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Kurzweil 3000 as a writing tool - David Peal/AT Committee - Katherine Thomas School - February 10, 2012

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What is at final 021012 a

  1. 1. AT Is Alive and Well at KTS! 1. WHAT IS ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY (AT)? 2. WHAT AT DOES KTS HAVE?Presented by the Kathleen Gould, Nate Hirsch, Joyce Mange,High School AT David Peal, Cate MacGillivrayCommittee
  2. 2. What is AT?Part 1 What is AT? What AT does KTS have? 2/10/2012
  3. 3. What is AT? What is AT? What AT does KTS have? 2/10/2012
  4. 4. It is a tool It must be a thing, or device, to help a person reach a goal.  It can be HIGH tech What is AT? What AT does KTS have? 2/10/2012
  5. 5. OR LOW TECH Onion Mountain is a great source of low-tech (onionmountaintech.com) What is AT? What AT does KTS have? 2/10/2012
  6. 6. What AT is NOT Only high tech equipment or software Difficult to use For the tech savvy only Expensive Only for students with low-frequency or communication difficulties (e.g., Dynavox) Content-based instructional software (e.g., Oregon Trail) used in one subject only What is AT? What AT does KTS have? 2/10/2012
  7. 7. What the law says: AT Device AT Device …any item, piece of equipment, or product system, whether acquired commercially, modified, or customized, that is used to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities. (29 U.S.C. Sec 2202(2)) Assistive Technology Act of 1998, reauthorized in 2004 What is AT? What AT does KTS have? 2/10/2012
  8. 8. What the law says: AT Service AT Service is …any service that directly serves an individual with a disability in the selection, acquisition, or use of an assistive technology device. Assistive Technology Act of 1998, 2004 (that is applies to all ages, all domains , such as in education, employment, etc.) What is AT? What AT does KTS have? 2/10/2012
  9. 9. What the law says: ATConsideration AT must be considered in the IEP: “Consideration of Special Factors: The IEP Team shall… (v) consider whether the child requires assistive technology devices and services.” The purpose of AT devices and services is to “maximize accessibility to learning for children with disabilities.” IDEA 2004 What is AT? What AT does KTS have? 2/10/2012
  10. 10. What the literature says Focus is on features that support learning; not a product as a whole (Puckett) It is not a specific product (e.g., iPad or PC), but rather features that support functional needs (speech-to-text apps for the iPad or word prediction for the PC) Must address functional needs across subjects Goal of “cognitive rescaling” (Edyburn)  Not modifying the content  Adjusting features of content to make it more accessible Benefits of these approaches  Focus on goals  Focus on tools for reaching goals What is AT? What AT does KTS have? 2/10/2012
  11. 11. AT and Universal Design for Learning (UDL)11 • UDL is designed with goal of “universal” access • It is based on Vygotsky’s three systems that must be active for learning to occur What is AT? What AT does KTS have? 2/10/2012
  12. 12. The main attractions of UDL12  Attends to individual needs in a fashion that does not draw attention to any one individual.  Developing materials that attend to … students with special needs “increases usability for every” (Meyer & Rose, 2000). What is AT? What AT does KTS have? 2/10/2012
  13. 13. Main attractions of UDL13  This approach is proactive rather than reactive – it avoids “retrofitted changes and accommodations to classroom instruction” (Scittm NcGyudrem & Shawm 2003)  UDL capitalizes on new technologies and electronic resources. What is AT? What AT does KTS have? 2/10/2012
  14. 14. Teaching methods that support14 UDL  To support diverse recognition networks:  Provide multiple examples  Highlight critical features  Provide multiple media and formats  Support background context What is AT? What AT does KTS have? 2/10/2012
  15. 15. Teaching methods that support15 UDL  To support diverse strategic networks:  Provide flexible models of skilled performance  Provide opportunities to practice with supports  Provide ongoing, relevant feedback  Offer flexible opportunities for demonstrating skills What is AT? What AT does KTS have? 2/10/2012
  16. 16. Teaching methods that support16 UDL  To support affective networks:  Offer choices of content and tools  Offer adjustable levels of challenge  Offer choices of rewards  Offer choices of learning context What is AT? What AT does KTS have? 2/10/2012
  17. 17. Applying AT to UDL17  As you learn what AT is available at KTS, where can you use these to support UDL in the classroom? What is AT? What AT does KTS have? 2/10/2012
  18. 18. What AT DOES KTS HAVE?Part 2 What is AT? What AT does KTS have? 2/10/2012
  19. 19. Why focus on categories of AT and notindividual products?  Categories based on functional need  Provides choice within categories  Some products fall in several categories  If we don’t have it…doesn’t mean it’s a cost  Many tools are now free or inexpensive  Open source (free, installed software such as Blio, Ray Kurzweil’s e-book reader)  Web-based applications (Web 2.0)  Apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android What is AT? What AT does KTS have? 2/10/2012
  20. 20. What are the major ATcategories? 1. Word processing 2. Text to speech 3. Speech to text 4. Word prediction 5. Math accommodations 6. Multimedia software 7. Concept mapping 8. Accessibility features in Windows 7 9. Tools for accessing the computer What is AT? What AT does KTS have? 2/10/2012
  21. 21. How are the categories changing?1. Assistive features are becoming mainstream  universal design thinking: Curb cuts for wheelchairs help everyone  examples:  Search tools increasingly accept voice input and have word prediction, which help everyone  Word has an increasing number of accessibility features2. Web-based tools and mobile apps have benefits:  less expensive  easier to acquire and use, reducing demands on IT  available at home  inviting, and thus reduce the “cosmetic” obstacles of installed software such as Kurzweil What is AT? What AT does KTS have? 2/10/2012
  22. 22. 1a. Word processing What it does… Needs that it meets  Spell check Students who need help with any aspect of writing  Type size process  Readability levels  brainstorming  Summarizes  outlining  spelling  Combines sound and  mechanics pictures to enhance  editing meaning  executive functioning:  Outlining  keeping track of work (can’t lose it as easily!)  Provides word choice  self-monitoring and grammatical (grammar/spell check) suggestions What is AT? What AT does KTS have? 2/10/2012
  23. 23. 1b. Word processing at KTS Microsoft Word 2010  May not appear on desktop  Available through Start Menu  Can be used with other programs such as Co:Writer, Inspiration, Word, and Kurzweil AT features in Word  Readability level (Office button in upper left Word Options Proofing, check Readability Statistics; level appears when you run spellcheck)  Spell checker (Review ribbon)  Autosummarize (in Word 2007 but not Word 2010)  Enlarge text for easier access  Can be used with Kurzweil Taskbar to hear text read aloud  Speak command for limited text-to-speech support Kurzweil’s writing tools Franklin Language Master (support writing and reading)  Very fancy dictionaries that speak typed words, speak definitions, show syllables, help with homophones, etc. What is AT? What AT does KTS have? 2/10/2012
  24. 24. 2a. Text to speechWhat it does Needs that it meets Reads text aloud  Decoding Shows syllables  Fluency Definitions  Vocabulary Highlights words as they’re  Comprehension read to promote tracking  Auditory feedback while Supports highlighting of key writing ideas, details, vocabulary  …for students with Allows teacher or student to difficulty recognizing insert post-it type errors in own notes, footnotes, etc. writing…and reluctance to Reads student writing edit What is AT? What AT does KTS have? 2/10/2012
  25. 25. 2b Text to Speech at KTS Kurzweil 3000  Available on desktop  Includes  Text to Speech  Word Prediction  All the features of a word processor, from brainstorming to drafting; allows students to listen for errors in their writing Write Outloud (Solo) Bookshare  Free Dept. of Education program  Free for students with certified “print disability”  All high school students at KTHS are enrolled  100,000+ books (in print)  Use with (free Bookshare version) Read:Outloud software  There’s now an iPad/iPod app ($20) that reads Bookshare books What is AT? What AT does KTS have? 2/10/2012
  26. 26. 3a. Speech to textWhat it does Needs that it meets• Changes spoken • Alternative to or words into type augmentation of• Should provide for handwriting spoken editing of • Reduces motor typed words effort• Fosters vocal • Not necessarily awareness and faster than writing! control of volume, pacing, clari ty What is AT? What AT does KTS have? 2/10/2012
  27. 27. 3b. Speech to Text at KTS Windows 7  No longer available in individual Office programs (Word, etc.); now a part of Windows 7  Now: much improved and available at Start Menu Control Panel Speech Recognition Dragon Naturally Speaking  Standard product for post-graduation purposes  Requires training, but getting much easier to train  Includes set of “meta” commands for editing  Can be usedWhat is AT? What AT does KTS have? 2/10/2012 with productivity software that requires written input, such as Word and e-
  28. 28. Considerations when using Windows Voice Recognition and Dragon Requires training Has set of commands for editing Are used with documents such as Word and email. Can be a challenge for students with low frustration tolerance Success will be contingent on vocal quality, ability to pace verbal utterances, attention What is AT? What AT does KTS have? 2/10/2012
  29. 29. 4a. Word predictionWhat it does Needs it meets• Presents list of words • Phonetic spellers that begin with the • Writing speed letters typed • Legibility• Speaks words on list • Reduces motor effort aloud• Automatically transfers completed sentence to chosen document• Learns student’s vocabulary What is AT? What AT does KTS have? 2/10/2012
  30. 30. 4b. Word prediction at KTS Co:Writer  Use with Word  Sensitive to phonetic spellings  Available on desktop Kurzweil when used as a writing support  Can work with Kurzweil’s “word lists” to display homophones, confusables, and customizable vocabulary lists Word prediction is beginning to appear up in other tools, such as Google Chrome (browser); type a few letters and Google “Instant” predicts the rest of the term (reducing time and increasing accuracy) What is AT? What AT does KTS have? 2/10/2012
  31. 31. 5a. Math accommodationsWhat it does Needs it meets Perform calculations  Students with poor Helps visualize number concepts of number sense, difficulty and operation remembering steps Makes math more of concrete procedures, remem bering math facts, anchoring the abstract qualities of math What is AT? What AT does KTS have? 2/10/2012
  32. 32. 5b. Math accommodations atKTS Manipulatives such as “Hands On” and “Touch Math” materials Calculators, including some with large numbers Kurzweil for reading worksheets, textbooks, word problems IXL math Math elevator (Kathy H.) Hundreds board (Ginny) What is AT? What AT does KTS have? 2/10/2012
  33. 33. 6a. Multimedia SoftwareWhat it does Needs it meets Represents more  Difficulty complex content than understanding concept maps, in  concepts less compact format  connections Interactive features  sequences Combines images  Difficulty and text to support understanding big concepts, relationshi picture ps, etc. What is AT? What AT does KTS have? 2/10/2012
  34. 34. 6b. Multimedia Software at KTS For younger students  Intellitools Suite (can be used with IntelliKeys keyboard)  Boardmaker  These are individually installed programs; check with IT. For older students  PowerPoint  Strong sequence - can be overly linear  Combines text and images  Can insert audio, video, and Flash  CAN break down content in manageable chunks Lots of activity in Web 2.0 – engaging, mostly free presentation and multimedia services, including those that support digital stories What is AT? What AT does KTS have? 2/10/2012
  35. 35. 6c. Multimedia Software at KTS35  Intellitools  Boardmaker  PowerPoint What is AT? What AT does KTS have? 2/10/2012
  36. 36. 7a. Concept mappingWhat it does Needs it meets Makes ideas & their sequence  Students with difficulty and relationships more visual  visualizing Supports recall  grasping concepts Scaffolds writing:  remembering  toggle between concept map and  organizing material for outline writing  transfer from outline to word processor  knowing how topics relate Helps generate questions (“what does x have to do with y?”) Can be used as advance organizer for new topics and units What is AT? What AT does KTS have? 2/10/2012
  37. 37. 7b. Concept mapping at KTS Inspiration  Used to represent and label concepts  Insert images to represent concepts  Used to represent concepts & their  sequence  connections  properties Kidspiration  More visual  “Text to speech” features  Kid features like Super Grouper and Symbol Maker Brainstorming within Kurzweil  As part of writing process (using Write menu).  QuickTakes are like Inspiration’s Rapid Fire: concept maps are used to generate outlines that can be basis of writing What is AT? What AT does KTS have? 2/10/2012
  38. 38. 7c. Representing a complex process withInspiration What is AT? What AT does KTS have? 2/10/2012
  39. 39. Needs that it meets 8a. Accessibility Features in Windows 7What these features do (partial list) Focus on accessing computer more than learning support Focus on accessing computer more than providing learning support Optimizes screen size, contrast Speaks text aloud for people with low vision Changes size and color of mouse pointer Slows down mouse Provides alternatives to mouse  onscreen keyboard  voice-activated use of computer Changes simultaneous key presses (such as CTRL+P) into sequential key presses (first CTRL, then P) Provides auditory feedback What AT does KTS have? What is AT? to indicate that 2/10/2012 CAPS LOCK is pressed
  40. 40. 8b. Windows 7 at KTS Where are they?  Start Menu Control Panel Ease of Access Center Needs met  Computer access for those with physical disabilities  Onscreen keyboard for students who have difficulty going back and forth between screen and a book or piece of paper used while writing  Students who need enlarged text  Windows Narrator for people who are blind or have low sightis AT? What AT does KTS have? 2/10/2012 What
  41. 41. 9a. Tools for AccessingComputers What these tools do Provide alternate means of accessing computer if keyboard or mouse cannot be used for any reason What is AT? What AT does KTS have? 2/10/2012
  42. 42. 9b. Accessibility tools at KTS Portable keyboards  Writer  Neo  Alphasmart Trackballs  minimizes wrist movement  avoids friction problems with regular mouse (not moving Intellikeys  designed for use with Intellitools, Intellipics  ability to create and print out customized keyboard “overlays” (Overlay Maker) What is AT? What AT does KTS have? 2/10/2012
  43. 43. Resources Local General AT LAST (non-profit that AT Blogs: Kurzweil, assistivetech.ning.com Publications: Journal of Special Education offers AT training and Technology (CEC’s AT Special Interest cooperative purchasing) Group); Closing the Gap MATN presentations Organizations: CEC, ISTE, QIAT (Hopkins) CEC’s AT Consideration Wheel Annual conferences: ATIA, ISTE, Closing AT Tips the Gap (Twitter, blog, podcasts) – Books Chris Bugajj, Loudon County • Chris Bugajj and Sally Norton- HIAT (High Incidence Darr, Practical and fun guide to Assistive assistive technology in public schools (ISTE, 2011) Technology), MCPS • Joan Green, The Ultimate Guide to MSDE Wheel Assistive Technology in Special Education: KTHS Tech Blog What is AT? What AT does KTS have? 2/10/2012 Intervention, and Resources for Education, Rehabilitation (Prufrock, 2011)
  44. 44. Where to find software The following software products are available on every desktop. Some have restrictions on the number of copies that can be opened at the same time.  Clicker  Co:Writer  Inspiration  Kidspiration  Kurzweil  UltraKeys  Write Outloud (called Solo) The following products are maintained by the IT department. Use a Tech Request to have the software installed.  Dragon Naturally Speaking  Boardmaker  Intellitools  Overlay Maker IT also maintains the following portable keyboards and devices. To check one out, see the IT department.  Neo (supersedes the AlpaSmart)  Writer  AlphaSmart  Franklin Language Master Low-tech objects, Intellikeys, and trackballs are available through the OT department. What is AT? What AT does KTS have? 2/10/2012