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Ict at heathside

  1. 1. ICT @ Heathside SchoolSuccess at their fingertips www.hsict.com
  2. 2. ICT - a continuing success story• ICT taught across all year groups to all students• GCSE pass rates considerably higher than national average• 89% of GCSE full course students achieved A*-C grades• 98% pass rate at A/AS levelsICT @ Heathside www.hsict.com
  3. 3. Ofsted Report – ICT Department Key Stage 3 January 2005“ The good stimulating teaching in Years 7 to 9 ensures that all students make further progress. By the end of Year 9, nearly every student is achieving above the level expected nationally because of the excellent learning materials that have been specially adapted and effectively organised for each lesson.ICT @ Heathside ” www.hsict.com
  4. 4. Introducing vital skills - Year 7• All students have one 50 minute lesson per week• Emphasis on securing skills• Word processing• Spreadsheet• Desktop publishing• InternetICT @ Heathside www.hsict.com
  5. 5. Consolidating skills - Years 8 & 9• More emphasis on project work• Research skills developed• Safe and effective use of the Internet• Multimedia• Data storage and searchingICT @ Heathside www.hsict.com
  6. 6. Ofsted Report – ICT Department Key Stage 4 January 2005“ The GCSE students’ achievements and standards of work are in line with the higher grades. In lessons, students co- operate very well and help each other. This helps to make learning more effective and further raises achievement. Lower- attaining students and those with special educational needs are directed towards the GNVQ intermediate course. They make good progress because of the very good ” planning and sensitive teaching that builds students’ confidence.ICT @ Heathside www.hsict.com
  7. 7. Skills for all of life - GCSE ICT• All students follow an ICT course in years 10 and 11, to GCSE or DiDA• Coursework teaches thinking, planning and implementation• Theory taught by researching and investigating• 1:1 student:computer ratioICT @ Heathside www.hsict.com
  8. 8. Ofsted Report – ICT Department Sixth Form January 2005“ Year 12 students have good achievement in developing their literacy, problem-solving and presentation skills … Year 13 students were seen to have outstanding achievement in these areas when imaginative teaching methods created competitive lessons that engaged all students … Teaching and learning are very good overall; some teaching seen was outstanding due to the energy and fun injected into the lesson, and ” the excellent planning of the learning activities.ICT @ Heathside www.hsict.com
  9. 9. Moving on - ICT in the Sixth Form• Emphasis on thinking through information-based issues• Management, technology, ethics• Practical work encourages project management skillsICT @ Heathside www.hsict.com
  10. 10. Equipping students - the network• 200+ stations available for students• 50+ laptops with wireless access• All computers have broadband Internet access with 10Mb stream• Most ICT lessons have 1:1 student computer ration• Full-time network managerICT @ Heathside www.hsict.com
  11. 11. To infinity and beyond - the future• A full development plan ensuring that technology remains up to date• All network stations renewed in last two years on a 3 year rolling program• Interactive whiteboards available in many areas• Wireless network covers the whole site• Virtual learning coming on stream nowICT @ Heathside www.hsict.com