Benefits of quick books in the cloud


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Benefits of quick books in the cloud

  1. 1. December 13, 2011Presented by: Presented to: Focal Point NetworkingBobbie Buckle,BBABuckle Down BookkeepingService
  2. 2. TOPICSBrief History of Trapp OnlineDefinition of “Cloud”Benefits of QuickBooks HostingWhy a Data Center in Arizona?QuickBooks Online vs. “Cloud”How it worksWorking with Sum of All NumbersPricing/CloudculatorQuestions
  3. 3. BRIEF HISTORY2007 Client request Market research showed demand for hosting QuickBooks Trapp Online, LLC. founded by David Trapp, CPA2008 Equipment and software purchased Development and testing completed (phase 1) First sale made (November)2009 Phase 2, 3 & 4 launched Marketing/Sales plan established2010 My Accounting Cloud debuts Partnered with Arizona Society of CPA’s2011 Trapplications – Launch To Be Determined
  4. 4. Definition of Cloud Computing Cloud computing is Internet-basedcomputing, whereby shared resources,software and information are provided tocomputers and other devices on-demand, like It’selectricity. What?
  5. 5. Benefits of QuickBooks on the “Cloud” Accountant Client Efficiency Data Integrity Flexibility Security/BackupsIncrease Communication Reliability Customer Service Scalability File Transfer Issues Capital Expense Travel Time IT Support Decrease Lead Time Overhead Costs End of Year data Risk – Fire, Flood, entry issues Theft
  6. 6. Why a Datacenter in Arizona? For more info visit iodatacenters.comRedundant Power Redundant NetworkControlled Temperature SAS-70 Type II Cert24/7 365 Access Control Energy Reduction
  7. 7. QuickBooks Online* vs. Cloud Top 5 Advantages of QuickBooks in the Cloud vs. QBOL Access to Critical QuickBooks features not available to QBOL1 Examples include: Inventory Tracking, Purchase Orders, Reporting Full Feature Functionality2 HTML solutions are very linear in nature. 3rd Party Solutions3 Complete solution for utilization of 3rd party apps that work with QuickBooks. Ownership of data4 When using QBOL, you must have a subscription. Restore data backup from previous date5 A backup of clients data is achieved for a rolling 7 days for the life of the client.QuickBooks Online* is a Cloud based solution that is known as a SaaS.
  8. 8. HOW IT WORKS My Accounting Cloud hosts clients QuickBooks files on remote, secure, state of the art servers. My Accounting Cloud Servers Internet connection Client End-user(s) Client utilizes internet connection and web Buckle Down Bookkeeping Service utilizes browser to login from any computer, an internet connection and web browser togranting full-featured QuickBooks access login from any computer, granting full- to their data. featured QuickBooks access to their data. Tax Professional Tax Professional utilizes an internet connection and web browser to login from any computer: granting full-featured QuickBooks access to their clients data.
  9. 9. QuickBooks Monthly Hosting Prices Each User Receives:Free Setup Unlimited Domestic SupportNightly Backup 99.5% Uptime GuaranteeNo Contract Unlimited BandwidthUsername/Password Login/Portal PageMS Excel Adobe ReaderIT Maintenance Data transfer assistanceIPAD Install Instruction IPhone Install InstructionMAC Access 3rd Party App ImplementationDedicated Resources QuickBooks e-mail setup
  10. 10. Cloudculator - ROI
  11. 11. Questions?