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Create and Collaborate for Cinovate


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Workshop for film programmers and festival organizers to encourage creative and strategic thinking regarding their spotting collaboration opportunities.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Create and Collaborate for Cinovate

  1. 1. Ci novate : I nvent and Collabor ate • Creative and strategic thinking • Positioning and PR impact • Behaviour and relationships
  2. 2. Your Usefulnessrole contradiction power
  3. 3. Psychologist Online Mum Writer
  4. 4. Seek i ng Collabor ator s Who you areConnected Market Connected Market
  5. 5. Seek i ng Collabor ator s E-PublisherBiz/Book Events Digital Agencies
  6. 6. G ener ati ng P ossi bi li ti es • Your cause • Who could usefully know about you/ share common ground?
  7. 7. Str ategi c Questi ons• Where power/resource moving from….to….?• Top 3 targets• Action these
  8. 8. So who did you say you were?
  9. 9. Your Networ k i ng Offer• Researcher/expert/benefactor/mood lifter/counsellor/connector/facilitator/nerd/clown• What is your contagious buzz?
  10. 10. B est E vi dence •Assignment •Action •Achievement• Incident• Complication• Crisis• Reversal• Resolution
  11. 11. T r ust, Cr edi bi li ty, A uthor i ty• Declaration of intent• Openess about role• Where overlap/ where distinctive difference• Direct questions: would that be of interest?
  12. 12. B ehavi our al Stuff • Authenticity • Listening • Attitude to meeting • Keep showing – and keeping in loop • Good relations over task generally
  13. 13. Useful I ntents• Explore possibilities• Ask for advice• Test viability• Exchange updates• Give intelligence• Can you do more of any of these?
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