Writing a CV


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How to write a CV

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Writing a CV

  1. 1. Pauline AscroftCareers Centre, FCH March 2012
  2. 2.  ‘Make it easy for me to see what you can offer’ ‘Have a clear career objective at the start’ ‘No photos , no fancy artwork’FACT: 40% of CVs are rejected at the first pass due to poor presentation or typos or poor grammar. Immediate rejection of these candidates. ( IT company)
  3. 3.  A CV is a sales document It is not your life history Choose a format that suits you Only include relevant information Highlight your skills and achievements Be positive not negative
  4. 4. •Personal (contact) details•Personal profile•Education and qualifications•Work experience and employment•Skills and qualities and relevantexamples of where you havedemonstrated them•Webpage link/blog•Interests/achievements•References
  5. 5. ‘A motivated and enthusiastic PR student with aninterest in …… Looking for a work placementwith…..’‘Experienced in the use of……… and keen todevelop my ...‘Well organised, confident and successful teammember’
  6. 6. From your degree in PR: excellent writing skills, for expressing a message clearly and persuasively confident communication and presentation skills creativity and initiative good organisational, planning and time-management skills the ability to work well as part of a team and with all kinds of client flexibility and multi-tasking ability the ability to work under pressure and to tight deadlines resilience, to cope with rejection or criticism of your ideas accuracy and attention to detail an interest in the media. www.nextstepdirectgov.co.uk
  7. 7.  Communication Organised e Annual AIESEC Conference at Queens University. Sourced sponsorship, personally persuading representatives of Deloitte (to provide wine for 400 delegates), PricewaterhouseCoopers (to provide marketing promotional materials, including golf umbrellas) and 5 local firms to support event Organised cultural exchange for student from Albania to work in the Ulster Bank for two months. Met banks head of HR, persuaded him of the business benefits. In 2008 selected for Northern Ireland Millennium Youth Council. Delivered 10 minute presentation on interfaith issues to House of Lords in 2009 (audience including Tony Blair) and to over 7,000 people at Odyssey Arena, Belfast.
  8. 8.  Chronological Skills based More than one version? Positive language Tailor to employer’s needs 2 sides A4, good quality paper Consistent fonts/style/no errorsMore advice and examples at www.glos.ac.uk/careers > students >find employment>CVs
  9. 9. Its purpose is to put your application in to context: Why you are sending the CV Your interest in the job Your understanding of the company Support the application with highlighted skills/experience etc Explain if necessary Positive ending One side ofA4; focused; professional; enthusiastic