DPC2007 PHP And Oracle (Kuassi Mensah)


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Dutch PHP Conference 2007

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  • An excellent presentation now embedded at OracleLink.com - The Oracle Community Network

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DPC2007 PHP And Oracle (Kuassi Mensah)

  1. 1. <Insert Picture Here> PHP and Oracle - Best Practices and Roadmap Kuassi Mensah Group Product Manager, Java Platform Group http://db360.blogspot.com
  2. 2. PHP and Oracle Best Practices and Roadmap • Oracle and PHP • PHP Oracle Extensions • Best Practices for Performance and Scalability • What’s New for PHP in Oracle Database 11g
  3. 3. Oracle Commitments to PHP • Long time commitment to PHP • Thousands of developers use Oracle and PHP • Oracle in various PHP communities and expert groups • Participate to PHP Events and Conferences • Submit Bug Fixes back to the Community
  4. 4. PHP Extensions – Take your Pick NET Functions, Apache-specific Functions, Alternative PHP Cache, Advanced PHP debugger, Array Functions, Aspell functions [deprecated], BCMath Arbitrary Precision Mathematics Functions, PHP bytecode Compiler, Bzip2 Compression Functions, Calendar Functions, CCVS API Functions [deprecated], Class/Object Functions, Classkit Functions, ClibPDF Functions, COM and .Net (Windows), Crack Functions, Character Type Functions, CURL, Client URL Library Functions, Cybercash Payment Functions, Credit Mutuel CyberMUT functions, Cyrus IMAP administration Functions, Date and Time Functions, DB++ Functions, Database (dbm-style) Abstraction Layer Functions, dBase Functions, DBM Functions [deprecated], dbx Functions, Direct IO Functions, Directory Functions, DOM Functions, DOM XML Functions, enchant Functions, Error Handling and Logging Functions, Exif Functions, Expect Functions, File Alteration Monitor Functions, Forms Data Format Functions, Fileinfo Functions, filePro Functions, Filesystem Functions, Filter Functions, Firebird/InterBase Functions, Firebird/Interbase Functions (PDO_FIREBIRD), FriBiDi Functions, FrontBase Functions, FTP Functions, Function Handling Functions, GeoIP Functions, Gettext, GMP Functions, gnupg Functions, Net_Gopher, hash Functions, HTTP, Hyperwave Functions, Hyperwave API Functions, IBM DB2, Cloudscape and Apache Derby Functions, ICAP Functions [removed], iconv Functions, ID3 Functions, IIS Administration Functions, Image Functions, IMAP, POP3 and NNTP Functions, Informix Functions, Informix Functions (PDO_INFORMIX), Ingres II Functions, IRC Gateway Functions, PHP / Java Integration, JSON Functions, KADM5, LDAP Functions, libxml Functions, Lotus Notes Functions, LZF Functions, Mail Functions, mailparse Functions, Mathematical Functions, MaxDB PHP Extension, MCAL Functions, Mcrypt Encryption Functions, MCVE (Monetra) Payment Functions, Memcache Functions, Mhash Functions, Mimetype Functions, Ming functions for Flash, Miscellaneous Functions, mnoGoSearch Functions, Microsoft SQL Server Functions, Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase Functions (PDO_DBLIB), Mohawk Software Session Handler Functions, mSQL Functions, Multibyte String Functions, muscat Functions, MySQL Functions, MySQL Functions (PDO_MYSQL), MySQL Improved Extension, Ncurses Terminal Screen Control Functions, Network Functions, Newt Functions, NSAPI-specific Functions, Object Aggregation/Composition Functions, Object property and method call overloading, Oracle Functions, ODBC Functions (Unified), ODBC and DB2 Functions (PDO_ODBC), oggvorbis, OpenAL Audio Bindings, OpenSSL Functions, Oracle Functions [deprecated], Oracle Functions (PDO_OCI), Output Control Functions, Ovrimos SQL Functions, Paradox File Access, Parsekit Functions, Process Control Functions, Regular Expression Functions (Perl-Compatible), PDF Functions, PDO Functions, PHP Options&Information, POSIX Functions, Regular Expression Functions (POSIX Extended), PostgreSQL Functions, PostgreSQL Functions (PDO_PGSQL), Printer Functions, Program Execution Functions, PostScript document creation, Pspell Functions, qtdom Functions, Radius, Rar Functions, GNU Readline, GNU Recode Functions, RPM Header Reading Functions, runkit Functions, Satellite CORBA client extension [deprecated], SDO Functions, SDO XML Data Access Service Functions, SDO Relational Data Access Service Functions, Semaphore, Shared Memory and IPC Functions, SESAM Database Functions, PostgreSQL Session Save Handler, Session Handling Functions, Shared Memory Functions, SimpleXML functions, SNMP Functions, SOAP Functions, Socket Functions, Standard PHP Library (SPL) Functions, SQLite Functions, SQLite Functions (PDO_SQLITE), Secure Shell2 Functions, Statistics Functions, Stream Functions, String Functions, Shockwave Flash Functions, Sybase Functions, TCP Wrappers Functions, Tidy Functions, Tokenizer Functions, Unicode Functions, URL Functions, Variable Handling Functions, Verisign Payflow Pro Functions, vpopmail Functions, W32api Functions, WDDX Functions, win32ps Functions, win32service Functions, xattr Functions, xdiff Functions, XML Parser Functions, XML-RPC Functions, XMLReader functions, xmlwriter Functions, XSL functions, XSLT Functions, YAZ Functions, YP/NIS Functions, Zip File Functions, Zlib Compression Functions,
  5. 5. PHP Oracle Extensions • OCI8 Extension • Improved/Refactored • Zend Core for Oracle: Joint effort with Zend • Prebuilt stack (Apache, PHP, OCI8 Extension, and Oracle Instant Client driver) • Enterprise support from Zend • php.net • PECL • Used by ADOdb, PEAR DB and PEAR MDB2 • PDO_OCI • php.net • PECL
  6. 6. PHP/Oracle: How They Stack Up Apache PHP OCI8 Extension Oracle Client Libraries 8i, 9i or 10g Oracle Database Mid Tier Web User 8i, 9i or 10g
  7. 7. OCI8 Extension Easy Connect • Example [//]host[:port][/service_name] <?php $c = oci_connect('hr', 'hrpw', 'localhost/XE'); $s = oci_parse($c, 'select city from locations'); oci_execute($s); while ($r = oci_fetch_assoc($s)) echo $r['CITY'] . quot;<br>quot;; ?>
  8. 8. PHP and Oracle Best Practices and Roadmap • Oracle and PHP • PHP Oracle Extensions Best Practices for Performance and Scalability • What’s New for PHP in Oracle Database 11g
  9. 9. PHP/Oracle: Best Practices for Performance and Scalability • Connection Management • Statement Management • Transaction Management • Globalization
  10. 10. <Insert Picture Here> Connection Management
  11. 11. OCI8 Connections • Non-Persistent Connections • Standard Connection • Multiple Unique Connections • Persistent Connections
  12. 12. Non Persistent Connections Standard Connection $c = oci_connect($username, $password, $dbname); • Connection bound to the life of the script • Second oci_connect() in script returns same DB connection Multiple Unique Connections $c = oci_new_connect($username, $password,$dbname); • Connection bound to the life of the script • Each oci_new_connect() returns a new DB connection • Use for independent operations Costs of Non-Persistent Connections • High connect times • Unnecessary connect/disconnect CPU load
  13. 13. Persistent Connections are Cached oci_pconnect() user:db:charset:privilege hr:XE:ALU32UTF8:normal system:XE:ALU32UTF8:sysdba Connection Cache
  14. 14. Persistent Connections $c = oci_pconnect($username, $password, $dbname); • Not automatically closed at script completion • Fast for subsequent connections • But holds resources when application idle • Configurable in php.ini oci8.max_persistent oci8.persistent_timeout oci8.ping_interval Costs of Persistent Connections • Too many connections hanging around • May Allocate too much memory • Significant number not doing work
  15. 15. <Insert Picture Here> Statement Management
  16. 16. SQL Statement Execution The Steps for Executing a SQL Statement with OCI8: • Parse - oci_parse • Prepares a statement for execution • Bind - oci_bind_by_name • Optionally binds variables in WHERE clause • Execute – oci_execute • The Database executes the statement and buffers the results • Fetch - oci_fetch_all • Optionally retrieves results from the database
  17. 17. Statement Tuning Reduce Round Trips b/w PHP & Oracle Round Trip • Row Prefetching • Server-side Statement Caching • Client-side Statement Caching
  18. 18. Row Prefetching Set oci8.default_prefetch PHP Database Oracle Client OCI8 Extension Libraries Beijing Beijing Bern Bombay ... Reduces round trips
  19. 19. OCI8 Prefetch Rows • “prefetched rows” are cached internally by Oracle • Improves query performance by reducing “round trips” • Default Prefetch Size in php.ini oci8.default_prefetch = 10 • Maximum number of rows in each DB quot;round tripquot; • Memory limit of 1024 * oci8.default_prefetch is also set • Value can also be set inline oci_set_prefetch($s, 100);
  20. 20. Statement: No Bind Variables select col from tab where v = 1 select col from tab select col where v = 2 from tab where v = 1 1: select col from tab where v = 1 Poor use of db 2: select col from select col pool tab where v = 2 from tab where v = 2 Database cache
  21. 21. Statement Caching: Bind Variables Server-side Statement cache select col from tab where v = :bv select col from tab select col where v = :bv from tab where v = :bv Increases 1: select col from performance tab where v = :bv select col and security from tab where v = :bv Database cache
  22. 22. Statement Caching - OCI8 Bind $s = oci_parse($c,quot;select last_name from employees where employee_id = :eidbvquot;); $myeid = 101; oci_bind_by_name($s, quot;:EIDBVquot;, $myeid); oci_execute($s); oci_fetch_all($s, $res); echo quot;Last name is:quot; .$res['LAST_NAME'][0].quot;<br>nquot;; $myeid = 102; oci_execute($s); // No need to re-parse oci_fetch_all($s, $res); echo quot;Last name is: quot; . $res['LAST_NAME'][0] .quot;<br>nquot;;
  23. 23. Client-side Statement Caching Set oci8.statement_cache_size select col from tab select col “Use statement 1” from tab 1: select col from tab 1: select col from tab select col from tab Client cache Database cache
  24. 24. OCI8 Client-side Statement Cache • OCI8 extension has client side statement cache • php.ini oci8.statement_cache_size = 20 • Moves statement cache management load from DB to PHP side • Uses memory on PHP side for cached statement handles • Uses memory on DB for session cursors
  25. 25. <Insert Picture Here> Transaction Management
  26. 26. Auto Commit By default oci_execute() auto-commits function do_simple_insert($conn, $array) { foreach ($array as $v) { $s = oci_parse($conn, quot;insert into ptab (pdata) values ('quot;.$v.quot;')quot;); $r = oci_execute($s); } } This is slow and not a not a good practice
  27. 27. Explicit Commit function do_transactional_insert($conn, $array) { $s = oci_parse($conn, 'insert into ptab (pdata) values (:bv)'); oci_bind_by_name($s, ':bv', $v, 20, SQLT_CHR); foreach ($array as $v) $r = oci_execute($s, OCI_DEFAULT); oci_commit($con); } This is fast
  28. 28. Bulk Inserts (PHP Code) function do_bulk_insert($conn, $array) { $s = oci_parse($conn, 'begin mypkg.myproc(:c1); end;'); oci_bind_array_by_name($s, quot;:c1quot;, $array, count($array), -1, SQLT_CHR); oci_execute($s); } Could be fastest
  29. 29. Bulk Inserts (PL/SQL Stored Proc.) create or replace package mypkg as type arrtype is table of varchar2(20) index by pls_integer; procedure myproc(p1 in arrtype); end mypkg; create or replace package body mypkg as procedure myproc(p1 in arrtype) is begin forall i in indices of p1 insert into ptab values (p1(i)); end myproc; end mypkg;
  30. 30. Globalization • Globalization in OCI8 is built-in, inherited from OCI • Mostly transparent to PHP applications • NLS_LANG defines the Oracle Locale <language>_<territory>.<character set> GERMAN.GERMANY.AL32UTF8 • Retrieve User Locale from the Browser ISO locale setting $s = $_SERVER[“HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE”] • Multibytes character manipulation requires PHP mbstring or iconv libraries - Enable mbstring extension - set mbstring.func_overload • PHP applications that call PL/SQL should also map ISO locale to NLS_LANGUAGE and NLS_TERRITORY • See “The Underground PHP and Oracle Manual” for more details.
  31. 31. PHP and Oracle Best Practices and Roadmap • Oracle and PHP • PHP Oracle Extensions • Best Practices for Performance and Scalability What’s New for PHP in Oracle Database 11g
  32. 32. Will be including New Features for PHP as soon as the Oracle Database 11g is announced, pretty soon! Apologies for the delay. Kuassi Mensah
  33. 33. Oracle PHP Developer Center
  34. 34. OTN PHP Developer Center • www.oracle.com/technology/php • Underground PHP and Oracle Manual • Articles, FAQs, links to blogs, JDeveloper PHP Extension, Zend Core for Oracle • ISVs and hardware vendors oraclepartnernetwork.oracle.com • Contacts/Blogs • christopher.jones@oracle.com • kuassi.mensah@oracle.com • blogs.oracle.com/opal • db360.blogspot.com