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Social Media Web Video Production


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D.Peacock Studios can create video commercials, testimonials, and how to training videos for a brand by crowdsourcing a contest. For more info visit

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Social Media Web Video Production

  1. 1. Introduction D.Peacock Studios can create video commercials, testimonials & how to training videos for a brand, by crowdsourcing a contest.
  2. 2. What  is  Crowdsourcing?   Instead of hiring one advertising company to make one commercial, crowdsourcing allows anyone to create a commercial. Giving a brand many different choices & ideas!
  3. 3. What Moves You? Customers today are broadcasting & share stories about their brand experience with friends using videos & images. Brands are finding new creative business & marketplace opportunities from customers using social media. TECHNOLOGY EXPERIENCES CREATIVITY Connecting a brand & customers together, builds a strong loyal relationship & emotional experiences.
  4. 4. OUR SERVICE Crowdsource & Contest Management
  5. 5. WE PROVIDE • The ability to turn followers into video creators • Quick & efficient creation of video content • Amplified creativity • The ability to make social media engaging • Consumer driven innovation • Interactive & emotional brand experiences • Video Viral marketing • Brand Entertainment
  6. 6. BENEFITS Transform social media into an entertaining & customer brand experience. Send direct target messages to customers. Today, most people can make short effective videos. Why not for your brand? A really cool feature is that a brand will receive many different videos to choose from.
  7. 7. CONCLUSION   D.Peacock Studios can manage your brand’s social media contest & develop video content for online use by crowdsourcing. Video will be the dominate media content online by 2014. Using crowdsourcing a brand can utilize the talents & technology of customers to create authentic video content. Launch a project with D.Peacock Studios & discover new possibilities, new demographics & entertain your customers through our unique creative process.