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How to Behave on the Web


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This power point is about how to improve your overall behavior online. Enjoy!!

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How to Behave on the Web

  1. 1. How to Behave on the Web Are you behaving?? By: D. Pittman
  2. 2. Plagiarism What is plagiarism?Plagiarism is copying someone else’s work andcalling it your own. Would you want someone to copy your work and call it theirs?ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! So don’t do it to anyone else.
  3. 3. How to Avoid Plagiarism  Use you own ideas rather than copying someone else’s. Everyone has great ideas, you have to just brainstorm. If you do copy, make sure you use quotation marks and state where the quote came from at the end of the sentence.  ALWAYS have a reference page. On a reference page you list the sites from where you got your information from.
  4. 4. Word for Word plagiarism is when you copy and paste Paraphrasing Plagiarism someone elses work is rewriting someone and calling it your else’s words own. It is the most What could this in your own words. intense form of plagiarism. lead to? Types of Plagiarism &F- onResearch paper ConsequencesOrproject. e T im Loss of Job il Ja Suspension from School
  5. 5. w Your Page Name – Internet Web Browser w Giggle Search Your Tab Name Netiquette What is Netiquette? Search Search
  6. 6. w Your Page Name – Internet Web Browser w Giggle Search Your Tab Name What is Netiquette?  Netiquette is your overall conduct online. Some tips when using netiquette: • Use caution when on the internet. • Use spell check. • Don’t put inappropriate information online or on email. • When using email, don’t use all caps. • Think about what you are sending before you send it.
  7. 7. More Tips for Netiquette• Use correct grammar and punctuation.• Tell the truth! Lying is never the answer.• Use correct language.• Delete weird emails.• Be respectful of other’s feelings.• Be brief and short when sending an email.
  8. 8. Cyber Bullying is Wrong!• Cyber bullying is hurting other people’s feelings online. Many people, mostly young kids and teenagers, have committed suicide because of cyber bullying.• Cyber bullying mainly starts online. When you cyber bully you are trying to intimidate a person, control them, or put them down.• Use the “Golden Rule” when online. If you don’t want people to be mean to you, don’t be mean to them. It’s not right and it’s not cool.
  9. 9. The End Remember: Always use netiquetteAvoid plagiarism and copyrighting Always know your rights
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