Final S252 Cit 2009 D Peter Twitter Presentation


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Final S252 Cit 2009 D Peter Twitter Presentation

  1. 1. S252 – To Tweet or Teach, or Tweet &Teach • The growth of Twitter has provided more opportunities to teach and reach students. Tweets are passing from person to person on computers and smart phones. Do you want to see how Twitter could be used in teaching? Would you like to see over 20 ways Twitter could be used? • Forum Session 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM Tuesday, October 13, 2009 O2-42, Level 2
  2. 2. Twitter and Teaching and Learning 20 54 Pedagogical approaches for Twitter As of September 24, 2009 David Peter, Director Center for Teaching and Learning, Vincennes University
  3. 3. How does Twitter help you teach? 1. Twitter can provide updates to students 2. Twitter can provide personalized updates to students 3. Twitter can be used to check-in on students 4. Twitter can provide reminders to students 5. Twitter can prompt participation 6. Twitter can provide feedback immediately 7. Twitter can support just-in-time-teaching 8. Twitter promotes ubiquitous, pervasive and transparent teaching
  4. 4. How does Twitter help you learn? 9. Twitter provides instant connection to other students 10. Twitter provides instant connection to faculty 11. Twitter provides access to a community of experts 12. Twitter provides instant access to resources worldwide 13. Twitter provides just-in-time-learning 14. Twitter promotes learning anywhere, anytime and anyplace 15. Twitter is mobile and supports mobile learning 16. Twitter promotes ubiquitous, pervasive and transparent learning
  5. 5. Is Twitter an instructional strategy? 17. Twitter provides a method for instruction that uses technology 18. Twitter integrates technology into teaching and learning 19. Twitter provides "back channel" communication 20. Twitter supports a constructivist learning strategy 21. Twitter supports a cognitive learning strategy 22. Twitter supports liberal education 23. Twitter supports integrative learning 24. Twitter supports learning anywhere, anytime and anyplace
  6. 6. Does Twitter match learning styles? 25. Twitter matches digital learning styles 26. Twitter fosters technological literacy 27. Twitter promotes digital literacy 28. Twitter encourages critical reflection 29. Twitter promotes critical analysis and critical thinking 30. Twitter promotes verbal communication 31. Twitter promotes non-verbal communication 32. Twitter supports mobile learning
  7. 7. Does Twitter match teaching styles? 33. Twitter matches digital teaching styles 34. Twitter enhances technologically supported and delivered teaching 35. Twitter aligns with problem-based teaching 36. Twitter aligns with case study teaching 37. Twitter aligns with active teaching 38. Twitter aligns with discussions 39. Twitter aligns with lectures 40. Twitter promotes individualized instruction and teaching
  8. 8. Can Twitter promote collaboration? 41. Twitter may encourage collaboration 42. Twitter promotes questioning and answering 43. Twitter encourages reflection and participation 44. Twitter builds community through communication 45. Twitter encourages asking questions of other students 46. Twitter promotes asking questions of others 47. Twitter can facilitate group work and projects 48. Twitter allows for knowledge discovery, sharing and collecting
  9. 9. How does Twitter help assessment? 49.Twitter can correct performance 50.Twitter can correct assumptions 51.Twitter can provide formative feedback 52.Twitter can provide summative feedback 53.Twitter can provide direct assessment 54.Twitter can provide indirect assessment 55.Twitter asks questions, and provokes reflection
  10. 10. Twitter Information • #cit2009 #cit09 • #twituse • • Email: