to exploreNdjamena RefineryOperator: CNPCCapacity: 20,000 bbl/d expandableto 60,000 bbl/dOnline Date: June 2011Supply: Block H Area II (CNPC)Block H Area IIOperator: CNPC (Former EnCana)Expected Production: ~17,000 bbl/dReserves (remaining): 85 MMbblOOIP: 700 mmbbl (CNPC)Continue to exploreChad/Cameroon PipelineOperator: ExxonCapacity: 225,000 bbl/dUtilization: 115,000 bbl/dDistance: 1,070 kmPort: Cameroon loadingExpandable by adding pump stationsRepublic of Chad•Proven Reserves are 1.5 Billion BblsSource International Petroleum Encyclopedia•Undeveloped Discoveries are 2.6 Billion Bbls, and 14.6 TCFof GasSource USGS, World Petroleum Resources ProjectSudan All FieldsKey Operators: CNPC & ConsortiumsCurrent Production: 465,000 bbl/dPeak Production: 538,000 bbl/d (2011)Reserves (remaining): 1.96 Bln bblsEUR: 3.0 Bln bblsKey basins: Muglad, MelutWells Drilled: 300Commercial & Technical Success: 60%Greater Nile Oil ProjectOperator: GNPOC (Formerly Arakis)Current Production: 203,000 bbl/dPeak Production: 300,000 bbl/d (2004)Reserves (remaining): 662 MMbblEUR: 1.49 Bln bblChari Ouest - Doba BasinOperator: Exxon (Esso)Current Production: 115,000 bbl/dPeak Production: 220,000 (2004)Reserves (remaining): 462 MMbblEUR: 795 mmbblERHC BLOCKS
    10. 10. Block BDS 2008, Chad
    11. 11. ERHC Leads in Chad
    12. 12. Opic Benoy #1 Discovery, Chad
    13. 13. Chad Infrastructure
    14. 14. Chad Work Plans
    15. 15. Republic of Kenya
    16. 16. Similarity between Rift Margin play inKenya and ChadTullow OilKenyaChad
    17. 17. Tullow #1 Ngamia Discovery, Kenya
    18. 18. ERHC BDS 2008 “Lead A”ESSO CHARI EAST - DOSEOEsso Tega #1 – 8 MMBOESSEERHC Lead APTD 12800’ MDNNW1st Derivative RTE Magnetic MapERHC BDS 2008
    19. 19. São Tomé and PríncipeExclusive Economic Zone
    20. 20. ERHCBlock 11ERHCBlock 4
    21. 21. Fairway PlaysCross section from Príncipe to Equatorial Guinea Margin Cretaceous and Tertiary sands from the continental margin extend overthe continental crust into the São Tomé EEZ
    22. 22. Similarity to Cretaceous Turbidite/FanPlays Offshore Ghana
    23. 23. Nigeria - São Tomé andPríncipe JointDevelopment Zone
    24. 24. Joint Development Zone betweenNigeria and Sao Tome e Principe
    25. 25. Migration Pathway
    26. 26. Closing• Exciting Prospectivity in West and CentralAfrica• Opportunities onshore and offshore• ERHC is an established player and potentialpartner• Visit:
    27. 27. Central and WesternAfrica Exploration19th Western Africa Oil/Gas& Energy Conference 2013