Young Living Business Opportunity


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Have you ever recommended a movie to a friend? Gave a great review for a restaurant? Did you get a thank you check from the company?

Learn how Young Living's Business Opportunity can help you make a residual income. This presentation will discuss how Network Marketing is the business of the 21st century.

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Young Living Business Opportunity

  1. 1. Building a Successful YL Business
  2. 2. Basics for getting started • 100 PV/month (ER) • Apply oils often • EDR • YL customer service • Member number • Be your own best customer • BELIEVE
  3. 3. n business for yourself but not by yoursel •It takes time, focus, and work! •“The Compound Effect” •Daily, consistent energy •Write down your goals •The power of your WHY “Work part time on your fortune while you work full time on your job!” Jim Rohn
  4. 4. Set Your Goals •Write down your goal •Be specific •Double it •The journey will be fun!
  5. 5. If you’re going to do MLM, GO PRO! It’s not PERFECT, It’s just better. Duplicable Attract leaders Don’t be an expert Sponsor UP Go for the NO You are limitless Readers = leaders and learners = earners
  6. 6. Compound Effect • Lead by example • Show don’t tell • What do you sell? YOU • #1 Attractive feeling? PASSION • Seek Heap praise • Make love all day! • The oils don’t have voices
  7. 7. My Personal Goal To be completed on or before August 31st 2014. Goal: Silver in Young Living – two legs with an OGV of 4000 and a personal OGV of 10,000 Daily Affirmation: I effortlessly attract diamonds, opportunities, and resources into my life. I do this all while I prioritize my God, my boyfriend, and my family.
  8. 8. Marketing Scents • Add contacts • Who is most active/interested • Follow up • Ask your upline for a referral code
  9. 9. Just Do It, Do It, Do It!
  10. 10. Compensation Plan Level 2 Level 1 Jenn Stacey Luane Kimberly Lisa Dayna Leg Leg
  11. 11. Compensation Plan
  12. 12. Compensation Plan Place a 100PV order to receive a full commission check each month Fast Start Bonus: 25% commission new enrollee first 3 months Starter Kit Bonus: extra $25 for anyone you enroll with a Premium Starter Kit
  13. 13. You enrolled someone, now what?.... • Follow up! • PHONE CALLS! • Hour to empower • Welcome email • Marketing Scents • Home Party? • Stay in touch • Build a relationship!
  14. 14. Recommended Reading • The Four Year Career, Young Living Edition • The Business of the 21st Century • Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming A Network Marketing Professional • Building Your Network Marketing Business
  15. 15. Network Marketing Profession •Eric Worre •Free newsletter •Go Pro Book •Go Pro CD •Annual conference in November
  16. 16. Share it. –Would you be interested in reading this book? –Can you read the first 5 chapters by….? –Can we discuss what you liked about it on…?
  17. 17. My wish for you is that you decide to become a Network Marketing Professional, that you decide to go pro, because it is a stone cold fact that we have a better way. Now let’s go tell the world. Thank you!
  18. 18. Thank you!Rachel Staigar (973) 727-1849